Why The Church Is At War (Crossfire 8)

Why The Church Is At War (Crossfire 8)

Leaders of most nations fail to implement policies that will liberate the masses they govern from poverty. Even pastors of modern churches are very materialistic and indulge in enticement preachings. Why is it so?

The prince of this world is present in government circles. The prince of this world and his proxies are very active in the apex level of government. They are behind all the major agonizing government policies of all the nations in the world. All around the world, most government policies and programs are designed to further impoverish the masses, rather than bring succor.

The prince of this world knows that good leadership, fair and impartial distribution of resources, etc, are the major requirements needed, to deal with the problems of mass poverty and they don’t want that. The forces of darkness encourage the promulgation of government policies, that will impoverish the masses and enrich few people.

They know that the promulgation of fiasco policies of the government will encourage the escalation of criminal activities, corruption, resentment, and hopelessness, etc.

Satan knows that in the state of desperation and hopelessness, countless people will embrace sinful activities rather than, do the will of God. In the same vein,

I want to make clearer, satan has successfully infiltrated the apex positions of the church. That’s why most modern churches are very materialistic.

If you examine satanic cults, you will observe that the worshippers of satan are intensely excited and preoccupied with worldly achievements and sensual pleasures. Sadly, this kind of scenario is commonplace in most modern churches. They are more interested in prosperity and miracles than the salvation of the soul. It is interesting to note the master Jesus called the devil, the prince of this world.

Also, Paul called him, the gods of this world. The forces of darkness who are determined to destroy more and more souls, know the meaning of the scripture better than all the pastors preaching to us.

They are well aware of the spiritual tribulations and karmic consequences that await sinful souls. That is why they have devised countless means to entice people to continuously sin.

The prince of this world and his proxies are present everywhere. The church is not exempted. Take my word seriously. There is a war going on in the church.

This war is being waged by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Pastors of Satan operate side by side with genuine pastors. This spiritual war is being waged for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is corruption and annihilation of the soul.

People must train themselves not to be swayed by the utterances of miracle and prosperity preachers. Most of them are human representatives of Satan.

Some people derive pleasure in doing good, while others derive immense pleasure in doing evil. Some people are very intelligent, while others are not so intelligent. May I know where the moral and intellectual abilities exhibited by human beings come from?

The moral and intellectual abilities displayed by a person belongs to the soul in the body of that person. A soul that has attained purity to a great extent will display a high level of morality and intellectuality through the human body it occupies for a while.

In contrast, a filthy soul will display a high level of immorality through the human body it occupies. For instance, the human bodies of armed robbers, assassins, terrorists, etc are occupied by filthy souls. That is why they derive immense pleasure in agonizing fellow human beings.

I keep wondering why souls incarnate in human bodies to develop themselves on earth. Can’t they achieve their development in the spirit world?

Rapid development is not possible in the spirit world. Obstacles required for rapid development does not exist in the spirit world. As human beings, we despise poverty, failure, near success syndrome, etc, But the soul in the human body attains enlightenment and growth through them.

As far as the soul is concerned, more obstacles mean more rapid growth. The soul will remain stagnant if it remains permanently in the spirit world.

May I know why a soul must pass through infancy? 

The purpose of incarnation is the improvement of the soul.

It is easier to approach the soul during childhood. Also, the soul responds quickly to guidance from parents during childhood.

At what stage do the startling changes occur in the character of most young children as they approach adulthood?

It’s like you telling someone “oh, you have been pretending all these while, so this is your true character.” The soul of a child regains full recollection of himself, between 7 to 15 or 19 years, as the case may be. Within this age bracket, the true character of the soul in the body of a child shows himself as he was in a previous life before the current rebirth. A young boy might be considered a loving and funny boy. But that might quickly change as he gets older. He might display bad characteristics that were hidden from his parents.

He might become very aggressive or perhaps start to steal, etc. His parents might start blaming bad company or spiritual attacks, etc.  In reality, they are witnessing the full manifestation of the true character and individuality of the imperfect soul in the body of their son.

God wants children to gain the love and attention of their parents and fellow human beings that’s why they wear the mask of innocence. However, as they grow older you will realize they are not so innocent.

Do parents give part of their soul to their children? 

The soul is not a cake that can be shared among friends. The soul is indivisible. It is one soul for one person.

Will dead souls find food and clothing in the spirit world? 

As long as we remain in the flesh, we shall continue to argue about everything concerning life after death. The spirit world, which is the everlasting world, is solid and real to souls residing there. On the astral plane, one will find any kind of food or delicious fruits, which is real to souls residing there.

