The Letter Kills

How do I prevent evil influences from having power over me?

Most people depend on prayers to drive away evil spirits. Evil influences will keep away from us if we put our trust in God and strive to do what is right all the time. Evil spirits love to surround us with evil thoughts, stir up discord, and evil passions within us. Therefore, we must learn to shun evil suggestions emanating from them.

If we use prayer or will power to repel evil spirits around us, will they stop tempting us?

Evil spirits will depart from you. When it becomes obvious to them they cannot accomplish their mission. But just as a cat watches for the mouse, they will continue to watch for a favorable moment to entrap the individual concerned.

My father died three years ago and since then, so many things have gone wrong in my family. I want to know whether, my late father can perceive, the thoughts of his wife, children and especially, those behind his death, etc

While he was alive, the thoughts of fellow human beings were hidden from him. Now that he is dead, he can perceive the thoughts of every human being. In the spirit world, his late father sees the thoughts and actions of every member of his family and those behind his death. 

When a human being is planning something or hiding something from fellow human beings, in the spirit world, such a person is often surrounded by a crowd of spirits watching him.

In 2 Corinthians 3 verse 6, we are told, for the letter kills, but, the spirit gives life. What does that mean?

It means the literal interpretation of the holy bible cannot save us. We can only be saved through the holy spirit’s interpretation of the holy bible. Pastors who profess to be striving to save our souls want us to accept every literal interpretation of the scriptures, yet, in the same holy bible, we are made to understand, the letter kills but the spirit gives life.

If the holy bible alone could save us, the master Jesus would have not promised us the enlightenment of the holy spirit. He assured us, the holy spirit would come to us as our comforter, friend, and teacher.  

I am made to understand that, nobody has ever changed or omitted anything from the holy bible. Is that true? 

That is incorrect. The holy bible has been changed more than twenty times. They have changed the holy bible over and over, and over again. And in the process, they have tampered with some of the teachings of the master Jesus and the prophets. Some important facts have been removed.  

How do I recognize the still small voice, so that, I will find myself always doing what is right?.

I regret the impossible. We cannot always do what is right. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. The battle between good and evil constantly goes on within us. One voice might tell you, Do this!!. The other voice might say, Don’t do it!!!. Immediately, anxiety and uncertainty set in. Which of them is the voice of God? Your conscience has a pivotal part to play, in recognizing the godly voice. If an inner voice urges you to do certain things which are acceptable to your conscience, be rest assured, that is the voice of the good lord.

What would say about getting riches from spirits? 

Obtaining riches from spirits simply means, you are creating a new destiny for yourself.

You are ignoring the destiny that brought you into this world and you are creating a new one for yourself. Evil spirits are always looking for avenues to lead us astray. They know that granting the request for riches is the fastest means to entrap human souls forever.

When a brother man obtains riches from a spirit, he adores and obeys the spirit that gave him wealth. His daily activities will create a very powerful spiritual bond between him and the spirit that gave him riches.

This ungodly bond between them will certainly lead the rich brother man to his destruction. He will nosedive deeper and deeper into the enjoyment of material pleasures.

After death, the rich brother man will suffer perpetually in the spirit world. Any human being who acquires riches from evil spirits rebel against providence.  Such a person will certainly reap the consequences of his rebellion in this life and the next. 

We can make efforts to improve our destiny. But no one has the right to abandon the destiny and trials that brought him into this world. 

What is reincarnation all about?

Reincarnation means God is giving us superfluous time to do what is right. Reincarnation means postponement of the day of vengeance of our God. Reincarnation Is a law. Therefore, whether you believe in reincarnation or not does not affect the issue. People have continued to reincarnate throughout the ages. They came back to planet earth to take care of their outstanding karmic debts.

Some souls, have successfully purified themselves and have ascended into paradise, while a majority of souls continue to descend to the same level of filth and darkness. Planet earth is a bathtub where souls descend, to come and wash clean. 

