How do I prevent evil influences from having power over me?

Most people depend on prayers to drive away evil spirits. Evil influences will keep away from us if we put our trust in God and strive to do what is right all the time. Evil spirits love to surround us with evil thoughts, stir up discord, and evil passions within us. Therefore, we must learn to shun evil suggestions emanating from them.

If we use prayer or will power to repel evil spirits around us, will they stop tempting us?

Evil spirits will depart from you. When it becomes obvious to them they cannot accomplish their mission. But just as a cat watches for the mouse, they will continue to watch for a favorable moment to entrap the individual concerned.

My father died three years ago and since then, so many things have gone wrong in my family. I want to know whether, my late father can perceive, the thoughts of his wife, children and especially, those behind his death, etc

While he was alive, the thoughts of fellow human beings were hidden from him. Now that he is dead, he can perceive the thoughts of every human being. In the spirit world, his late father sees the thoughts and actions of every member of his family and those behind his death. 

When a human being is planning something or hiding something from fellow human beings, in the spirit world, such a person is often surrounded by a crowd of spirits watching him.

In 2 Corinthians 3 verse 6, we are told, for the letter kills, but, the spirit gives life. What does that mean?

It means the literal interpretation of the holy bible cannot save us. We can only be saved through the holy spirit’s interpretation of the holy bible. Pastors who profess to be striving to save our souls want us to accept every literal interpretation of the scriptures, yet, in the same holy bible, we are made to understand, the letter kills but the spirit gives life.

If the holy bible alone could save us, the master Jesus would have not promised us the enlightenment of the holy spirit. He assured us, the holy spirit would come to us as our comforter, friend, and teacher.  

I am made to understand that, nobody has ever changed or omitted anything from the holy bible. Is that true? 

That is incorrect. The holy bible has been changed more than twenty times. They have changed the holy bible over and over, and over again. And in the process, they have tampered with some of the teachings of the master Jesus and the prophets. Some important facts have been removed.  

How do I recognize the still small voice, so that, I will find myself always doing what is right?.

I regret the impossible. We cannot always do what is right. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. The battle between good and evil constantly goes on within us. One voice might tell you, Do this!!. The other voice might say, Don’t do it!!!. Immediately, anxiety and uncertainty set in. Which of them is the voice of God? Your conscience has a pivotal part to play, in recognizing the godly voice. If an inner voice urges you to do certain things which are acceptable to your conscience, be rest assured, that is the voice of the good lord.

What would say about getting riches from spirits? 

Obtaining riches from spirits simply means, you are creating a new destiny for yourself.

You are ignoring the destiny that brought you into this world and you are creating a new one for yourself. Evil spirits are always looking for avenues to lead us astray. They know that granting the request for riches is the fastest means to entrap human souls forever.

When a brother man obtains riches from a spirit, he adores and obeys the spirit that gave him wealth. His daily activities will create a very powerful spiritual bond between him and the spirit that gave him riches.

This ungodly bond between them will certainly lead the rich brother man to his destruction. He will nosedive deeper and deeper into the enjoyment of material pleasures.

After death, the rich brother man will suffer perpetually in the spirit world. Any human being who acquires riches from evil spirits rebel against providence.  Such a person will certainly reap the consequences of his rebellion in this life and the next. 

We can make efforts to improve our destiny. But no one has the right to abandon the destiny and trials that brought him into this world. 

What is reincarnation all about?

Reincarnation means God is giving us superfluous time to do what is right. Reincarnation means postponement of the day of vengeance of our God. Reincarnation Is a law. Therefore, whether you believe in reincarnation or not does not affect the issue. People have continued to reincarnate throughout the ages. They came back to planet earth to take care of their outstanding karmic debts.

Some souls, have successfully purified themselves and have ascended into paradise, while a majority of souls continue to descend to the same level of filth and darkness. Planet earth is a bathtub where souls descend, to come and wash clean. 

We often say, God bless you, to someone who made us happy and we often place curses on people, that inflicted anguish on us. For instance, kidnap victims and their relatives continually place curses on the kidnappers and their family members. Do blessings and curses bring down good and evil influences on those who are the object of them?

We constantly call upon God to bless someone who helped us unconditionally. In the same vein, a brother man who was kidnapped and eventually released after payment of ransom, will continue to place curses on the kidnappers. 

Verbal blessings, coming from the depth of one’s heart and directed at someone, who made you happy attracts positive vibrations upon the person. Verbal curses emanating from the heart of a deeply traumatized person attract destructive, negative energies upon the evildoers.

The evildoers will experience a series of misfortunes. There is one thing I know about placing a curse. The almighty God does not listen to an unjust curse and finally, no curse can be effective without the will of God. 

In Benue state, two rival cult members were fighting in our neighborhood. I was trembling in bed because of the fierce exchange of gunshots and flying bullets. Suddenly, I felt like going to ease myself in the bathroom. When I returned, I saw four bullets that pierced through the wall on my bed. It was a miracle. God saved my life. I narrowly escaped death.

For me, it was not a miracle. Good and bad people have narrowly escaped death. The sender of this email survived, not because he is a very prayerful person who pays his tithe regularly.  He survived because he was not destined to be struck by those bullets. His guardian angel or a friendly spirit might have suggested to him, the idea of going to the bathroom so that he will not be struck by those bullets.

In society, armed robbers have aimed their guns at certain people with the intent of killing them. But the guardian angels, of those people, blurred the sight of the criminals and they took a bad aim.

The victims survived and the armed robbers ran away. In the same vein, a rich brother man suddenly decided to go and visit a friend and sleep in his house. A few hours later, hired killers came and barged into his room but he was nowhere to be found. He survived because he was not destined to be killed by hired assassins. 

For the past seven years, I have experienced many sad events in my life. If it is true that I have a guardian angel watching over me from birth till now, why is my guardian angel not helping me to ward off most of these problems weighing me down?

The lords of karma appointed the guardian angels watching over us. That’s why it appears, our guardian angels are not doing things that are pleasing to human beings. That is why it appears, they are not actively helping us to achieve our desires.  Rather, under their watch, we are confronted by many problems.

Now, what is the assignment of a guardian angel watching over a person? The guardian angel watches over our daily Activities and how we respond to the voice of God, and suggestions emanating from evil influences.

A guardian angel is more interested in the following:

  1. The karma of that person.
  2. Directing events taking place in the life of that person as stipulated by the lords of karma.
  3. Guiding the person towards opportunities that will enable payment of outstanding karmic debts, and also earn good karma.

The sender of this question wants to know why his guardian angel is not helping him to overcome most of the problems confronting him.

The truth is, his guardian angel cannot interfere with the outworking of his karma. Most of the problems confronting him might be karmic. For instance, destiny is behind many people encountering problems, sequentially.

From one problem to another problem. There is absolutely nothing his guardian angel, can do in such a situation. His guardian angel, cannot stop, the outworking of karma. He doesn’t have the power and authority to do that.

