Mystery of Parenthood

Mystery of Parenthood

Most parents will agree with me, children exhibit most of the following characteristics:

Ignorance, selfishness, sensuality, degrading passions, hypocrisy, pride, jealousy, envy, mischief, wickedness, hatred, lack of reasoning power, frivolity, cruelty, derive pleasure in doing evil, etc.:

All the aforementioned characteristics exhibited by children clearly show that most children sent into this world are the embodiment of negativities and imperfections. It is the sacred responsibility of parents to strive to get rid of their inherent imperfections and make them perfect. A difficult task, you might say? Yes, it is. I want you to bear the following important points in mind, pertaining to the nature of the souls occupying the physical bodies of children.

  1. In the spirit world, souls belong to different categories. They are not equal, to one another, either, in morality, intelligence, knowledge, and power, etc.
  2. The majority of the souls, belonging to the lower categories, in the spirit world, are the ones, incarnating or reincarnating, in the bodies of children.
  3. Souls, belonging to the lower categories, are the embodiment of imperfections. In order, for them to attain perfection, they must subject themselves, several times, to earthly trials.
  4. The moment they attain absolute perfection, through earthly trials,

Reincarnation ends for them, and, in the spirit world, they will find themselves, dwelling, in the midst of, superior spirits.

I presume you have realized most of the terrible characteristics exhibited by children emanate from the imperfect souls, occupying their human bodies.

Souls sent to parents:

Souls are not randomly sent from the spirit world to pregnant sister women. If it were to be so, there would have been nothing like the reincarnation of an ancestor, in the family.  There would have been nothing like one of my sons is exhibiting some of the exact characteristics of his late grandfather. Reincarnation in the same family is very common, and that is a crystal-clear confirmation,

Souls are not randomly sent into families. Of a truth I tell you, before a sister woman, create a fetus, the law of karma will attract to her,

A soul, who, in a previous earthly existence, has been associated, either, pleasantly or unpleasantly, with, the sister woman, or with the brother man who will be, the father of her child.

Of a truth, I tell you, sometimes, the soul that is about to re-incarnate hang around the sister woman for weeks, or months before the formation of pregnancy. The incoming soul will continue to monitor the sister woman waiting for the moment when sexual intercourse will occur, and favorable condition for the formation of the physical body, it will reside. The moment the conditions are right, the soul will project a magnetic thread into the ovum of the sister woman. The magnetic thread will cling to the life-germ, a brother man deposited in the sister woman.

The magnetic thread attached to the embryo is very fragile, and easily broken, but, the soul’s intense desire for earthly existence will strengthen the magnetic thread. Also, further protection will be provided by the law of karma which attracted the soul to that particular family. We rejoice, whenever a sister woman, successfully delivers a baby. It’s not easy.

Quite a number of sister women died during delivery. It appears the sister woman who just delivered is happy, because she is now free from irritation, discomfort, and health problems, encountered at various stages of her pregnancy. That is understandable! However, if she is happy because she thinks and believes that she has given birth to a brand new soul, I urge her to think again.

Pregnant sister women, rarely give birth to brand new souls. They often give birth to their missing half, their late father or mother, their late grandfather or grandmother, their late great grandfather or great grandmother, their brother or sister, or recently dead baby, in the family. They equally give birth, to their sworn enemies: souls, having unfinished business, with them, etc

Of a truth I tell you, families are awash with stories such as my son displays, incredible characteristics of my late grandmother. Or she is displaying attributes of an elderly person. Obviously, the young girl is the reincarnation of an ancestor. I have met a mother, who told me as she was approaching her late grandmother’s house in the village, her six-year-old daughter told her, Mummy, I have lived here before. I think I should further define the zigzag, forward and backward movement, of the law of karma within a family. This is a husband, wife, and child.

The wife was karmically connected, to her husband. That was why, karma brought them together as husband and wife, for a reason. The child was drawn, into this family, because it’s a past relationship with the husband, who is now, the father of the child.

Now, let’s assume a prophet told the husband, the baby your wife is carrying will cause you so much pain, and because of this frightening revelation, they decide to abort the fetus. The law of karma will continue to bring back the soul of the aborted baby again and again, until the husband having a karmic bond with the baby, pays the debt he owes to it.

I want you to bear in mind, karma is not all about revenge and payback. Certain souls reincarnate in a certain family, because of a pleasant relationship formed in a past life with some members of that particular family. The birth of such a soul will bring joy, financial breakthrough, and upliftment to that family. Some parents have noticed their pathetic situation changed for the better after they gave birth to this particular baby.

