A Word On Prayer

Egoistic prayers

It appears the trademark of modern churches is egoistic prayers, for them, prayer is all about confessions and persistently demanding for material favors and breakthroughs.  Materialistic prayers will neither strengthen nor give you comfort, rather, It often gives birth to disappointments and disillusionment.

Why you might ask?   

Divine laws govern the universe, that’s why materialistic prayers cannot change God neither, interfere, or change the modus operandi of divine laws. Prayers should not always be focused on God solving your problems and giving you breakthroughs. Most of the problems confronting us might be serving a divine purpose. 

Verbose prayers:

Most people are full of words during prayers. They overtly outline all their human problems. Obviously, they have nothing to hide. During prayer, they yell at the hearing of people occupying the next room or rooms.  Spiritual ignorance is truly the cause of imperfection. They have gotten their reward. But to you, my brother man and sister woman, I address these lines, because I see you as someone designed to receive instructions.

Verbose prayers are inconsequential.  The almighty God is not interested in them. He is only interested in the attitude of your soul and not your open-ended utterances.

Right prayer:

Prayer should not always be for gratification breakthroughs and prosperity. Pray for wisdom, spiritual strength, and spiritual growth. Pray for values and not always material things.  Pray for divine wisdom to help you deal with the specific human problems holding you hostage while you courageously deal with them on the human level.   

Please bear in mind:

Prayer must never become a substitute for action. You have your human part to play. Prayers cannot do everything for you. Always bear in mind the almighty God is not a mortal therefore, you should not expect him to exhibit partiality. As a human being, if you despise a person, you should not expect God to equally despise that person. God cannot cherish you more than his other children your enemies friends or neighbors.

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