Are evil spirits always behind, the evil thoughts that creep into me, which I find myself battling to overcome?

We feel much better blaming the devil for everything. Without the intervention of the devil, the majority of us invite the thoughts of doubt, depression, fear, and anxiety into their lives. later, we start to blame the devil because he is a quiet guy. 

A human being is a magnet capable of attracting good and evil influences. We have the natural ability to attract angels, demons, and destructive thoughts into our lives.

When we hear about china’s coronavirus outbreak, We start to worry and live in fear of it because it is an emerging infectious disease. But how many of us bother about infections caused by the power of thought?

Shallow thinking, persistent, uncontrolled evil thoughts, make us vulnerable to negative forces on the astral plane and from there, we can catch a thought germ which will trouble our etheric body and eventually find its way into the bloodstream and from there, we might become vulnerable to infectious diseases.

In the same vein, we pick thoughts of doubt, depression, fear, and anxiety, etc because we attract them. We should stop blaming the devil for most of the problems we brought upon ourselves.

Nobody can prevent the fulfillment and manifestation of your destiny. (Crossfire 10)

Nobody can prevent the fulfillment and manifestation of your destiny. (Crossfire 10)

I crave to become one with God. In order to fully achieve my goal, I need to renounce the things of this world and human relationship. How can I achieve them?

Everything around us has a part to play. No matter how filthy this world is. No matter how problematic relationships are. Both of them are necessary for life. If they were inconsequential, God would have not created them. Planet earth has a part to play in the divine scheme of things.  

What about relationships? We complement each other. No one is self-sufficient. As human beings, we need love. We need someone to care about us. We need someone to give us good advice, etc. 

You cannot accomplish all the aforementioned without associating with people. Human relationships deals directly with emotions. The soul is learning and accumulating experiences through human emotions.

On the other hand, however, renunciation of things of this world and relationships are necessary, to become one with God.

1 Timothy 6:9

But people who long to be rich fall into temptation and are trapped by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction.

 1 John 2:17

The world is passing away, and all the things that people want in the world are passing away. But whoever does what god wants will live forever.

Matthew 10:37

anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 

Renunciation means rejecting what you have previously enjoyed or endorsed. It means, shunning the pursuit of material comforts and focusing more on becoming one with God.

Renunciation means placing the things of the world in their right perceptive. The material world and relationships have their uses. Use them when necessary, but do not be enslaved by them.

In your teachings about destiny, you made me understand that destiny, which you said, is karma, is all about what you did long, long ago. Is there an instant punishment for any bad or good deed?

In certain cases there is instant punishment karma is not all about reaping in the future. Reaping moment can take place pronto in certain cases. A car rammed a brother man, who was conversing on his mobile phone while crossing the road. He spent months massaging and treating one of his legs. He experienced an immediate outworking of his karma. 

Karma teaches us to be very careful and Godlike in the conduct of our lives. The brother man involved in the car accident was not careful. So, he incurred bad karma and the reaping moment took place within a few minutes.  

Hopefully, next time he will be very careful when crossing the road. Instantaneous reaping of karma can manifest in the form of sudden apprehension and beating to death of an armed robber, a kidnapper, a petty thieve, or a baby snatcher, etc.

I have been told by a prophet that my star is bright and I am destined to be a great man. But, I am surrounded by evil-minded people, who are pursuing me spiritually, from left and right. Will they not prevent me from fulfilling my destiny in life?

Destiny is a tornado. The most violent storm of nature is a tornado. That is what destiny is.  Destiny will destroy anything on its path. No human being on earth, no diabolical ritual in this world, can prevent the fulfillment and manifestation of your destiny.

That, which you have been destined to achieve in this world, that which God has willed in your life, must take place. It is only by the permission of God, delay or hindrance can occur and not through the machinations of your enemies.

I have fasted and prayed, but the problems weighing me down are still there. Please advise me on how to overcome a series of misfortunes confronting me.

We cannot overcome all the problems confronting us. At most, we can abate them. Despite all our human efforts, certain problems, which will eventually lead us to salvation, will not go away. Whenever we are confronted by problems we should ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. Am I destined to encounter this problem?
  2. Is it my karma?
  3. Is this problem, In reality, A challenge meant to draw me closer to God?
  4. Is this problem an opportunity for me to grow and become a better person?

Now hear this, Mr. Felix’s car broke down. He was very sad. A brother man in the neighborhood was kind enough to allow him to park his car in his premises. They became friends and eventually, the relationship led to the financial upliftment of Mr. Felix.  

A sad event eventually led to a financial breakthrough for Mr. Felix. So you see what appears to us as misfortune is not always such. The sad event might have been destined to eventually enrich your life. But this fact Is not always recognized by most of us. Because we are more interested in immediate results. Surmounting or reducing problems is not all about prayer and fasting.

We have been told, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. What does that mean? It means heaven helps those who help themselves. The almighty God has given us intelligence and we are expected to make use of it.  There are things we can do which will enable us to attract friendly spiritual beings to come and help us.

They will give us useful ideas on steps to follow, to surmount or reduce the problems weighing us down. It appears most people don’t realize the divine don’t deal directly with human beings. It is only through the mediation of the spirit world surrounding us that human beings can have dealings with the divine.  

What would you say about climate change, natural disasters, and enviromental problems in general?

We are always reluctant to do what is right. It is no longer a mystery, human beings are a threat to planet earth, which is the fountain of life for living creatures. And as long as this threat continues, spiritual beings watching over planet earth will certainly strike back at us. And whenever they do, we shall experience agony losses and a great many deaths.

Everything all around us is changing for the worst. We are witnessing more natural disasters, more drought, extreme weather, the decimation of marine life, etc. Our great planet has become a garbage dump from atomic waste and toxic chemicals to ordinary rubbish.

We are destroying the water, land, air, etc, through industrial greed. Interestingly, presently, we have quite many vocal people, locally and internationally, fighting for the overhaul improvement of our environment.

Remember the late Ken Saro Wiwa? He was a noted environmental activist. Lately, I admire the activities of, friends of the earth Nigeria. They call themselves, friends of the earth, that cute. It means nature is not alone.

What about Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist whose campaign has gained international recognition. The almighty God is using certain young and mature people to urge human beings in general and leaders of countries to correct the abuses foisted on nature by human beings.

Obviously, these mild methods employed by the almighty God to urge us to do what is right are not producing rapid results. As human beings remain, headstrong, they set in motion, and encourage the manifestation of natural disasters as the only alternative method whereby nature can correct these abuses.

Earth protecting spirits, if they so desire, could bring about a shift in planet earth’s axis thus changing the polarities and thereby, causing great destruction, earthquakes, tidal waves, flood, etc. Perhaps, after all, is leveled by numerous earthquakes, planet earth, will, replenish itself, and might have the opportunity, to arrive at its ultimate goal. The almighty God would have preferred human beings to do it by themselves. But, human nature detests due process. We rarely do the right thing willingly. We need to be compelled to do what is right.