Mother’s missing half coming as her baby

The soul is the embodiment of male and female. It usually split into two separate parts, when coming to planet earth to exist as a human being. A sister woman could give birth to a baby boy whom in reality, is the male part of her missing half. The sister woman will be uplifted and filled with happiness, during the entire, period of pregnancy. In the night, she will dream of the unborn baby, and in the morning, she will plan beautiful things for the baby. The pregnant sister woman will be surrounded by the aura of the unborn baby, she loves better than any other person on planet earth. Unknown to her, the baby boy in her womb is her soulmate.

There are many strange things, almost too strange for one to believe, but because one is ignorant about them, it does not mean, they are not real.

Pertaining souls coming, going back, and coming again, in revelation, it is written, souls shall go no more out when they overcome.

I will show you…

Revelation 3:12

he who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go out no more.

Quite revealing, very educational, when a soul gets rid of inherent imperfections, and materialistic tendencies through spiritual discipline, the soul becomes a pillar of immortality in the temple of God. That is the end of reincarnation for such an overcomer. In summation, it is indeed a divine privilege to become the father and mother of a child.

Parents who carelessly and recklessly assume the responsibility of child training, parents who shrink away from their responsibilities, parents who allow viciously inclined persons, to care for their children will not evade the spiritual penalty.



The word impulse denotes pre-disposition to act uncontrollably, acting without thinking about the consequences of your actions, the inability to control your emotions and behavior. For instance, kleptomania is an uncontrollable, repetitive impulse to steal. The serial thief knows that the behavior is wrong and senseless, but he cannot resist the impulse to steal.

Of a truth, I tell you, the cause of kleptomania remains unknown to proponents of neuroscience. They only know that impulsive behavior is closely related to Neuro-transmitters, especially Dopamine. Now what about the impulse to commit suicide? That is choosing violent methods to abruptly terminate one’s life etc.

Of a truth I tell you, impulses are often behind certain tragedies and accidental deaths. Now, the first instance, at about 8 pm, Mr. Douglas returned from work, he told his wife he wants to take his shower, and go to bed. However, on the verge of falling asleep, the impulse to eat fried yam and fish compelled him to get up from bed. He dressed and went out to buy fried yam and fish. As he was returning home, a trailer crushed him to death. The second instance, it was raining heavily, and a brother man without umbrella had the impulse to seek shelter under a very large tree, instead of the house close to him. And, within minutes, thunder struck him to death. 


My brother man and sister woman, what is consciousness? Consciousness is a state of awareness. It denotes awareness of what is taking place within you and your environment. Now let’s examine the second instance I gave. It was raining heavily, and a brother man without umbrella decided to run into a place to shield himself from the torrential rain. He had two options, a house, and a large tree. Obviously, the best option is the veranda of the house and not the large tree. As you are well aware, no normal human being would deliberately place himself where thunder will strike him to death.

If the ordinary day to day consciousness of the brother man was functioning perfectly, he would seek refuge under the roofed platform of the house, and not under the large tree. Of a truth I tell you, the ordinary consciousness of the brother man was overshadowed by his deeper consciousness. His deeper consciousness which manifested in the form of impulse compelled him to seek refuge under a large tree, in order for thunder to strike him to death, few minutes later.

Most people who know nothing about the deeper consciousness might say, the brother man was struck to death by the god of thunder, invoked by his enemies. Wrong hypothesis.

I want you to bear in mind, we are different types of human beings with different destinies. The birth of human beings is based on different causes, and likewise,

Human beings die for very different reasons. 

It is not always, enemies are at work. Aside from the ordinary day to day consciousness, you make use of, within you lies a deeper consciousness. At the prodding, At the instigation of the deeper consciousness, countless bad things happen to people. The deeper consciousness has done the following:

  1. It has compelled countless people, to go to, different places and seek out, different kinds of accidents, for the compensating effects, of karmic causes, acquired in past lives.
  2. In order, to find compensating effects, for certain karmic causes, within a person, the deeper consciousness, can compel a person, to go a certain place, where he or she might succumb, to an infection or life -threatening sickness

Our elder brother man Paul was right. Whatever a brother man soweth, that shall he also reap. It is true again and again; human beings will continue to experience karma. It is at work every moment in the lives of brother men and sister women. You cannot pray it away, whether you believe it or not, does not affect the issue. The forces of darkness are not always responsible for tragedies befalling human beings. The deeper consciousness within human beings, the karmic causes within human beings, instigate fatal occurrences so that human beings involved in these tragedies will find compensating effects for the karmic causes they have accumulated.


After death, the physical brain goes away, A different kind of consciousness takes charge. The soul becomes more refined and reviews everything it has done on planet earth. After death, the soul is free from the delusions of the brain, and a different kind of consciousness takes charge. In this new state of consciousness after death, for the many bad things done while alive on planet earth, the soul will decide to make compensation for every wrong committed, whenever the opportunity occurs. I want you to bear this important point in mind,  

We come back to planet earth, in order to strive to attain the apex of perfection, a human soul is destined to attain. Therefore, souls that weren’t perfect in previous life or lives, always return, with strong intent desire, to right the wrongs of the past.  

