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The brutality of lords of water is well known. In certain families, their brutality often stretches from generation to generation. Permit me to peruse Genevieve’s message.

Guru, I am fifty years old and still single. I have three children with three different men. They abandoned me with the kids and accused me of inflicting them with poverty. In my dreams, I often see myself surrounded by four large pythons.

Quite a number of prophets have told me that I am destined to worship the merman in my life. I cannot imagine myself worshipping a water deity.

I want to serve the living God. Right now, I beg to feed and cater for myself and my children. Men use and dump me for no reason whatsoever.

Positively touching. Ignorance of the law, we have been told, is no excuse. Let me put it another way. Someone cannot use their lack of knowledge of what their ancestors did in the past with water spirits as an excuse to exonerate themselves from the karmic consequences of what their ancestors did.

When you are born into this world via a family, you must inherit that family’s remaining water spirit issues. The way you treat your inherited water spirit condition will influence whether it gets worse or better. Unfortunately, most people’s approach always exacerbates their inherited water spirit issues. I’d like to recall God’s words after he made us in his image and likeness.

Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

It’s quite eye-opening. Humans should have authority over species that live in the water, air, and earth, among other places. What does biblical dominion imply? To have authority over something or to be in charge of it. Let me now place this biblical scripture in its spiritual context. Human humans have been given the divine authority to reign over all lower forms of existence. Water spirits are beneath us in the divine order of things. But it doesn’t mean I’m encouraging you to make fun of them just because they’re inferior to us.

True, the kings and queens, as well as the lowest forms of lords of water, understand what I’m saying. Humans are revered by water spirits, who see them as gods. That is why the vast majority of them want for contact with people on this planet. Lords of water are pulled to human beings by an enigmatic instinct. I’ve said it once, and now I’ll say it again, Genevieve. Water spirits are beneath us, but woe to any person who combines himself or herself with water lords in the hopes of receiving spiritual help or advise.

Most of our spiritually illiterate forefathers and mothers sunk so low that they merged with water spirits. The majority of our forefathers and mothers committed themselves and their future generations to these lower spirits, known as mami water. When you form a spiritual relationship with a water spirit, it merely means you’ve dropped to their level.

To tell you the truth, the majority of water spirits have animal tendencies. That is the primary reason why most water spirits enjoy tormenting and turning the lives of uncooperative humans upside down. After forming a bond with one’s family’s ancestors, water spirits are always ready to inflict poverty, bareness, near-success syndrome, marriage difficulties, and other afflictions in order to force living family members to accept them.

I strongly advise people not to make the same mistakes as their forefathers, who unintentionally submitted themselves to water demons below us. You can’t go back in time once you’ve made a connection with a water spirit. The majority of persons who combat water spirits die before establishing long-term independence from them. When they’re gone, the youngsters they left behind will be continually engaged in battles with water lords.

I have been following your teachings for many years.

I am aware of the existence of compound water spirits. From your teachings, I have realized that water spirits are attracted to certain types of people.

Guru, which set of water spirits torments people the most? Is it compound water spirits? Or the ones attracted to certain types of human beings?

Anayo writes

Compound water spirits are responsible for 95% of all water spirit-related violence. Most of our forefathers and mothers eulogized and revered them in retrospect. Compound water ghosts desire surviving family members to pay homage to their ancestors by following in their paths. In some families, cruel and wicked water spirits can easily seize obstinate surviving family members and traumatize them until they pay respect to them. Water spirits, on the other hand, are drawn to specific types of people and will not harm them. They’d rather improve their lives by increasing their magnetism. To tell you the truth, for some people water spirit attraction is nothing more than a genuine attraction.

Let’s face it, both compassion and hate are natural human emotions. Attraction and repulsion, love and hate. We are drawn to some people for inexplicable reasons, while we dislike and avoid others for similar reasons. Furthermore, you may have strong romantic feelings for someone, but that person does not share those feelings with you. If you fully appreciate that life is all about attraction and repulsion, you may begin to see how water spirits are drawn to like-minded humans. It’s also easy to see why water spirits are drawn to people with odd personalities. Simultaneously, you’ll see that water spirits on their own, avoid human beings with natures that are diametrically contrary to their own.

I will feel much better after concluding this great lesson with a message from a miner living in Botswana.


The miner’s message gives credence to last week’s lesson entitled “Riches from lords of water.” Permit me to peruse the message.


Guru, I don’t have an excessive desire for riches, nor do I place a high value on money. I am always content with what I have.


I am a miner, and I keep wandering. Why do I always stumble upon buried treasures and intuitively locate precious stones in distant places?


Today, I am enjoying tremendous financial success from the buried treasures of the earth.


Extraordinary. He continues to receive large sums of money, which he has never desired. Most people, on the other hand, despite their desire for money, do not receive it. The earth’s elemental spirits, known as gnomes, have complete authority over all precious stones and buried treasures in the depths and on the surface of the soil. Gnomes are to blame for both mining triumphs and failures all across the planet. To tell you the truth, the gnomes favored the Botswana miner because of the unusual mineral quality in his body.

Remember, he said, he’s satisfied with what he’s got. He does not place a high value on money and has no insatiable desire for wealth. The gnomes will undoubtedly be attracted to this miner’s demeanour. The majority of gnomes are drawn to simple, straightforward, and sincere people. If the gnomes do not connect with humans on Earth, they will perish like animals, exactly as water spirits.

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