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It is common knowledge ancestral worship thrives in many cultures all across planet earth. Ancestral worship consists of prayers and offerings to the spirits of departed relatives. Proponents of ancestral worship aver mortals need to pray and offer gifts to our ancestors. By doing so, we attract and retain their favor.

Proponents of ancestral worship believe, I mean really believe, ancestors can influence the futures and fortunes of their surviving relatives, in fact, they can equally influence the lives of later generations by blessing or cursing them.

Devotees of ancestral spirits aver, our ancestors were human beings before they died and for that reason, they have a good understanding of human cravings and now that they reside in the spirit world, they can perfectly act as mediators between the physical and astral planes. In summation, ancestral worship is all about:

  1. An experienced and respected person, someone who lived an exemplary life is now dead and resides in the spirit world. Such a person becomes an ancestral spirit.
  2. The ancestral spirit knows a lot and can improve things, but unfortunately, it no longer possesses a physical body, that will enable it to express itself on the material plane.
  3. A human being is encased in a physical body but lacks the knowledge and experience possessed by an ancestral spirit without a physical body.
  4. This is why an ancestral spirit likes to work through a human being to enable it to exert its influence on the material plane.


My brother man and sister woman, not every student in the university will come out a graduate. Some must definitely drop out of the University and might end up being called a dropout. In the same vein, not everyone who dies in the family merits becoming one of the ancestors.

The majority of dead people may be remembered by their loved ones, family members and friends but their deeds might not elevate them into becoming ancestors. The stories of a few people who become ancestors are told and retold. People shall continue to talk about them, therefore, stories about them do not fade away from our memories. It is interesting to note, many cultures that embrace ancestral worship also believe in reincarnation. They believe people die, only to be reborn again to planet earth sooner or later.

I want to make clearer, the majority of people who become ancestors will not remain permanently in the spirit world. They might have not attained all-round purity. What does that mean? It means, most of the ancestor’s people call for assistance, might have returned and might be babies playing on the floor or perhaps grown-ups existing in our midst.

You are wrong if you think an ancestor will remain stationary in the spirit world and continue to serve or protect loved ones left behind on planet earth. An ancestor is not an ascended spiritual master. An ancestor is not a god or a goddess. An ancestor is a mortal who impacted fellow mortals and lived an exemplary life. Therefore most of our ancestors must continue to be reborn in the flesh to continue striving to attain all-round purity and perfection.


I have said it once, this is twice, majority of ancestors have reincarnated, some manifested in families they had dealings within a previous earthly existence and some manifested in a new earthly family to continue with their work and evolution. Therefore most people might be pouring libation or invoking ancestors that are no longer residing in the spirit world permanently, but that notwithstanding, once a soul has been upgraded to the level of ancestry, the wisdom of the soul remains in the spirit world, even though the ancestor might have returned to planet earth in a new material body. Now the important question askes, the so-called powers ascribed to our ancestors, where do they come from? It comes from:




I will talk about the astral shell when shedding light on Ghost.

COLLECTIVE MEMORY & MINDS OF PEOPLE  Collective memory has to do with the collective memories of people. Memories, stored in the minds of the surviving members of a particular community. These memories are equally stored upon the spiritual planes. When the ancestors are called upon, they act by passing through these memories. In the same vein, I want to make clearer, members of a particular family, a particular community create what can be termed as group mind, or like minds working together. What many people in a family or community talk about a dead person who impacted them, lived an exemplary life or made them proud can generate lasting spiritual energies and through these energies, the dead person can influence the living in a certain way.

It is common knowledge for centuries, commemorative statues and monuments have been erected in memory of people who died in a major plane crash. Spiritual energies are often raised when people come together and do such things. When these monuments are erected and people come together and pray etc, potent energies are raised to calm the people who died in the plane crash, etc. Through the emotionally generated energies, the feelings of the living are conveyed to the dead. Such an act is almost synonymous with ancestral worship.


As mortals, it is from God we come and then to God shall we return. Our ancestors are not divine beings, therefore they cannot act as intermediaries between the Almighty God and mortals on planet earth. It is a retrogressive practice. Such practice is offensive to the Almighty God.

I suggest you go through the divine mediator of the religion you belong to. The master Jesus is the divine mediator of Christians and the holy prophet Muhammed is the divine mediator of Moslems. It is right and proper to pray for the dead, wish them well, whenever we ruminate about them but it is not right and proper for us to depend upon them for the attainment of our heart desires. Ancestral worship is an act of replacing the divine mediators with slightly elevated human souls. It is not good. This should not be happening. 