However, when we return once more to planet earth, our consciousness changes again. We don’t recollect what took place in the spirit world, before manifesting on planet earth. We don’t recollect our resolutions to make compensation. Even though we cannot recollect what took place in the spirit world, the deeper consciousness within us will intermittently, compel us to make compensation. The deeper consciousness, assuming the form of impulse, will compel people to act in a certain way, drive people to go to certain places where they will encounter suffering, infection and even, sudden death, etc.

A human soul is destined to pass through earthly sufferings in order to attain all purity and perfection. The ordinary consciousness of human beings often yell out

“Oh my God the suffering, is too much.” The ordinary consciousness of human beings only sees the outer troubles, but the deeper consciousness of every human being,   which can look back and recall all that took place before physical birth, truly knows what the sufferings,  hardships, accidental deaths and misfortunes are meant to accomplish.



Quite a number of modern churches boast of gargantuan membership but that does not mean they are indulging in pristine religious worship. Mammoth crowd rarely converge in the few churches indulging in pure religious worship. Pure religious worship was never popular at any time of the human race, not even in the era of the master Jesus.

It has always been the clustering of a small struggling minority, it will remain this way for tons of years to come. Society is awash with pretentious brother men of God, each one claiming that he alone can show us the way to salvation and glory.                               

They wear the robes of righteousness promising salvation while they stand side by side with the wicked and take advantage of their sheep-like members. Their preaching is always centered on prosperity, they fail to realize the materialistic aspect of us must die before we can realize our higher aspect.

They fail to realize there is no salvation except through suffering. They fail to realize We gained entrance into this world through pains. Therefore pains must play a pivotal part in our regeneration. 

We have been told the master Jesus through whom the christ worked to save humanity died for our sins. It appears most people think because of this averment they are free from their karmic responsibilities. They thought wrong. There is no indirect atonement for anyone. You must become your own savior your own messiah. 

You must become your own Jesus. The master Jesus cannot get rid of your past present and future karmas or sins. The master Jesus told his disciples to tell no one that he was Christ. Also, he said unto to them that are without all these things are done in parables. 

It is interesting to note when it comes to dealing with the public on certain facts and deeds Ancient prophets implemented silence and secrecy. It is very important the left hand should not know what the right hand is doing. The master Jesus presented secret teachings without making public its mysteries he Master Jesus and other initiates don’t want. The enemies of righteousness to profit by the publicity.

If spiritual truths are not disguised by parables, the enemies of righteousness will get hold of the secret teachings and use them to do evil things. Remember we have been told not to give what is holy to the dogs and not to cast your pearl before swine or else, they will trample them under their feet.

The Astral Glance of Religious Crusade

The Astral Glance of Religious Crusade

Times are hard grievous time. Countless people have clustered and shall continue to cluster in religious crusades because they yearn to compel their human problems to go away. Eighty percent of people converging in religious crusades are the middle class and poor people.

These are people with inflamed emotions these are people with a dangerously high level of excitement. These are people in an extremely high state of expectation. A clustering of people like these in their thousands or millions coming together on a daily basis for a few days will certainly give birth to a high level of nervous excitement.  

You are wrong if you think religious crusade grounds are filled only with the angels of God. Of a truth, I tell you the waves of nervous excitement which spread like an infectious disease and usually last for some weeks ferociously attracts countless non-human entities spiritual beings that love to hover around.

The intense emotion exhibited by people attending religious crusades attracts tons of lower elemental spirits. The tremendous emotional energies emanating from countless people in the crusade ground Make it easy for elemental spirits to sway them into the level of insanity. Myriad kinds of nature spirit hysterically delight and bath in the intense emotional vibrations emanating from countless people attending crusades. They hover around them and Re-invigorate their emotional outbursts.

Of a truth I tell you in the spirit world you will see nature spirits with little intelligence and understanding flying in rushing into the crusade ground from all angles. They crave to partake in the emotional outburst and excitement taking place and they equally increase the mad excitement.

A religious crusade ground is usually filled with emotionally charged individuals. People that have worked themselves up into some sort of wildly uncontrolled emotional state in which many of them feel themselves to be saved many of them believe all their human troubles will come to an end toadied. Now, what is behind many of the so-called miraculous occurrences? Do you really want to know? I will tell you.

The swinging of your astral body beyond your control creates an opening which enables elemental spirits to get hold of you and perform many strange things through you. 

Tons of people attending religious crusades often work themselves up into a condition of tremendous emotional excitement into a frenzy and their astral bodies move away from them and immediately Elemental spirits get hold of them and perform many so-called wonders through them.