We often say, God bless you, to someone who made us happy and we often place curses on people, that inflicted anguish on us. For instance, kidnap victims and their relatives continually place curses on the kidnappers and their family members. Do blessings and curses bring down good and evil influences on those who are the object of them?

We constantly call upon God to bless someone who helped us unconditionally. In the same vein, a brother man who was kidnapped and eventually released after payment of ransom, will continue to place curses on the kidnappers. 

Verbal blessings, coming from the depth of one’s heart and directed at someone, who made you happy attracts positive vibrations upon the person. Verbal curses emanating from the heart of a deeply traumatized person attract destructive, negative energies upon the evildoers.

The evildoers will experience a series of misfortunes. There is one thing I know about placing a curse. The almighty God does not listen to an unjust curse and finally, no curse can be effective without the will of God. 

In Benue state, two rival cult members were fighting in our neighborhood. I was trembling in bed because of the fierce exchange of gunshots and flying bullets. Suddenly, I felt like going to ease myself in the bathroom. When I returned, I saw four bullets that pierced through the wall on my bed. It was a miracle. God saved my life. I narrowly escaped death.

For me, it was not a miracle. Good and bad people have narrowly escaped death. The sender of this email survived, not because he is a very prayerful person who pays his tithe regularly.  He survived because he was not destined to be struck by those bullets. His guardian angel or a friendly spirit might have suggested to him, the idea of going to the bathroom so that he will not be struck by those bullets.

In society, armed robbers have aimed their guns at certain people with the intent of killing them. But the guardian angels, of those people, blurred the sight of the criminals and they took a bad aim.

The victims survived and the armed robbers ran away. In the same vein, a rich brother man suddenly decided to go and visit a friend and sleep in his house. A few hours later, hired killers came and barged into his room but he was nowhere to be found. He survived because he was not destined to be killed by hired assassins. 

For the past seven years, I have experienced many sad events in my life. If it is true that I have a guardian angel watching over me from birth till now, why is my guardian angel not helping me to ward off most of these problems weighing me down?

The lords of karma appointed the guardian angels watching over us. That’s why it appears, our guardian angels are not doing things that are pleasing to human beings. That is why it appears, they are not actively helping us to achieve our desires.  Rather, under their watch, we are confronted by many problems.

Now, what is the assignment of a guardian angel watching over a person? The guardian angel watches over our daily Activities and how we respond to the voice of God, and suggestions emanating from evil influences.

A guardian angel is more interested in the following:

  1. The karma of that person.
  2. Directing events taking place in the life of that person as stipulated by the lords of karma.
  3. Guiding the person towards opportunities that will enable payment of outstanding karmic debts, and also earn good karma.

The sender of this question wants to know why his guardian angel is not helping him to overcome most of the problems confronting him.

The truth is, his guardian angel cannot interfere with the outworking of his karma. Most of the problems confronting him might be karmic. For instance, destiny is behind many people encountering problems, sequentially.

From one problem to another problem. There is absolutely nothing his guardian angel, can do in such a situation. His guardian angel, cannot stop, the outworking of karma. He doesn’t have the power and authority to do that.

Are evil spirits always behind, the evil thoughts that creep into me, which I find myself battling to overcome?

We feel much better blaming the devil for everything. Without the intervention of the devil, the majority of us invite the thoughts of doubt, depression, fear, and anxiety into their lives. later, we start to blame the devil because he is a quiet guy. 

A human being is a magnet capable of attracting good and evil influences. We have the natural ability to attract angels, demons, and destructive thoughts into our lives.

When we hear about china’s coronavirus outbreak, We start to worry and live in fear of it because it is an emerging infectious disease. But how many of us bother about infections caused by the power of thought?

Shallow thinking, persistent, uncontrolled evil thoughts, make us vulnerable to negative forces on the astral plane and from there, we can catch a thought germ which will trouble our etheric body and eventually find its way into the bloodstream and from there, we might become vulnerable to infectious diseases.

In the same vein, we pick thoughts of doubt, depression, fear, and anxiety, etc because we attract them. We should stop blaming the devil for most of the problems we brought upon ourselves.

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