When evil spirits induce us to do bad things, do they take advantage of the circumstances in which we find ourselves or can they bring about the circumstances which may enable them to entrap us?

Evil spirits cannot create the circumstances confronting us. Rather, they take advantage of the circumstances human beings brought upon themselves. It is our inherent imperfections that attract and retain evil spirits around us.

For instance, if you are a very greedy person, evil spirits will attach themselves, to your greedy nature and ensures that your greedy nature leads you into a series of problems. Evil spirits derive pleasure in urging us toward negative things and suggesting ideas that will bring us face to face with objects of irresistible temptation. Hear this, a brother man just woke up from sleep. An evil spirit suggested the idea of peeping through the window.

He peeped and saw a beautiful and irresistible lady. Much later, the brother man regrets ever peeping through the window because the beautiful lady wrecked his life.  

When we die shall we re-unite with our departed loved ones and friends in the spirit world?

This is not a matter of my sister is in Asaba. When I go to Asaba I will meet her. The spirit world is not an extension of this world. Therefore what brings people together in this world will not bring them together in the spirit world. In this world, it is love and faithfulness that brings people together.

It is not so in the spirit world. In the spirit world, material love and faithfulness amounts to nothing. A human being is the embodiment of different bodies.

Romans 12:4-8

For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office:

Let me put it in another way. Let us assume Florence’s husband, whom she loved dearly, is dead. If Florence truly loved her late husband, her love for him must be embedded in her astral and mental bodies. If not, if she dies both of them cannot meet and live together on the same plane in the spirit world.

After death, most souls will no longer feel the same affection for each other as they have done in this world.

Why The Church Is At War (Crossfire 8)

Why The Church Is At War (Crossfire 8)

Leaders of most nations fail to implement policies that will liberate the masses they govern from poverty. Even pastors of modern churches are very materialistic and indulge in enticement preachings. Why is it so?

The prince of this world is present in government circles. The prince of this world and his proxies are very active in the apex level of government. They are behind all the major agonizing government policies of all the nations in the world. All around the world, most government policies and programs are designed to further impoverish the masses, rather than bring succor.

The prince of this world knows that good leadership, fair and impartial distribution of resources, etc, are the major requirements needed, to deal with the problems of mass poverty and they don’t want that. The forces of darkness encourage the promulgation of government policies, that will impoverish the masses and enrich few people.

They know that the promulgation of fiasco policies of the government will encourage the escalation of criminal activities, corruption, resentment, and hopelessness, etc.

Satan knows that in the state of desperation and hopelessness, countless people will embrace sinful activities rather than, do the will of God. In the same vein,

I want to make clearer, satan has successfully infiltrated the apex positions of the church. That’s why most modern churches are very materialistic.

If you examine satanic cults, you will observe that the worshippers of satan are intensely excited and preoccupied with worldly achievements and sensual pleasures. Sadly, this kind of scenario is commonplace in most modern churches. They are more interested in prosperity and miracles than the salvation of the soul. It is interesting to note the master Jesus called the devil, the prince of this world.

Also, Paul called him, the gods of this world. The forces of darkness who are determined to destroy more and more souls, know the meaning of the scripture better than all the pastors preaching to us.

They are well aware of the spiritual tribulations and karmic consequences that await sinful souls. That is why they have devised countless means to entice people to continuously sin.

The prince of this world and his proxies are present everywhere. The church is not exempted. Take my word seriously. There is a war going on in the church.

This war is being waged by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Pastors of Satan operate side by side with genuine pastors. This spiritual war is being waged for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is corruption and annihilation of the soul.

People must train themselves not to be swayed by the utterances of miracle and prosperity preachers. Most of them are human representatives of Satan.

Some people derive pleasure in doing good, while others derive immense pleasure in doing evil. Some people are very intelligent, while others are not so intelligent. May I know where the moral and intellectual abilities exhibited by human beings come from?

The moral and intellectual abilities displayed by a person belongs to the soul in the body of that person. A soul that has attained purity to a great extent will display a high level of morality and intellectuality through the human body it occupies for a while.

In contrast, a filthy soul will display a high level of immorality through the human body it occupies. For instance, the human bodies of armed robbers, assassins, terrorists, etc are occupied by filthy souls. That is why they derive immense pleasure in agonizing fellow human beings.

I keep wondering why souls incarnate in human bodies to develop themselves on earth. Can’t they achieve their development in the spirit world?

Rapid development is not possible in the spirit world. Obstacles required for rapid development does not exist in the spirit world. As human beings, we despise poverty, failure, near success syndrome, etc, But the soul in the human body attains enlightenment and growth through them.

As far as the soul is concerned, more obstacles mean more rapid growth. The soul will remain stagnant if it remains permanently in the spirit world.

May I know why a soul must pass through infancy? 

The purpose of incarnation is the improvement of the soul.

It is easier to approach the soul during childhood. Also, the soul responds quickly to guidance from parents during childhood.

At what stage do the startling changes occur in the character of most young children as they approach adulthood?

It’s like you telling someone “oh, you have been pretending all these while, so this is your true character.” The soul of a child regains full recollection of himself, between 7 to 15 or 19 years, as the case may be. Within this age bracket, the true character of the soul in the body of a child shows himself as he was in a previous life before the current rebirth. A young boy might be considered a loving and funny boy. But that might quickly change as he gets older. He might display bad characteristics that were hidden from his parents.

He might become very aggressive or perhaps start to steal, etc. His parents might start blaming bad company or spiritual attacks, etc.  In reality, they are witnessing the full manifestation of the true character and individuality of the imperfect soul in the body of their son.

God wants children to gain the love and attention of their parents and fellow human beings that’s why they wear the mask of innocence. However, as they grow older you will realize they are not so innocent.

Do parents give part of their soul to their children? 

The soul is not a cake that can be shared among friends. The soul is indivisible. It is one soul for one person.

Will dead souls find food and clothing in the spirit world? 

As long as we remain in the flesh, we shall continue to argue about everything concerning life after death. The spirit world, which is the everlasting world, is solid and real to souls residing there. On the astral plane, one will find any kind of food or delicious fruits, which is real to souls residing there.

However, on the higher spiritual planes, the desire for food fades away. Also, souls can clothe themselves in beautiful attires. Dead souls rarely appear naked in dreams to people. They are well dressed when they appear in dreams to loved ones they left behind on planet earth.

The spirit world is as real as planet earth but certainly, more beautiful than our planet.

I want to know what Paul meant when he said, I die daily, in first corinthians 15 verse 31.

Paul became a new creature after having a divine encounter with the master Jesus on his way to Damascus. I die daily means, I am a new creature in Christ and everything within me, which is not of God, dies daily. Of course, you don’t expect Paul to be the same again after his divine encounter with the master Jesus.