Many of them will experience obsession Possession healing and deliverance but much later when the excitement comes to an end may be days or a few weeks later they will realize they have been used and dumped by deceitful astral entities which their emotional outburst attracted to them. And most of their problems are still there.

Satanic churches

Satanic churches

Lucifer, the irrepressible fallen archangel, knew the almighty god face to face. You know what that means don’t you? it simply means he knew a lot, a lot, about the modus operandi, of the Almighty God. He knew the processes that will lead to the liberation of human souls occupying planet earth and he knows that the liberation of human souls will certainly facilitate his own final Annihilation. 

That’s why, Lucifer and his legions of dark angels are prepared to do anything any cost, any, to prevent human souls from attaining liberation.  Most of our modern churches are the brain-child of the forces of darkness. They crave to destroy the light of Christ within the children of God. A century after century false pastors has always been in our midst. 

The forces of darkness have built their tent around the church, for the achievement of one purpose, and that is, preventing the children of God from becoming one with him. False pastors in our midst, who are overtly ostentatious and materialistic are agents of Satan determined to destroy the seed of Christ within the people attending their respective churches. 

They pervert the word of God, recorded in the Holy Bible. They mesmerize their church members, promising them all the good things of life, and unknown to their members, who are in the cesspool of spiritual ignorance, their souls are being enslaved, instead of being liberated through the Master Jesus.

Satanic pastors only indulge in exciting activities, so that they can use their excited members, to achieve their aims. Presently, most of the activities taking place in the church, are invented, by satanic pastors, to enable them to sway and gain control over the population’s thinking and beliefs. 

The forces of darkness are behind easy religion that is trending today in Nigeria, and all over the world.

Easy religion, is fiercely supported by countless millions, of spiritually jejunitis brother men and sister women. Easy religion, is popular and very appealing. It attracts the ignorant the law-less, the easily deceived, and the innocent. 

Pastors heading easy religious groups, take advantage of the unfortunate circumstances, confronting people, promising to make their problems go away. Presently, easy religion is all about, vicious competition with each other, greedy Commercialism, and corruption. It’s all about, miracles, miracles, miracles. It’s all about, comes up here to the altar, and make a public display of yourself. 

It’s all about, speaking in tongues, and Bible-quoting, to justify all their ungodly actions. If brother men and sister women, would only take time to think for themselves, instead of letting satanic pastors control their minds, and lifestyles, the multi-billion Naira easy religion foundation will crumble. 

 Don’t subjugate your mind or freedom of rumination, to any satanic pastor, or else, they will do your thinking for you.          

Speaking in tongues

Speaking in tongues

Under normal circumstances, speaking in tongues denotes having a direct conversation with God. When a pastor praying for you, starts speaking in tongues, it is assumed God is there, the Holy Spirit is there. In this materialistic age of ours, genuine and direct conversation with the living God is a rare occurrence.

The forces of darkness, have built their tent around the church. What does that mean? it means, many within the church today have been abandoned by the Spirit of God, and have become victims of disembodied spirits, disguising as the Holy Spirit of the living God. They are surrounded by demons of pride, who speak in the tongues of the fallen angels, and there are demons of interpretation of those tongues.

Do you know, in our midst exist Christians learning how to speak in tongues? is it right and proper for someone to learn how to speak in tongues? is speaking in tongues a trade? speaking in tongues is supposed, to be a gift Of the holy spirit, of the living God, and, every, sincere seeker, after god, can become, an agent, of the holy spirit.

Don’t forget, like attracts like. As you learn, to speak in tongues, you attract the attention of evil spirits, who might come and help you to speak in the tongues of the fallen angels. I want to make clearer, to lovers of speaking in tongues, there has been a distortion of the tongues of angels, 

In the heavens and the language, of the fallen angels, is not the original word. Don’t be misled and seduced into following, materialistic pastors, and, materialistic, prayer warriors that are under the firm grasp of all manner, of foul and unclean spirits.

I am telling you, all these so that we can minimize, the programming, mass indoctrination, and brainwashing, of the children of God, which is commonplace in society today.   



If you are a religiously minded person, you might see the Almighty God as the loving heavenly father, or perhaps, a living spiritual experience. On the other hand, however, to a scientist, the Almighty God is a cause, the original force, to a philosopher, the Almighty God is an idea, etc.

My brother man and sister woman, I want you to first think of the Almighty God first as the creator of all creations, then as the controller and lastly, as the everlasting mainstay of everything. The Almighty God is inherently kind, naturally compassionate and everlastingly merciful. The Almighty God loves us sufficiently to bestow his life upon us. He makes his sun to shine upon good and vile mortals, he sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

I want sinners to bear in mind, the Almighty God is divinely kind to sinners, therefore when sinners make up their minds to return to righteousness, they are mercifully received. It is true the Almighty God created the heavens and formed planet earth for lower imperfect creatures like us to live and strive to attain perfection.