My brother man and sister woman, all we hear is, I saw a ghost or perhaps, his ghost or her ghost appeared to me, but people rarely describe the kind of ghost they saw. I want to make clearer, there are different types of ghosts. They are termed:



Let me straightway commence with astral shells. We all die sometime, we cannot avoid it. The only thing we are absolutely sure of is, we are going to die. The soul makes use of different bodies to enable it to function properly as a human being on planet earth and in the process of dying, the soul must get rid of these bodies before it can ascend into the higher planes.

In the process of dying, the soul must get rid of the physical body, which will eventually be buried on planet earth. The next important body is termed ghost body. The ghost body is a replica of the physical body.

If someone you know dies and his ghost appears to you, certainly you will know that it was his ghost that appeared to you. The Ghost body is the body we use to function on the astral plane and the soul is equally encased in the astral body. Under normal circumstances, after getting rid of the physical body, the soul must equally get rid of the astral body so that it can ascend into the higher planes.

When the soul abandons the astral body, the astral body becomes like a car without an engine. It becomes known as the astral shell or astral corpse. Under normal circumstances, an abandoned astral corpse must eventually disintegrate on the astral plane, because the soul that was making use it, has departed from it. This is where most of the ghost problems perturbing the living originate from. For instance, Mr. Henry is dead, his physical body has been buried.

In the spirit world, the soul of Mr. Henry has equally departed from his astral body and ascended into the higher plane. His astral body becomes an astral corpse, but the activities of human beings on planet earth, can give nourishment to the astral corpse of Late Henry and his reawakened astral body might appear to one or two persons and those people will yell out, we saw the ghost of Late Henry. In reality, what they saw, was the abandoned but reawakened astral body of Late Henry, and not the late henry himself.

Of a truth, I tell you, the abandoned astral corpse of the dead person can obtain nourishment from the emotional outburst, emotional energies emanating from loved ones left behind on planet earth. As they are lamenting, calling the name of the dead person, reviewing the good times they spent together, etc, such act will call up the image of their departed loved one in their minds and what happens? Emotional energy emanating from them will flow into the empty astral corpse of the dead person and revive it. Although emotional energies emanating from departed loved ones might not trap the soul of the departed, but it can cause serious emotional discomfort that moved one.

The soul may now see the pathetic state of loved ones left behind on planet earth. Also, many a time, if an effort is made spiritually, to contact a recently dead person to find out what killed him or her such people might end up contacting the abandoned astral corpse of the dead person rather than the soul of the person. 

Of a truth, I tell you, the psychic energy emanating from loved ones left behind, that went to a spiritual home to find out, might revive the astral corpse of the dead person. However, a powerful spiritualist might try to shove aside the astral corpse and make direct contact with the soul of the deceased, but that is not always the case.

ASTRAL SHELLS OF ANCESTORS At the beginning of this great lesson I promised to talk about the astral shells of ancestors much later. I want to fulfill my promise. If a brother man who died was prominent in the minds of many people, maybe he was an extremely kind and generous person, a philanthropist, who might have helped, elevated many youths in his community and beyond, etc, no doubt countless people will recount his life story strongly.

The emotional energies emanating from all the people he might have helped, touched their lives positively may revive the astral corpse of the dead prominent brother man. This is how the astral corpse of prominent dead people who will become ancestors are interwoven into the energy vortex arising from this compound or community. There are many strange things, almost too strange for one to believe but because one is ignorant about them does not mean they are not real.

SPIRIT OF THE DEAD My brother man and sister woman, some ghostly apparitions are actually souls of the dead and not abandoned astral shells of the dead. Of a truth, I tell you, the transition process of certain people who died tragically, perhaps in a shootout, or under the influence of drugs are often quite slow. In fact, some of them might resist the transition process. In some rare cases, the spirit of the dead yearns for human assistance.

LIVING GHOST   In the same vein a human being, who is still alive could equally manifest as a ghost. Certain situations can lead to such an apparition.

RECORDINGS   Of a truth I tell you, recordings are the most common types of ghost people behold. In these type of ghostly apparition, there is nothing like the soul or spirit of the dead person might be trapped, there is nothing like earthbound wandering soul.

The Ghost is just an empty automaton, which appears when the conditions are right. A certain number of people in a house could provide energy that will encourage the apparition of recordings. Recordings may appear briefly or slightly. They may appear in a lucid or blurry manner.

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