You don’t expect Paul to be pleased with the previous, version of himself, after the divine encounter. But the attainment of all-around perfection is certainly a gradual process.  Of a truth, I tell you, Paul’s encounter with the master Jesus on his way to Damascus is almost synonymous with another divine transformation passage in the old testament.

Exodus 33:20. But he said you cannot see my face. For no man shall see me and live

It appears in this verse we are told, a man must die if he sees God. In contrast, Paul did not die after his divine encounter with the master Jesus. Rather, he became a better person.

In fact, he became the mightiest apostle. I want to make clearer, this verse, ‘no man shall see me and live’ is not complete. the complete statement is, no man shall see me and live as a man. The moment you have a genuine divine encounter with God, the moment you see God, you will abandon your materialistic way of life. You will no longer be contented with material things.

This is exactly what happened, to our elder brother man Paul. In contrast, in society today, all we hear is God spoke to me, God directed me, he appeared to me, etc, most of the pastors saying these things are lovers of prosperity.

Any divine encounter with the living God must transform your life completely. If it doesn’t, it simply means, you never had a divine encounter with God, plain and simple.

Every human being wants to find love and happiness, yet some can’t seem to find it, no matter what they do.

According to your destiny, you may find love and happiness waiting for you in the family you will find yourself. According to destiny, you may find conflict and antagonism, uncaring father or mother, or selfish and wicked relatives waiting for you.

Presently, countless people find themselves in families plagued by poverty, sickness, and different types of physical and spiritual problems. This is the way of sowing and reaping our elder brother man paul talked about.

I met a man for the first time in our house and instantly, I had a very bad feeling about him. And it was obvious to me, the man never liked me. I warned my mother not to do business with him. A few days later, my mother told me the man is a fraudster and I saved her from losing thousands of naira.

This is a matter of inward repulsion. Instantly they disliked themselves without speaking a word. Their souls have uncovered each other’s true nature. That’s why they resented themselves.

Is prayer the key to free ourselves from the influence of evil spirits who incite us to do bad things?

This moment, we use prayer to expel evil spirits and the next moment we use negative thoughts to invite them again. We attract and retain evil influences around us through the evil nature of our thoughts and desires. Retention of pure thoughts is the best method to expel evil spirits.

Why Water Spirits Are So Powerful (Crossfire 7)

Why Water Spirits Are So Powerful (Crossfire 7)

Frequently in my dreams, I eat, swim in oceans and rivers. I find myself in the midst of fishes and snakes and I sleep with different women etc. I was told by a prophet that these are symptoms of water spirit attacks. I have done everything he told me but I am yet to find any solution. Another prophet told me appeasing and serving them is the only way out. I want to know why water spirits are so powerful and difficult to overcome?

Water spirits are very powerful because they have perfect control over the emotional body. We are very emotional and water spirits reside on the emotional or astral plane. That’s why it is very easy for them to subjugate the astral bodies of any human being they are interested in.  

Also, water spirits are present in anything that contains water. The human body contains sixty percent water. In summation, water spirits can attack human beings through the astral body and water that’s why they are very powerful and irrepressible.   

Are we created to worship water spirits? Is serving them, the only way we can free ourselves from their torments?

We are created to serve the almighty God and not water spirits. We are created in God’s image. A human being is the embodiment of the four elements of nature. In contrast, water spirits are the embodiment of only the element of water and nothing else. Therefore, human beings are superior to water spirits but merely saying we are superior to water spirits does not mean we can easily compel them to obey us. During a storm at sea, the master Jesus rebuked the sea and the winds.

Let me put it in another way, the master Jesus rebuked water spirits and the spirits of the air. They obeyed him without hesitation because the master Jesus possessed divine powers. Water spirits will not obey you if you don’t possess a high degree of spiritual powers, and purity of heart. Most people binding and casting water spirits, don’t possess any iota of spiritual powers. 

Therefore, you don’t expect water spirits to obey their commands. If you don’t live in harmony with natural laws and lack the spiritual powers to command water spirits, negotiating with them through the intervention of a voodoo priest, is the only option left for you.

Quite a number of pastors preaching to us have negotiated with the water spirits tormenting them. But if you see such pastors, conducting, deliverance services, you will think they possess true spiritual powers.

Water spirit problems are commonplace in society because in the past, our ancestors had dealings with them and they want the relationship to continue with the children they left behind on planet earth.  

What shall one see in the marine kingdom? Do they succumb to death?

You will see extraordinary beauty in the marine kingdom. Mermaids are prominently beautiful and seductive. You will see them moving about as human beings move about on planet earth. You will see kings and queens and their coral residence. You will see intelligent and less intelligent water spirits.

You will see some of them dancing and others indulging in a certain amount of work etc.  One must attain a high level of spiritual development and maturity so that he can use his imagination to change himself into a mermaid and mentally project himself into the ocean and submerge himself to the bottom of the ocean where he will find himself in the marine kingdom full of glamor and beauty.

I want to make clearer, water spirits succumb to death and when they die they cease to exist. In contrast, a human being is an immortal being. When a human being dies, the soul continues to exist in the spirit world. Water spirits envy us a lot because of this. They know that the souls of human beings continue to exist, after physical death.

If a spirit enters the home of a person, what does it see? 

A spirit does not see the physical walls, doors, furniture, etc of a house. If a spirit enters the home of a human being, the spirit only sees the astral aspects of the walls, doors, and furniture. A spirit cannot see physical objects because they are invisible to him. The astral plane is invisible to human beings and the physical plane is invisible to spirits.

My father is a good man, who gave birth to a very bad son. His second son, is a thief, cultist, and a rapist. He has brought shame and disgrace to our family. May I know why god often permit, good parents to give birth to children of perverse and evil nature? I thought that the good qualities of parents might attract good children to them.  

The almighty God works in a mysterious way. There must a deep-seated reason why a bad child is placed in the hands of good parents. God often places imperfect souls in the hands of good parents in the hope that their advice, scolding, and guidance, will help the plague some child to amend his ways. 

Bad children will benefit from the affection and care offered by virtuous parents. Many so-called good parents have not attained all-round perfection to enable them to become one with God after death.

That’s why they are still here on planet earth. Trouble-some children are often sent as a trial for the improvement and development of certain qualities in parents.  

Parents will attain certain spiritual benefits if they do their best to improve the life of the bad child god sent to them.  

Is God punishing us for our sins through the great law of karma?  

Wrong assumption. We are the ones inflicting punishment upon ourselves because we fail to live in harmony with cosmic laws.

We have been told we shall reap what we sow. The life of a human being is all about, sow now, and reap later. We sow through our thoughts, words, and deeds. And much later, everything we did must come back to us. 

Through the law of karma, God wants us to have personal experience of the good and bad things we have done so that we can make amend our ways.  

Why are some children born with little or no natural abilities, while some have extra-ordinary abilities, well above the average for their age? In areas, such as emotional maturity, intellectual ability, sport, art and so on?