Of a truth I tell you, we are not alone, the Almighty God created many universes occupied by many different types of creatures. The many universes created by the Almighty God are populated by many enlightened and unenlightened creatures.

Of a truth I tell you, the Almighty God is spirit. He is invisible, immortal and eternal. Although invisible to the human eyes, with no flesh and blood, spiritual beings are real.

Yes, it is true as human beings, we cannot see God, and you know why? We are the embodiment of imperfection, we are the embodiment of materialism and limited spiritual endowments, as human beings we are so low, so imperfect.

In the light of the materialistic shortcomings I have enumerated, I want to make clearer, as human beings, it is impossible for us to approach the glory and the spiritual brilliance of the divine presence of God.

My brother man and sister woman, we cannot see God, no human being can see God and live. The Almighty God dwells in a light which no human being can approach, our inability not to approach the Almighty God is not because, he is far away from us, residing in the heavens or maybe the seventh heaven, our inability to approach the Almighty God is inherent within us, and that is the limitations of our material body. Of a truth, I tell you, was it possible for us to be transported instantly into the presence of the Almighty God, be rest assured none of us would know we are in the presence of the living God.


My brother man and sister woman, always bear in mind, the Almighty God is not hiding from us rather it is our inherent material limitations that is hiding the Almighty God from us.  Yes, it is true, we are the children of God, even though we are the children of God, we ought not to think that the Almighty God is like us, inform and physique simply because we have been told, human beings are created in the image of God.

My brother man and sister woman, the existence of the Almighty God cannot be proven in scientific laboratories, neither can it be proven by pure logic, common sense, mathematics, philosophy, etc, neither can the personality of the Almighty God be validated by theology. It is only within you, the existence of God can be proven.

It is only through your human experiences, and most importantly, it is only in your innermost being, will you be able to realize that truly the Almighty God exists. And it is interesting to note, in our midst exist God-knowing human beings, despite what they might be passing through physically, be it financial lack, a failed marriage, joblessness, etc, they still have this inner conviction, God exists, and God will see them through.

My brother man and sister woman, God exists within you, and it is only within you, the reality of God’s existence can be proven. In all your afflictions, the Almighty God is afflicted. In all your victories, the Almighty God is victorious and you know why? His divine spirit is the real part of you.

For in God, you live, move and have your being. Always bear in mind, within each and every one of us dwells the spirit of the living God. What a terrible blunder to dream of God far off in the skies when in reality, he dwells with you.

Most of us, out of ignorance, keep going to different places searching for the living God, search no more my brother man and sister woman, God lives within your own heart. The Almighty and true God is not far away from us. He is part of us, his everlasting spirit, speaks within us. Take my word seriously.

Pertaining to God’s presence in our lives. As you are well aware, human beings are the embodiment of imperfections. On a daily basis, if not per second, per second, we are always asking God to forgive our transgressions. It is so because right now, if we do what is right, the next moment we are doing what is wrong and as we all know, the Almighty God does not like sin but human beings love sin because without sin obviously, we cannot enjoy earthly pleasures.

So the question is, does the Almighty God abandon us whenever we commit sin? Does sin give birth to the fluctuation of God’s presence in our lives? My brother man and sister woman, I want you to bear in mind the Almighty God has freely bestowed himself upon each and every one of us without limit and without favor.

The Almighty God is not a human being. The Almighty God does not withdraw from us because we might have offended him or insulted him. The Almighty God does not withdraw his love from us because of our wrongdoings.

In contrast, a human being will immediately withdraw his love or financial assistance from someone that might have offended him. A girl might stop greeting an uncle simply because the uncle is having a disagreement with her mother. If the girl, however, decides to keep greeting her uncle, then she has the mother to contend with because her mother might not be happy she is still greeting the annoying uncle.

The Almighty God is not a human being; therefore he cannot do such a thing. I have said it once, this is twice. The Almighty God does not withdraw from us because we might have offended him or insulted him.

The Almighty God does not withdraw his love from us because of our wrongdoings. The fluctuation of God’s presence in one’s life is not due to the Almighty God’s changeable nature. The truth is, as human beings we have been endowed with the power of choice, as human beings, we have the power, we have the right to decide to do what is right or to do what is wrong and the Almighty God will not interfere with our decisions.

Of a truth I tell you, it is the choices we make in the exercise of the power of choice, that directly determine the degree and limitations of the Almighty God’s divine influence in our lives. Human beings, therefore, through the exercise of the power of choice, determine the fluctuation of the presence of the Almighty God in their lives. The Almighty God is unchangeable, therefore cannot do such a thing. The Almighty God is not a human being.

