Power of the mind

Cancer and the Power of the Mind

Do you know that there is a connection between the mind and body? 

I know your answer is probably yes. For years, scientists, medical practitioners and healers have discussed the power of the mind, and its effects on the health and treatment of illnesses like cancer. Also in the same category is the mind-body connection and positive thinking. 

Of a truth I tell you, filling your mind with thoughts of something or living in fear of it, can and may attract it. This is why people say, ‘You attract what you fear.’

My brotherman and sisterwoman, if you are constantly thinking about any disease for instance; cancer, you invite them to manifest in your body. I know you are probably wondering how that is possible, let me explain.

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

Whatever occurs in your innermost being will eventually occur and be communicated to your physical body. The mind which is the powerhouse of your mental health is a powerful place. What you feed it can either make it strong or weaken it. 

Your mind has the power to manifest what it is being fed constantly. This is why if your mind is fed constant fear and worry of a particular illness, of a truth I tell you, your body will manifest that illness.

You make yourself susceptible to deadly diseases and germs by weakening your mental well-being. When your mind is fed with negative, degrading and demoralising thoughts, it loses its ability to fight and protect itself, because these kinds of thoughts are active generators of mental poisons and toxins. 

There is an instance of a woman whose husband was a surgeon. She had watched him perform surgery on a person with cancer. After watching the surgery, she spent so much time thinking and living in fear of cancer. Unfortunately, a couple of years down the line, this woman ended up developing cancer. 

It was because cancer was a communicable disease, or because she lived an unhealthy life. It was because she made herself susceptible to the disease by constantly feeding her mind with her fear and worry about it. 

So, my brotherman and sisterwoman how do you combat negative thinking and take advantage of the power of the mind? The short answer is positive thinking. 

The Role of Positive Thinking 

Positive affirmations, positive thoughts, and positive energy enhance the power of the mind. Unlike negative thoughts that generate mental poisons and toxins, positive thoughts strengthen your mind and cause your brain to produce feel-good hormones like dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.

Putting your mind in a state of elation/happiness keeps it strong and healthy. Positive thinking facilitates good mental health which inadvertently leads to good physical health. Why? Because of the mind-body connection. Your mental and physical well-being are like yin and yang(two peas in a pod). 

Mental Well-being and Cancer Treatment

To effectively treat cancer or any illness, you must look beyond physical treatment. As long as your mental state can leave you vulnerable to cancer, you must first treat your mind to effectively cure cancer.

For you to be susceptible to cancer, your mind must have been filled with poisons and toxins that are making it weak. So to treat cancer, you must treat your mind and free it from those poisons. 

To do that, first spiritual rites must be performed to get rid of negative energies by surrounding the cancer patient with positive energies to facilitate the healing process. Next, you heal the body by eating certain foods that will help destroy cancerous tumours within and outside the body. 

The power of the mind plays a main role in the treatment of cancer and many other diseases. This is why you must never take your mental health as a joke. Take care of it as you would your body for remember they are like two peas in a pod. 

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