March 2023

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Breaking Free: Powerful Strategies to Overcome Drug Dependence and Reclaim Your Life!

Do you know that drug addicts are the happiest people on earth? Yes, they are. They have achieved consciousness expansion and that is why they are the assumed to be the happiest people on earth. But sadly and regrettably, they used certain harmful drugs to expand their consciousness and arrived at the highest level of indescribable happiness. Drug usage destroys the nervous system and the etheric body which is the foundation upon which your physical body is resting.

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Here’s to strong WOMEN: May we know them, May we be them,May we celebrate them!

International Women’s Day is a time to honor the accomplishments of women all over the world while also reflecting on the obstacles to gender equality that still exist. As spiritual beings, we recognize every person’s intrinsic worth and dignity, regardless of gender, and we endeavor to honor and elevate the perspectives and experiences of women in all aspects of our lives.