Many so-called acts of God are troubling, mind-wrenching. Obviously many so-called acts of God make us doubt God’s love. We often appear helpless, all we can do is a total submission of ourselves to the divine will of the Almighty God.

Imagine, great floods, imagine earthquakes, imagines infernos, imagine plane crash, imagine flight MH 370 disappearing from the radar, imagine the agonizing deaths of the passengers, the pilot, and his assistant, the air hostess, etc, imagine the agony their surviving loved ones are passing through, etc.

Countless people wonder, why a God of love should allow such things to happen. My brother man and sister woman, as we were all growing up under the watchful eyes of our respective parents, sometimes, we all partook in the family discipline. Sometimes our parents might insist, none of us should go out or perhaps none of us should eat until we do this or do that, sometimes we are compelled to take injections, swallow bitter pills, etc as children we may not be happy with these occurrences but we have no option but to obey and share in the family discipline.

In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, as evolving human beings, as developing human beings, as imperfect human beings, striving to attain perfection on planet earth, we all are a part of the family of God and we must therefore sometimes share in the family discipline.

I freely admit, intermittently certain sad occurrences have been programmed, destined to take place on planet earth, some of them are triggered by the activities of mortals and some are the result of the decisions and final rulings of the all-knowing God and the spiritual beings that govern human affairs.



My brother man and sister woman prayer a noted agency of religion actually evolved from previous religious and nonreligious groups across the world. The earliest prayer forms were not addressed directly to the Almighty God. The earliest prayer forms were actually expressions, like wish me luck; they were merely verbalized wishes, etc. Eventually, prayer became a technique of achieving co-operation with the gods, the spirits of nature.

Much later, when ancient people realized that prayer could not coerce the gods, prayer then became more of a petition, seeking favor. Well despite the evolutionary process prayer has passed through, prayer remains the generally accepted means of communication between mortals and the living God. No doubt prayer has contributed greatly to the development of the religious sentiments of an evolving human mind.

Prayer indeed is a mighty influence which has prevented complete isolation of human beings from the living God. It is imperative I probe what motivates countless people to pray to the living God. It is only by thorough scrutiny of their prayer motives shall I be able to tell them the reasons why most of their prayers remain unattended to. Selfish petitions, selfish prayers to the Almighty God will never be granted. You will wait, and wait and wait; the Almighty God will never attend to any selfish prayer.

I want to make clearer, these days prayer has become so materialistic. My brother man and sister woman, no prayer can be ethical when the praying individual seeks for selfish advantage over his fellows. Such prayers are downright immoral as when one prays to God Almighty for selfish advantages over one’s fellows. What most people fail to realize is selfish and materialistic praying is incompatible with the moral religions which are established on unselfishness and divine love.

I truly pity those poor hearts who in their simplicity, think that by praying, by just asking for anything, their prayers will be answered. It is interesting to note certain petitions sent to the high courts are often thrown out after been described as an abuse of court process, certain petitions sent to the higher police authorities, for instance, the zones are often referred back to the state commands or other smaller police post outlets, why? Because the petitions are faulty that’s why.

If higher human authorities can derelict petitions because of their imperfections, the Almighty God and the angelic beings will certainly bypass many materialistic and egoistic prayer requests. I am not saying all kinds of petitions to the living God are bad, a petition might be for daily bread or perhaps a wholehearted yearning to find God and do his will, or perhaps a prayer might be an angry cry for vengeance or a merciful intercession for one’s enemies, etc, all might not be bad.

Now egoistic prayers involve confessions, petitions and often consist in a request for material favors.  My brother man and sister woman, the majority of human beings at present live an intensely personal, self-centered existence. Right now, the majority of us are only interested in materialistic things, materialistic elevations. Only a few of us are interested in divine things, in the afterlife. I might summarize the motivation of most prayers as follows.

  1. Prayer formula for specific occasions, when people wish to draw close to the living God
  2. Prayer offered perhaps with the aid of some device like incense or mantra in order to create a harmonious atmosphere in which people can feel close to divinity.
  3. Prayer as a private act of faith and inner communion in an attempt to seek spiritual security especially in times of stress.
  4. Action or power-oriented prayer designed to achieve the desired end. That is asking God for physical and other benefits.

Of a truth I tell you, I am of the opinion number four is the most common form of prayer, which is an action or power-oriented prayer designed to achieve the desired end. These are selfishly oriented prayers in which the praying individual is not seeking for the divine will of God to be done in his life rather the individual is craving for some modification of divine will for his personal advantage.

Many people fail to realize that prayer which is directed towards selfish motives can severely undermine the need for an individual to build spiritual strength by personal effort. By that, I mean that when you are faced with problems, you should the habit of cultivating your intuition rather than seeking solace from an outer source.