There is nothing like partiality in the nature of God.

Romans 2:11…for there is no partiality with God.

There are two major occurrences in the family that confirm that the soul does not change. One, display of extraordinary talent, natural abilities, well above the average, and the irrepressible desire of many children to follow their chosen career rather than the one imposed on them by their parents. The physical body changes but the soul does not.

All the children exhibiting extraordinary talents, stunning intellectual abilities are actually exhibiting the result of progress, previously acquired by them in their past life or lives. Most children insist on following their chosen career. They want to cling to the progress they have accomplished in a previous life.

The career they are insisting on, is actually the outcome of a vague remembrance of their past life and they want to cling to the career they adored in a previous life.

May I know why God permits evil spirits to incite us to do bad things?

Whenever you observe vultures hovering around a particular place, a dead animal must be in that vicinity. The vultures will depart if you remove the dead animal. If you bring the dead animal back again, the vultures will cluster again. It is wrong to assume evil spirits are authorized by God to incite us to do bad things.

The truth is, our evil desires, schemings, deceitful and revengeful thoughts, etc, attracts and retain evil spirits around us. Also, I want people to bear in mind, evil spirits are instruments often used by God to try our faith and persistence in doing what is right.

Why you might ask? A human being is an imperfect spirit, clothed in human flesh. Being an imperfect spirit, we need to be prodded, we need to be pushed a bit so that we can advance more quickly.


Jesus Utterances

Jesus Utterances

I know one thing about the early church. They were the embodiment of openness and secrecy.

Certain doctrines and truths, which the rank and file are contented with, were made public while the esoteric aspect of the church, those doctrines not meant for the rank and file, not meant to be communicated to the profane and insufficiently prepared ears, were guided as a priceless treasure. The secrets contained therein were only revealed to the elites. Presently, it appears, the rank and file of the Christian faith believe, I mean, really believe, there is no such thing as secret teachings in the Christian faith.

They believe, Christian teachings are open to all and they have nothing to hide. I want to make clearer, the esoteric aspect of Christianity was not meant for all types of human beings. Biblical words such as,


Has to do with initiates or initiation. I intend to find out through the utterances of the master Jesus, whether Christianity has no secret teachings exclusively reserved, only for the enlightened few.

LUKE 8:10.


This verse is telling us, it is only the chosen ones, those belonging to the inner circle, that are privileged to know the mysteries of God. Parables will be used to convey spiritual truths to the commoners and outsiders.


Matthew 7 verse 6 covertly refers to the secret teachings. I will show you.    



This phrase, “Do not give that which is holy to the dogs. Do not cast your pearl before swine” is referring to the secret teachings. The secret teachings must not be revealed to mortals not initiated into the mysteries. Mortals that were regarded as being outside, the kingdom of God.


Luke 13:23-24

Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? and he said unto them, Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.  

This biblical passage is rather disturbing and in fact, shocking, positively shocking. If this passage is taken literally it denotes the master Jesus was telling mankind many people will struggle to avoid hellfire and go to heaven but they will not succeed. You don’t expect the master Jesus, who came to show us the path to God, to discourage us with such utterances. But wait a minute, In Luke 13 verse 24, the master Jesus equally said,



Obviously, the straight gate has to do with the attainment of eternal life.

I will feel much better to interpolate the conversation that took place between the master Jesus and the young brother man, who craved to know what he should do to attain everlasting life. I wish to show you.

MATTHEW 19: 16-26





Of a truth i tell you, with modern materialistic pastors overtly displaying wealth and encouraging the pursuit of prosperity at all cost by all means, it is very obvious most Christians do not, for one moment, believe that riches will imperil their happiness in the great beyond.

Now, let me dissect, the most exciting verses, in the conversation between the master Jesus and the young brother man craving for post-mortem state of happiness. The young brother man approached the master Jesus and asked him “what good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life?” In the New Testament, the master Jesus is referred to as the king of the Jews both at the beginning of his life and at the end. Also, It is interesting to note, the Jews believed in Gilgulim meaning, reincarnation.

They believed that souls that have not attained perfection shall continue to return to live again on planet earth. Therefore, ‘How can I attain eternal life?’ simply means, how can I attain liberation from rebirth and become one with God? The master Jesus told him if you want to attain eternal life, keep the commandments. Do not commit murder, do not commit adultery, Do not steal, etc. The young brother man told the master Jesus, all these things, have I kept from my youth.

Based on what the young brother man said, the master Jesus unveiled spiritual truths to him. If you want to attain perfection, sell all that you have and give to the poor and you shall have treasure in heaven.

The young brother man, walked away sorrowfully, because, he cannot imagine himself, parting away, with his great possessions. In the end, the master Jesus told his disciples, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich brother man to enter into the kingdom of God.


My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, attainment of heaven remains a mirage until you abandon everything materialistic. Everything materialistic must be sacrificed. If we don’t get rid of everything materialistic, we cannot pass through the straight gate. It is through the narrow gate a soul will attain salvation from rebirth. Sincerely speaking, only a few can enter through the narrow gateway of initiation.

MATTHEW 16: 24.


MATTHEW 6: 19-21



I am of the opinion, be ye perfect as your father in heaven is. One of the most dreadful utterances of the master Jesus. I will show you.



Let us not beflum ourselves, majority of Christians know that it is extremely difficult for them to abide by this commandment of the master Jesus. How can a mere mortal replete with imperfections become as perfect as the almighty God?

It is not doable therefore, most Christians feel much better to calmly shove aside this commandment of Christ.

However, if you peruse this verse with the understanding of reincarnation, you will realize that as we steadily improve through many earthly existences, we shall overcome our lower nature and, eventually attain all round purity. Our elder brother man Paul, interest me. He, it was, who said, travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.

I will show you…



Quite revealing. Reincarnation, which is true, shall continue to make itself known no matter how loud the clamor of denial. My little children of whom i travail in birth again and again and again, until Christ be formed in you.

Our elder brother man Paul was telling mankind, the human soul shall keep coming back to subject itself to earthly trials until Christ Is fully formed in the soul. Souls shall keep coming back, for tons and tons of years. They shall keep coming back until their time is up. Reincarnation shall continue to exist until the final judgment.


Permit me to refer you to the conversation between the master Jesus and his disciples as they were coming down from the mount of transfiguration.  Reincarnation is embedded in the conversation. They were actually talking about the prophecy of God given through Malachi. I will show you.



What did the almighty God mean? When he said he was going to send Elijah the prophet? The almighty God was saying the great prophet Elijah was going to manifest on planet earth In the flesh in a new physical body before the birth of the master Jesus.

As they were descending from the mount of transfiguration, they asked him why say the the scribes that Elias must first come? The master Jesus told them, Elias, is already here. In flesh and blood, and they knew him not. I will show you.

MATTHEW 17:10-13


John the Baptist was the embodiment of the great prophet Elijah. In summation, the master Jesus openly welcomed all manner of people, but he used parables to present spiritual truths to the uninstructed and spiritually unenlightened people who clustered around him.

Mystery of Parenthood

Mystery of Parenthood

Most parents will agree with me, children exhibit most of the following characteristics:

Ignorance, selfishness, sensuality, degrading passions, hypocrisy, pride, jealousy, envy, mischief, wickedness, hatred, lack of reasoning power, frivolity, cruelty, derive pleasure in doing evil, etc.:

All the aforementioned characteristics exhibited by children clearly show that most children sent into this world are the embodiment of negativities and imperfections. It is the sacred responsibility of parents to strive to get rid of their inherent imperfections and make them perfect. A difficult task, you might say? Yes, it is. I want you to bear the following important points in mind, pertaining to the nature of the souls occupying the physical bodies of children.

  1. In the spirit world, souls belong to different categories. They are not equal, to one another, either, in morality, intelligence, knowledge, and power, etc.
  2. The majority of the souls, belonging to the lower categories, in the spirit world, are the ones, incarnating or reincarnating, in the bodies of children.
  3. Souls, belonging to the lower categories, are the embodiment of imperfections. In order, for them to attain perfection, they must subject themselves, several times, to earthly trials.
  4. The moment they attain absolute perfection, through earthly trials,

Reincarnation ends for them, and, in the spirit world, they will find themselves, dwelling, in the midst of, superior spirits.

I presume you have realized most of the terrible characteristics exhibited by children emanate from the imperfect souls, occupying their human bodies.

Souls sent to parents:

Souls are not randomly sent from the spirit world to pregnant sister women. If it were to be so, there would have been nothing like the reincarnation of an ancestor, in the family.  There would have been nothing like one of my sons is exhibiting some of the exact characteristics of his late grandfather. Reincarnation in the same family is very common, and that is a crystal-clear confirmation,

Souls are not randomly sent into families. Of a truth I tell you, before a sister woman, create a fetus, the law of karma will attract to her,

A soul, who, in a previous earthly existence, has been associated, either, pleasantly or unpleasantly, with, the sister woman, or with the brother man who will be, the father of her child.

Of a truth, I tell you, sometimes, the soul that is about to re-incarnate hang around the sister woman for weeks, or months before the formation of pregnancy. The incoming soul will continue to monitor the sister woman waiting for the moment when sexual intercourse will occur, and favorable condition for the formation of the physical body, it will reside. The moment the conditions are right, the soul will project a magnetic thread into the ovum of the sister woman. The magnetic thread will cling to the life-germ, a brother man deposited in the sister woman.

The magnetic thread attached to the embryo is very fragile, and easily broken, but, the soul’s intense desire for earthly existence will strengthen the magnetic thread. Also, further protection will be provided by the law of karma which attracted the soul to that particular family. We rejoice, whenever a sister woman, successfully delivers a baby. It’s not easy.

Quite a number of sister women died during delivery. It appears the sister woman who just delivered is happy, because she is now free from irritation, discomfort, and health problems, encountered at various stages of her pregnancy. That is understandable! However, if she is happy because she thinks and believes that she has given birth to a brand new soul, I urge her to think again.

Pregnant sister women, rarely give birth to brand new souls. They often give birth to their missing half, their late father or mother, their late grandfather or grandmother, their late great grandfather or great grandmother, their brother or sister, or recently dead baby, in the family. They equally give birth, to their sworn enemies: souls, having unfinished business, with them, etc

Of a truth I tell you, families are awash with stories such as my son displays, incredible characteristics of my late grandmother. Or she is displaying attributes of an elderly person. Obviously, the young girl is the reincarnation of an ancestor. I have met a mother, who told me as she was approaching her late grandmother’s house in the village, her six-year-old daughter told her, Mummy, I have lived here before. I think I should further define the zigzag, forward and backward movement, of the law of karma within a family. This is a husband, wife, and child.

The wife was karmically connected, to her husband. That was why, karma brought them together as husband and wife, for a reason. The child was drawn, into this family, because it’s a past relationship with the husband, who is now, the father of the child.

Now, let’s assume a prophet told the husband, the baby your wife is carrying will cause you so much pain, and because of this frightening revelation, they decide to abort the fetus. The law of karma will continue to bring back the soul of the aborted baby again and again, until the husband having a karmic bond with the baby, pays the debt he owes to it.

I want you to bear in mind, karma is not all about revenge and payback. Certain souls reincarnate in a certain family, because of a pleasant relationship formed in a past life with some members of that particular family. The birth of such a soul will bring joy, financial breakthrough, and upliftment to that family. Some parents have noticed their pathetic situation changed for the better after they gave birth to this particular baby.

Mother’s missing half coming as her baby

The soul is the embodiment of male and female. It usually split into two separate parts, when coming to planet earth to exist as a human being. A sister woman could give birth to a baby boy whom in reality, is the male part of her missing half. The sister woman will be uplifted and filled with happiness, during the entire, period of pregnancy. In the night, she will dream of the unborn baby, and in the morning, she will plan beautiful things for the baby. The pregnant sister woman will be surrounded by the aura of the unborn baby, she loves better than any other person on planet earth. Unknown to her, the baby boy in her womb is her soulmate.

There are many strange things, almost too strange for one to believe, but because one is ignorant about them, it does not mean, they are not real.

Pertaining souls coming, going back, and coming again, in revelation, it is written, souls shall go no more out when they overcome.

I will show you…

Revelation 3:12

he who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go out no more.

Quite revealing, very educational, when a soul gets rid of inherent imperfections, and materialistic tendencies through spiritual discipline, the soul becomes a pillar of immortality in the temple of God. That is the end of reincarnation for such an overcomer. In summation, it is indeed a divine privilege to become the father and mother of a child.

Parents who carelessly and recklessly assume the responsibility of child training, parents who shrink away from their responsibilities, parents who allow viciously inclined persons, to care for their children will not evade the spiritual penalty.



The word impulse denotes pre-disposition to act uncontrollably, acting without thinking about the consequences of your actions, the inability to control your emotions and behavior. For instance, kleptomania is an uncontrollable, repetitive impulse to steal. The serial thief knows that the behavior is wrong and senseless, but he cannot resist the impulse to steal.

Of a truth, I tell you, the cause of kleptomania remains unknown to proponents of neuroscience. They only know that impulsive behavior is closely related to Neuro-transmitters, especially Dopamine. Now what about the impulse to commit suicide? That is choosing violent methods to abruptly terminate one’s life etc.

Of a truth I tell you, impulses are often behind certain tragedies and accidental deaths. Now, the first instance, at about 8 pm, Mr. Douglas returned from work, he told his wife he wants to take his shower, and go to bed. However, on the verge of falling asleep, the impulse to eat fried yam and fish compelled him to get up from bed. He dressed and went out to buy fried yam and fish. As he was returning home, a trailer crushed him to death. The second instance, it was raining heavily, and a brother man without umbrella had the impulse to seek shelter under a very large tree, instead of the house close to him. And, within minutes, thunder struck him to death. 


