Forces behind accidental deaths

We all die sometime. We cannot avoid it. The only thing we can absolutely be sure of is, we are going to die. Every one of us would have preferred to grow old and die peacefully in bed when our date of departure from this world arrives.

We forbid and pray against accidental death but accidental deaths occur every day in Nigeria and all over the world. It is an event that happens by chance. Accident occurs unannounced and unexpected.
Now hear this. The marriage of a young Nigerian couple lasted for three months only. Both of them died in a car accident while travelling from Port Harcourt to Delta state for a wedding. Heart wrenching occurrence you might say.

Aside road accidents, accidental deaths can emanate from fisticuffs between two people, plane crashes, boat mishaps, clinical negligence, drug abuse etc.

Are there spiritual forces behind accidents? Accidental deaths on our roads appear to commoners and spiritually unenlightened people as an unfortunate event resulting from bad roads, recklessness over speeding, overtaking In a wrong manner, drunken driving, driver being distracted, nonuse of seat belts, badly maintained vehicles etc.

All the aforementioned are true but certainly not the whole truth because of non-inclusion of the spiritual forces behind accidental deaths.

Let me give two instances that will broaden your understanding pertaining accidental deaths. The first instance has to do with what happens on earth after the occurrence of a ghastly motor accident.

The second instance has to do with what happens in the spirit world before the occurrence of a ghastly motor accident on planet earth.

The first instance, a truck and a commercial bus had a head on collision on the highway. Seven people died and three other passengers sustained severe injuries. Much later, federal road safety officials arrived at the scene of accident to give attention and care to the surviving and dead victims of the accident.

Now the second instance. Of a truth I tell you what happens in the spirit world is in contrast, to what happens in this world. On planet earth, the accident must first take place before sympathizers and road safety officials will start doing something to assist the accident victims.

In contrast, in the spirit world, spiritual beings know in advance when a ghastly motor accident is about to occur on planet earth and they often go to the spot where the fatal accident will occur and wait.

In the spirit world, some spiritual beings where told to go to certain part of the Atlantic ocean and wait for a ship which will sink and all the passengers on board will die. The spiritual beings arrived at the spot and not long afterwards the ship collided with an iceberg and that was how the ship sank and everybody on board died.

The spiritual beings attended to all the dead souls involved in the shipwreck. The spiritual beings comforted them and gave them certain instructions to follow. In the end, all the dead souls were taken to the borderland. It is the borderland that separates the dead from the living.

It was at the borderland they were told by the spiritual beings that they were dead. From the two instances I gave you, I presume you have realized that on planet earth, we don’t know when
a fatal accident is about to occur. That is why it is called an accident. Meaning, something unexpected and unforeseen. We only become aware of the fatal accident, after it has occurred.

In contrast, in the spirit world, spiritual beings know ahead of time when an accident is about to occur. They know the numbers of people that will die or survive in the accident. Spiritual beings will arrive early enough at the spot where the accident is about to occur.

Be it car accident, plane crash, boat mishap or perhaps someone tampering with high tension wire or a husband about to beat his wife to death etc.

In the light of what i have said I presume you have realized from the spiritual point of view, there is no such thing as accidents and most importantly earthly events are perfectly regulated from the spirit world.

In all truth and sincerity a destiny is behind accidental deaths taking place in this world. Accidental deaths is another method of transition into the great beyond. If it weren’t so, spiritual beings would have not been waiting in advance at the spot where accidental death is about to occur.

Past lives instigated deaths. My brother man and sister woman, human beings are not nice.  I am not a citizen of Kaduna state but in my innermost being, I know that whatever affects the citizens of Kaduna state equally affects me because we all are Nigerians and most importantly we all are created by Allah.

I mourn when I heard of the killings of three innocent Greenfield university students kidnapped by inherently evil souls who choose evil instead of goodness and kindness. The accursed human beings responsible for the killings of those innocent students are not free. They have incurred the wrath, of the precise law of karma.

Murder is a great crime in the sight of God. Anyone who takes the life of a fellow brother man or sister woman cuts short the spiritual mission of the person on planet earth. Although I know that God is just. He judges the intention of the murderer than the deed. In this situation however, the students were murdered not in self-defense.

They were murdered so that the Kaduna state government and traumatized parents of the abducted and murdered children will know they are dead serious and want swift payment of ransom demand.
Time is a great healer. With time, we shall shove aside this sad Greenfield university kidnappings and killings and move one with our lives, but karma does not forget.

In the sight of karma, the past, present and the future are inseparable. The hunter must eventually become the hunted. They will suffer perpetually, lifetime after lifetime. Please permit me to share one or two past lives instigated deaths to enable realize that quite a number of people encountered accidental deaths as the outworking of outstanding karmic debts.

Road accident caused by an entity. A car at top speed suddenly veered away from the road and rammed an iroko tree. The driver of the car who was equally the owner of the car died instantly. But surprisingly, the passenger seating next to the late driver survived with minor injuries. The passenger was talking to a police officer who asked him how the accident happened.

The surviving passenger said they saw a cat crossing the road and the driver veered the car to prevent crushing the cat, and that was how the driver lost control of the car. He rammed an iroko tree and died instantly. The cat they saw, in reality, was a spiritual entity that appeared in the form of a cat before them.

The spiritual entity was not invoked by the enemy of the late car owner. The spiritual entity had been following the late car owner for two lives. In a past life, the late car owner rammed a brother man to death with his car and ran away. The younger brother of the dead person vowed to haunt and kill the person who killed his elder brother.

It is the soul of the individual who made the vow in a previous life, that assumed the form of a cat crossing the road and caused the death of the driver who killed his elder brother in a previous life.

A man choked his mother to death. Of a truth I tell you family members of Mister Kenneth where traumatized when they found that he chocked his mother to death and beheaded her. Family members suspected somebody somewhere, might have invoked juju to possess and compel the boy to kill his mother. Their assumption was not true. Spiritual investigation was conducted to find out what compelled the brother man to kill and behead his mother.
They discovered that in a life before the present one, his mother who was then a man, killed her son who was then a woman. In the previous life, she killed him in a feat of anger. A killer in a past life, has now been killed in present life, by someone, she killed in a past life.

In summation my brother man and sister woman, I want you to bear mind, in a previous life, a brother man may have ended his life in a way that was not good.

Such a person may likely experience a sudden and painful exit from this world through fatal accident because of the evil seed sown in a previous life. There must always be a deep seated spiritual reason for someone to encounter fatal accident or perhaps be killed by a loved one or a stranger.

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