I want to make clearer, one’s fate or karma never faces one with a problem that is beyond one’s inner resources and therefore earnestly seeking a solution within, surely, the answer will come and the individual will be stronger for making the effort. My brother man and sister woman I want you to bear in mind, most materialistic prayers are destined to bring disappointment and disillusionment while the selfless type of prayer will strengthen and comfort you.

Amid us are people that pray open-endedly, their prayers are all about words and words. I want to make clearer the Almighty God is only interested in the attitude of your soul and not your utterances.  Let people not imagine that any amount of prayer will nullify the action of the great law of cause and effect.

However, at times, an intense prayer of a strong-willed individual might temporarily divert the effects of specific causes. Yes, I accept, a very persistent prayerful person could at times upset, prolong the outworking of this great law of cause and effect but the truth is, the effect will follow the cause, no matter how great a span of time may intervene between the one and the other.

Let me put it in another way, if you are indebted to someone, you must pay your debt, at most you can beg for understanding, you can beg for an extension of the date of payment, but pay your debt you must. In the same vein, if anybody succeeds at using prayer to upset the outworking of the great law of cause and effect and the person obtains certain reliefs, the individual has only succeeded at postponing it.  Remember criminals are often told, the long arm of the law will eventually catch up with them.

In the light of what I have said I want to make clearer, we can be mighty sure that the effect of every cause will in time catch up with any individual and often with interest compounded. It appears most of us fail to understand the spiritual truths embedded in the utterances in one of my favorite biblical personalities, Paul.

Paul, it was who said God is not mocked reaping moment must surely come, plain and simple but most of us want to use prayer to prevent the manifestation of the reaping moment or to completely free themselves from their reaping moment related problems. My brother man and sister woman prayer keeps us going, we cannot survive without it.

I know that the sincere prayer of faith is truly a mighty force for the promotion of personal happiness, individual self-control, social harmony, moral progress, and spiritual attainment and strive as much as you can to shove aside materialistic and egoistic prayers and you know why the Almighty God knows what you want, without your asking for it.

During prayer do not be slothful, do not be lazy to ask God to solve your problems but never hesitate to ask the living God for wisdom and spiritual strength to guide and sustain you. While you, yourself resolutely and courageously attack the problems you have at hand. Remember the master Jesus taught his disciples to pray honestly, unselfishly, with fairness and most importantly without doubting.

In all your prayers, please be fair, you hear. Do not expect the Almighty God to show partiality, to love you more than his other children, your friends, and even your enemies. Many times, those you call your enemies might be serving a divine purpose in your life. Your prayer is good if it consists of inner aspiration, the will toward self-regeneration to spiritual things, and the transmuting of this inner attitude of your soul into positive action on planet earth.

The most beautiful prayer is aspiration transmuted into action. My brother man and sister woman, true prayer is indeed aspiration, breathing inward, an elevation of the mind and heart to the highest. You should pray, you should aspire, so as to orientate your life toward the light emanating from your innermost being.



I intend to focus on the negative energies surrounding mortals. Let me straightway commence with homes of negative energies. All the physical activities taking place in the house are well known and attended to, but what about the spiritual aspect of the house? Don’t you know every house has a spiritual aspect?

Don’t you know, almost all the physical activities taking place in the house attracts and often retain the undivided attention of different kinds of negative energies?  Countless activities take place in the house, for instance, love, hate, emotional trauma, anxiety, manipulations, addictions to drugs, sex, alcohol and smoking, violence, rape, serious illness, burying of charms, prolonged malice, murder, homosexuality, lesbianism, etc.

My brother man and sister woman, the spirit world, which the human eyes cannot behold, is the everlasting world. Every human being on planet earth originated from it and when death comes, we shall return into the world of spirit. The spirit world is just a shouting distance from planet earth.

Of a truth, I tell you, all the loathsome activities of human beings in the house constantly attract the undivided attention of negative spiritual beings to cling to them.

My brother’s man and sister woman, once generated negative energies don’t dissipate immediately. They can last for a few hours, months, decades or centuries. Let me give you an instance with something as simple as a heated argument that intermittently takes place between husband and wife at home. Mr. and Mrs. Richard were quarreling seriously and suddenly they stopped arguing because, through the window, they saw a family friend approaching their house.

Eventually, they welcomed the family friend, but the family friend was not comfortable in the parlor. He kept asking them, is everything okay? I hope there is no problem? The husband and wife laughed hysterically and told him, everything is fine. The family friend did not believe them. In his innermost being, he knew they were pretending. Why you might ask? Quarrels, the heated argument that took place in the house leaves behind an invisible negative energy deposit behind that will affect anyone that comes into the room it occupies.

Of a truth, I tell you, if there was a minor argument, the negative energy may disappear in a matter of hours. A more heated argument may take days to clear out. The family friend that paid a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Richard may have been in a perfect and optimistic mood before entering the house. However, he became affected by the negative energy the couple’s quarrel generated, after spending some time in the spot where the quarrel took place.

