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Hereditary Unveiled

HEREDITARY UNVEILED:  Society is awash with spurious assumptions and acceptances. For instance flag bearer is a very popular incorrect political mantra. Most politicians have used the word flag bearer again and again and... READ MORE

Sacrificial Lamb

SACRIFICIAL LAMB THE LAW OF SACRIFICE For centuries, people worshiped the living God by sacrificing animals. If you probe nature you will observe the prominence of sacrifice in all the spheres of the... READ MORE

Jesus Utterances 

JESUS UTTERANCES   I know one thing about the early church, they were the embodiment of openness and secrecy. Certain doctrines and truths which the rank and file are contented with, were made public... READ MORE

Bible Unveiled Series Pt 1

BIBLE UNVEILED SERIES PT 1 FORGIVENESS OF SIN One of the frequent utterances of the master Jesus especially at the verge of the exhibition of his healing powers was, thy sins are forgiven... READ MORE

Genesis 5: 2

Genesis 5: 2 The bible is a well of truth, but its teaching are too deep for many to understand. Genesis 5 verse 2, interest me. GENESIS 5:2… MALE AND FEMALE CREATED HE... READ MORE


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Q AND A PT 2  WHAT IS THE MOST TRAGIC EVENT THAT OCCURS, AFTER THE BIRTH OF A BABY? Interesting question. For me, forgetfulness of our spiritual origin is the most catastrophic event... READ MORE

Q And A pt 1

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Q AND A PT1 HOW DO WE MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH? Interesting question. As human beings, we live in two worlds. One is visible and the other is invisible. We can only enjoy perfect... READ MORE

Mystery Of Parenthood

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MYSTERY OF PARENTHOOD Most parents will agree with me, children exhibit most of the following characteristics: Ignorance, selfishness, sensuality, degrading passions, hypocrisy, pride, jealousy, envy, mischief, wickedness, hatred, lack of reasoning power, frivolity,... READ MORE

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