My brother man and sister woman, what is consciousness? Consciousness is a state of awareness. It denotes awareness of what is taking place within you and your environment. Now let’s examine the second instance I gave. It was raining heavily, and a brother man without umbrella decided to run into a place to shield himself from the torrential rain. He had two options, a house, and a large tree. Obviously, the best option is the veranda of the house and not the large tree. As you are well aware, no normal human being would deliberately place himself where thunder will strike him to death.

If the ordinary day to day consciousness of the brother man was functioning perfectly, he would seek refuge under the roofed platform of the house, and not under the large tree. Of a truth I tell you, the ordinary consciousness of the brother man was overshadowed by his deeper consciousness. His deeper consciousness which manifested in the form of impulse compelled him to seek refuge under a large tree, in order for thunder to strike him to death, few minutes later.

Most people who know nothing about the deeper consciousness might say, the brother man was struck to death by the god of thunder, invoked by his enemies. Wrong hypothesis.

I want you to bear in mind, we are different types of human beings with different destinies. The birth of human beings is based on different causes, and likewise,

Human beings die for very different reasons. 

It is not always, enemies are at work. Aside from the ordinary day to day consciousness, you make use of, within you lies a deeper consciousness. At the prodding, At the instigation of the deeper consciousness, countless bad things happen to people. The deeper consciousness has done the following:

  1. It has compelled countless people, to go to, different places and seek out, different kinds of accidents, for the compensating effects, of karmic causes, acquired in past lives.
  2. In order, to find compensating effects, for certain karmic causes, within a person, the deeper consciousness, can compel a person, to go a certain place, where he or she might succumb, to an infection or life -threatening sickness

Our elder brother man Paul was right. Whatever a brother man soweth, that shall he also reap. It is true again and again; human beings will continue to experience karma. It is at work every moment in the lives of brother men and sister women. You cannot pray it away, whether you believe it or not, does not affect the issue. The forces of darkness are not always responsible for tragedies befalling human beings. The deeper consciousness within human beings, the karmic causes within human beings, instigate fatal occurrences so that human beings involved in these tragedies will find compensating effects for the karmic causes they have accumulated.


After death, the physical brain goes away, A different kind of consciousness takes charge. The soul becomes more refined and reviews everything it has done on planet earth. After death, the soul is free from the delusions of the brain, and a different kind of consciousness takes charge. In this new state of consciousness after death, for the many bad things done while alive on planet earth, the soul will decide to make compensation for every wrong committed, whenever the opportunity occurs. I want you to bear this important point in mind,  

We come back to planet earth, in order to strive to attain the apex of perfection, a human soul is destined to attain. Therefore, souls that weren’t perfect in previous life or lives, always return, with strong intent desire, to right the wrongs of the past.  

However, when we return once more to planet earth, our consciousness changes again. We don’t recollect what took place in the spirit world, before manifesting on planet earth. We don’t recollect our resolutions to make compensation. Even though we cannot recollect what took place in the spirit world, the deeper consciousness within us will intermittently, compel us to make compensation. The deeper consciousness, assuming the form of impulse, will compel people to act in a certain way, drive people to go to certain places where they will encounter suffering, infection and even, sudden death, etc.

A human soul is destined to pass through earthly sufferings in order to attain all purity and perfection. The ordinary consciousness of human beings often yell out

“Oh my God the suffering, is too much.” The ordinary consciousness of human beings only sees the outer troubles, but the deeper consciousness of every human being,   which can look back and recall all that took place before physical birth, truly knows what the sufferings,  hardships, accidental deaths and misfortunes are meant to accomplish.


I Know Things

I Know Things

What is soulmate? 

It appears everything in life is dual in nature, good and evil, male and female, love and hate, life and death, etc. The universal principle of duality has been in existence, even before the creation of planet earth, our world is not the everlasting world, It can never be.  

Amazing as it may sound, our filthy planet has a part to play in the divine scheme of things. It does. A child that is growing up cannot remain at home all the time. The child must go to school to acquire education. Without education the child becomes illiterate.

Illiteracy is not a good option. In the same vein, if a soul continues to remain in the spirit world without coming to planet earth, the soul will never acquire experiences and work out his own salvation. In the spirit world, there is nothing like trials to pass through, and temptations to resist. In contrast, on planet earth, there are lots and lots of trials and temptations to deal with. 

Therefore, a soul must temporarily cloth itself in a human body and subject itself to earthly trials in order to acquire experience development and work out its own salvation with fear and trembling. 

However, before manifesting on planet earth, the soul must split into two parts, male and female. Countless people are searching for their soulmates. Searching for your soulmate does not mean, for instance, after creating David, God created a female called Clara for him. Such a thing never happened.

Searching for your soulmate simply means, you are searching for the remaining part of your soul. A male is searching for the female aspect of his soul, and a female is searching for the male aspect of her soul. 

Problems arising from sexual excesses 

Sexual intercourse does not exist in the spirit world. Therefore, the first category of souls that occupied planet earth knew nothing about it. They never knew indulging in sexual excesses will devastate their physical bodies.  

The first category of souls that occupied planet earth were truly the best. They were more interested in overcoming the wild beast of the forest and preparing a place to live. They had no time to indulge in sexual excesses. They were more interested in doing the heavy work and clearing the path for the weaker souls that would occupy planet earth after their departure.  

Much later, planet earth became populated by countless weak souls, hysterically interested in the glittering things of this world. That was how The morals of the masses became very corrupt. These filthy souls indulged in every imaginable sexual acts. As far as they were concerned, their sexual organs were created for the sole purpose of satisfying their irrepressible sexual desires.

Sexual excesses are rife in our present era. Sexual excesses simply mean the physical strength of most people will diminish rapidly. There will be rapid manifestation of old age and attraction of myriad kinds of diseases because of constant draining of the vital fluids in the human body. Also, the physical bodies of most children will manifest weaknesses and disorders inherited from parents. 

Most people fail to realize, during sexual intercourse, heat power and life are generated. Also, there is an exchange of magnetic force which is absorbed by the nerves and blood of both parties indulging in sex.

This exchange often gives birth to sexually transmitted diseases. Is that all? No that is not all. At times, people aver, I have been encountering series of failures since I met him or since I met her. They might be right, because, during sexual intercourse, all kinds of spiritual exchange takes place. I want to make clearer, sexual excesses is a blasphemy against the divine. Quite a number of people indulge in twosome and even threesome. 

Many indulge in sexual acts through the anus. Such acts lead to degradation and disintegration. The right and proper use of sexual intercourse are for the production of physical bodies for souls craving for incarnation. This is the major reason why the sexual organs are there.  