My brother man and sister woman, have you ever entered into a house, where a friend of yours welcomed you, but you left the house with a nagging feeling that something was wrong and that your friend was smiling to conceal something? Have you entered into a room with two or more people that cheerily greet you with smiles, but within you, you have this gut feeling that they have just been arguing?

Have you ever entered into a building and almost had the hairs on the nape of your neck stand up as you immediately had a foreboding of danger? If your answer is yes, if you have experienced any of the aforesaid, it means you have encountered generated negative energy hovering in that environment. I want to make clearer, whenever you enter a house holding negative emotional energy, you will certainly be affected by that energy if you spend some time there.

You may find yourself becoming more negative or critical in your thoughts etc. You may find yourself, unreasonably, go from calm to anger in your words or action. The root cause of this change taking place in that individual is the lingering negative emotional energy in the room that energetically triggered them to behave in that fashion.

My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, we are inherently very sensitive to unseen energies. Inwardly, we respond to energies that are uplifting, depressing, inspiration and malicious energies. Of a truth I tell you, simply looking at someone’s face, even when no words are spoken, can tell you a whole story about their mood at the moment.




My brother man and sister woman, it is common knowledge, one thing leads to another. Of course, as a human being, you cannot prevent certain sad occurrences from coming your way. You are not immune from anger, intermittently you must get angry. People will make you go berserk, certain people you love might toy with your emotions, etc. but it is your responsibility to try as much as you can to come out of it because if you don’t, expect the unexpected.

Now pertaining emotions, which is the greatest generator of potent negative energies, you need to work really hard on your emotions, you need to learn how to checkmate it and you know why? Your emotions are like magnets. Your emotions call to you that which you strongly feel. If you feel, if you live in fear of something, the negative spiritual forces that feed on fear are drawn to you.  Fear is darkness. Fear draws more fear. When you have fear, you call more darkness unto yourself.

My brother man and sister woman, any negative thoughts or feelings you are experiencing or have experienced, be it frustration, regret or any other emotional pain or mental stress are your enemies, as long as they are stored in your innermost. Of a truth I tell you, weak emotions such as fear, anger and other fear-based emotions, weaken your spiritual immune system. They are advertisements, they are promos that will invite more negative energies and evil entities to come and bother you.

My brother man and sister woman, in a yard, neighbors take care of a little squabble, a small fight or disagreement between husband and wife. It has happened before, it’s no big deal. However, if the fight is vicious and the husband kills his wife, the neighbors will invite the Police and eventually the husband will stand trial for murder and he will remain in prison for many years. In the same vein, the moment the deep-seated negative energies generated by you attract evil entities into your life, be rest assured, for many years to come, you will never be the same again. This is the problem confronting many people in society today.

The accumulated negative energies stored within them and the atmosphere of their homes have attracted the attention of evil entities. Of a truth, I tell you, negative emotional energy is very potent and detrimental. It can linger for many years, for decades and even centuries.

For instance, if a girl is raped and killed in a house, the negative emotional energy generated by her can linger for decades and even centuries in that room or compound where she was raped and murdered. Myriad kind of evil forces which of course include witches can gain easy access into homes encapsulated by negative energies and what does that mean? Their presence will make a bad situation worse. My brother man and sister woman, I want you to bear in mind things that attracts evil entities into the house.


In the same vein, I want you to bear in mind the things that attract evil entities to people.


My brother man and sister woman, the moment evil entities gain access into the innermost being of a person through any of the aforementioned avenues, it simply means aluta continua. The evil entities will make sure a bad situation becomes worse. Evil entities are the major cause of


My brother man and sister woman, human beings residing in homes swarmed by negative spiritual energies might experience mood swings, constant worries, depression, inability to sleep well, irrational anxiety, constant bad dreams, children might be afraid to go to sleep, feeling exhausted when at home, avoidance of certain rooms or areas of your home, behavior changes in your animals or pet etc. When alone they often feel the presence of something or someone or perhaps they might catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of their eyes and on a second look, they will not see the thing again and they might say to themselves, I thought I saw something strange.

Of a truth, I tell you, as the evil entities residing in the house gains more energy. house occupants might experience the following






My brother man and sister woman, the moment you enter into an evil infested room or environment, if you are sensitive, almost immediately, you will feel very uncomfortable and might decide to go away from the place. Why do you feel uncomfortable? You felt uncomfortable because the energy in that room is vibrating at a very low level and therefore not consistent with your own vibrations.

The important question asked, why do you feel uncomfortable when you enter into a particular room? Why do you feel much better in avoiding a particular room? Of a truth I tell you, your deeply troubling experience may be due to a combination of factors that include: