Power of the mind

Cancer and the Power of the Mind

There is an instance of a woman whose husband was a surgeon. She had watched him perform surgery on a person with cancer. After watching the surgery, she spent so much time thinking and living in fear of cancer. Unfortunately, a couple of years down the line, this woman ended up developing cancer. 

Discover the intricate interplay of environmental triggers, genetic predisposition, and lifestyle influences that contribute to cancer development. Explore the latest oncology insights and learn about effective strategies for reducing cancer risk factors and promoting overall health and wellness.

The Origin Of Cancer

Cancer is caused by the ever-expanding unhealthy and artificial way of life we continue to live. The influx of artificial and unsafe foods into our lives paired with unhealthy lifestyles is one of the causes of cancer. Looking at it from a spiritual aspect, cancer is also a spiritual disease caused by the breaking of spiritual laws in a past earthly existence

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Breaking Free: Powerful Strategies to Overcome Drug Dependence and Reclaim Your Life!

Do you know that drug addicts are the happiest people on earth? Yes, they are. They have achieved consciousness expansion and that is why they are the assumed to be the happiest people on earth. But sadly and regrettably, they used certain harmful drugs to expand their consciousness and arrived at the highest level of indescribable happiness. Drug usage destroys the nervous system and the etheric body which is the foundation upon which your physical body is resting.