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Back to sender prayers is commonplace in society today. Modern pastors encouraging back to sender prayers, and all the proponents of such prayers are in the cesspool of spiritual ignorance.

Most people believe, I mean, really believe, evil-minded and envious people are behind the spiritual and physiological problems confronting them. That’s why during prolonged emotionally laden prayers, they demand all negativities in their lives should go back and torment the person or persons who sent them.

The majority of people are ignorant about the spiritual aspects of life. Therefore, doing what most people are doing, doesn’t make it right. Most people know nothing about the tremendous power of the mind. Your mind will process and supply immense energy, to any true or false information you bring into it. 

Quite a number of people are down, not because somebody did something to them, they are down because they believe somebody did something to them. If three hundred people are claiming to be under severe spiritual attack, be rest assured, only fifteen of them might be under severe spiritual attack, the remaining two hundred and eighty-five are the ones attacking themselves.

Only a handful of people are truly suffering from spiritual attacks emanating from without. If the so-called spiritual attack you are experiencing is emanating from you during your misguided back to sender prayer sessions, you prayed hysterically to throw back the negative energy back to the person who sent it. In reality, you are attacking yourself.

On the other hand, you may think you know who is attacking you spiritually, and during your misguided eccentric back to sender prayer sessions, you pray to send back the negative energy, back to the person whom you suspect. In reality, you might be harming an innocent person.

I would have wept if my heart was not heavy. Proponents of back to sender prayers must bear in mind, if you deliberately send back negative energy towards someone, you have the law of karma to contend with.

Even if you are truly sending back negative energies to the right person, who is after you, you still have the lords of karma to contend with. The lords of karma, don’t need your help. Back to sender prayers simply means, you are carrying out assignments meant for the lords of karma. Back to the sender, let my enemies fall and die, etc., are all destructive and negative prayers. 

Always bear in mind, your enemies become stronger when you despise them. When you love your enemies, you render them powerless to harm you. He hates himself. He who strikes out strikes at himself.


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    1. I recently found out that, that phrase ” back to the sender” is an ancient voodoo practice in clearing ones enemies off ones back. And it is not biblical as many denominations beleive and uses on a regular basis.

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