Public prayers/selfish prayers:

I have convinced myself, the master Jesus never supported overt prayers. He did not encourage people praying privately to yell out. The master Jesus never gave a pass mark to the Pharisees who cherished public prayers. That was why he prohibited his followers from praying like the Pharisees who loved to be noticed. Prayers that attracts the attention of fellow human beings, often produce disastrous results. 

You will obtain beneficial results when you pray in a private place and pronounce your prayers mentally and address it to the almighty God. Now pertaining selfish prayers, the greatest crime that was ever committed upon mankind was committed on that day when materialistic pastors invented selfish prayers. Selfish prayers are commonplace today. The majority of people are only interested in praying for prosperity and sending defeat and death to their enemies. I urge you to pray for the will of god to be done in your life. Pray for the good of others, stop invoking calamities such as fall and die. Don’t forget, God’s promise, vengeance is mine, I will repay. 

The agonies of sudden death victims:

We will all die someday, we cannot avoid it. The only thing we can absolutely be sure of is, we are going to die. Imagine 60 people died suddenly in an earthquake or plane crash. Of course, as human beings, we feel pity for the, and loved ones they left behind. But I want to make clearer, people that died suddenly are not suffering. It is the loved ones left behind that are truly suffering. They are the ones agonizing.

They are the ones encapsulated by overwhelming horror and dismay. They continue to imagine what their departed loved ones might have gone through or what they might still be passing through after dying suddenly etc. From the spiritual point of view, sudden death means being lifted suddenly and without pain from planet earth into a higher and happier life. If most of us can have a glimpse of the hidden side of life, you will agree with me, it is the living and not the dead, that deserves pity. The happiest moment of the soul is when it goes back into the spirit world, after discarding the physical body. 

Journey to the great beyound:  

We are afraid of death because death means breaking of family ties and leaving loved ones behind in the hands of unpredictable selfish and greedy relatives. Therefore, death is regarded as a very sad event. The real process of death is as natural as the process of delivery. As the head of a baby is born first and afterwards its body, that is how the head of the soul first appears and rises above the physical head then slowly followed by the shoulders, body, limbs, and feet.

Loved ones left behind by a dead person always interfere with the process of transition. They scream open-ended, and they keep appealing to the dead person to come back. That is how they inflict great mental depression and sadness on the dead and prevent the soul of the dead from ascending into the spirit world.

However, if loved ones don’t slow down the transition process, the dead person will ascend into a better place where he is relived of all physical pains and discomforts. He will be received and comforted by souls of the dead he knew on planet earth.  

Cremation of the dead:  

 We cut the umbilical cord in order to set a newly born infant free from impediments. In the same vein, cremation of the physical body completely destroys the magnetic cord that binds the soul to the physical body.

It is a great kindness to use cremation to severe the magnetic cord that binds the soul to the human body and sets it free.   

 Pregnancy: infant’s influence over the mother:  

During the period of pregnancy, as the baby is growing in her mother’s womb, the pregnant sister woman must experience a lot of inevitable changes to a greater or lesser degree. The soul of the baby must influence the disposition and desires of its mother. Outwardly, she might behave like someone obsessed by a demon of animal passion. 

Her sexual desires will be insatiable. She might become a source of sorrow and disappointment to her husband’s family members and friends. The pregnant mother herself may not understand it and usually she does not care to know the reason. If you observe a pregnant mother clairvoyantly you will notice that she is completely surrounded by the aura of the unborn baby. 

The aura of baby usually overshadows the aura of its mother. If the nature of the baby is weak, mild changes will take place in the mother’s behavior.  However, if the baby’s nature is stronger than that of its mother, the baby will certainly dominate her in every way. She will no longer have the same likes and dislikes. She will eat funny things, and do weird things, etc.

Why babies are born with deformities: 

When certain bad things happen to a baby, we feel much better blaming the parents and exonerating the baby. Most babies wearing the mask of innocence may not be as innocent as we think. After all, they are not brand-new souls. Many believe, impurities and diseases can be transmitted through the blood of the father or the mother to their baby. Consequently, the innocent child will be made to suffer for the sins of its parents. I beg to differ, without the permission of the karma of the child, such a thing can never happen. 

Karma has a hand in any life changing event. Of a truth I tell you, in certain cases, it is the intense and unacceptable desires of the re-incarnating soul, the unborn baby that infected its tiny body with impurities and poisoned its own blood. Such self-inflicted poisoning could cause malfunction of some of the internal organs of the child. Such a child might enter into this world with a physical deformity, defective brain, or impure blood, etc.

 Character inheritance:  

If you ask people what is heredity? They will aver, heredity is the transfer of character from parents to their children. It is generally believed; the child’s cells acquire the genetic information of their parents. From the spiritual point of view, this is not true. Neither the father nor the mother of a child can give to it the whole or part of its character.

The truth is, the reincarnating soul of the child Is of a similar character to one or both parents. This is a matter of like minds come together or birds of a feather flock together. Now pertaining physical resemblance, that is, for instance, the son resembling his mother and daughter resembling her father, etc. If the reincarnating soul of the child is not as strong as the father or the mother, the physical body of such a child may resemble that of his father or mother. However, if the soul of the child is stronger than both parents, the child will not resemble any of them in appearance.                 


Quite a number of modern churches boast of gargantuan membership but that does not mean they are indulging in pristine religious worship. Mammoth crowd rarely converge in the few churches indulging in pure religious worship. Pure religious worship was never popular at any time of the human race, not even in the era of the master Jesus.

It has always been the clustering of a small struggling minority, it will remain this way for tons of years to come. Society is awash with pretentious brother men of God, each one claiming that he alone can show us the way to salvation and glory.                               

They wear the robes of righteousness promising salvation while they stand side by side with the wicked and take advantage of their sheep-like members. Their preaching is always centered on prosperity, they fail to realize the materialistic aspect of us must die before we can realize our higher aspect.

They fail to realize there is no salvation except through suffering. They fail to realize We gained entrance into this world through pains. Therefore pains must play a pivotal part in our regeneration. 

We have been told the master Jesus through whom the christ worked to save humanity died for our sins. It appears most people think because of this averment they are free from their karmic responsibilities. They thought wrong. There is no indirect atonement for anyone. You must become your own savior your own messiah. 

You must become your own Jesus. The master Jesus cannot get rid of your past present and future karmas or sins. The master Jesus told his disciples to tell no one that he was Christ. Also, he said unto to them that are without all these things are done in parables. 

It is interesting to note when it comes to dealing with the public on certain facts and deeds Ancient prophets implemented silence and secrecy. It is very important the left hand should not know what the right hand is doing. The master Jesus presented secret teachings without making public its mysteries he Master Jesus and other initiates don’t want. The enemies of righteousness to profit by the publicity.

If spiritual truths are not disguised by parables, the enemies of righteousness will get hold of the secret teachings and use them to do evil things. Remember we have been told not to give what is holy to the dogs and not to cast your pearl before swine or else, they will trample them under their feet.