However, on the higher spiritual planes, the desire for food fades away. Also, souls can clothe themselves in beautiful attires. Dead souls rarely appear naked in dreams to people. They are well dressed when they appear in dreams to loved ones they left behind on planet earth.

The spirit world is as real as planet earth but certainly, more beautiful than our planet.

I want to know what Paul meant when he said, I die daily, in first corinthians 15 verse 31.

Paul became a new creature after having a divine encounter with the master Jesus on his way to Damascus. I die daily means, I am a new creature in Christ and everything within me, which is not of God, dies daily. Of course, you don’t expect Paul to be the same again after his divine encounter with the master Jesus.

You don’t expect Paul to be pleased with the previous, version of himself, after the divine encounter. But the attainment of all-around perfection is certainly a gradual process.  Of a truth, I tell you, Paul’s encounter with the master Jesus on his way to Damascus is almost synonymous with another divine transformation passage in the old testament.

Exodus 33:20. But he said you cannot see my face. For no man shall see me and live

It appears in this verse we are told, a man must die if he sees God. In contrast, Paul did not die after his divine encounter with the master Jesus. Rather, he became a better person.

In fact, he became the mightiest apostle. I want to make clearer, this verse, ‘no man shall see me and live’ is not complete. the complete statement is, no man shall see me and live as a man. The moment you have a genuine divine encounter with God, the moment you see God, you will abandon your materialistic way of life. You will no longer be contented with material things.

This is exactly what happened, to our elder brother man Paul. In contrast, in society today, all we hear is God spoke to me, God directed me, he appeared to me, etc, most of the pastors saying these things are lovers of prosperity.

Any divine encounter with the living God must transform your life completely. If it doesn’t, it simply means, you never had a divine encounter with God, plain and simple.

Every human being wants to find love and happiness, yet some can’t seem to find it, no matter what they do.

According to your destiny, you may find love and happiness waiting for you in the family you will find yourself. According to destiny, you may find conflict and antagonism, uncaring father or mother, or selfish and wicked relatives waiting for you.

Presently, countless people find themselves in families plagued by poverty, sickness, and different types of physical and spiritual problems. This is the way of sowing and reaping our elder brother man paul talked about.

I met a man for the first time in our house and instantly, I had a very bad feeling about him. And it was obvious to me, the man never liked me. I warned my mother not to do business with him. A few days later, my mother told me the man is a fraudster and I saved her from losing thousands of naira.

This is a matter of inward repulsion. Instantly they disliked themselves without speaking a word. Their souls have uncovered each other’s true nature. That’s why they resented themselves.

Is prayer the key to free ourselves from the influence of evil spirits who incite us to do bad things?

This moment, we use prayer to expel evil spirits and the next moment we use negative thoughts to invite them again. We attract and retain evil influences around us through the evil nature of our thoughts and desires. Retention of pure thoughts is the best method to expel evil spirits.



If you are a religiously minded person, you might see the Almighty God as the loving heavenly father, or perhaps, a living spiritual experience. On the other hand, however, to a scientist, the Almighty God is a cause, the original force, to a philosopher, the Almighty God is an idea, etc.

My brother man and sister woman, I want you to first think of the Almighty God first as the creator of all creations, then as the controller and lastly, as the everlasting mainstay of everything. The Almighty God is inherently kind, naturally compassionate and everlastingly merciful. The Almighty God loves us sufficiently to bestow his life upon us. He makes his sun to shine upon good and vile mortals, he sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

I want sinners to bear in mind, the Almighty God is divinely kind to sinners, therefore when sinners make up their minds to return to righteousness, they are mercifully received. It is true the Almighty God created the heavens and formed planet earth for lower imperfect creatures like us to live and strive to attain perfection.

Of a truth I tell you, we are not alone, the Almighty God created many universes occupied by many different types of creatures. The many universes created by the Almighty God are populated by many enlightened and unenlightened creatures.

Of a truth I tell you, the Almighty God is spirit. He is invisible, immortal and eternal. Although invisible to the human eyes, with no flesh and blood, spiritual beings are real.

Yes, it is true as human beings, we cannot see God, and you know why? We are the embodiment of imperfection, we are the embodiment of materialism and limited spiritual endowments, as human beings we are so low, so imperfect.

In the light of the materialistic shortcomings I have enumerated, I want to make clearer, as human beings, it is impossible for us to approach the glory and the spiritual brilliance of the divine presence of God.

My brother man and sister woman, we cannot see God, no human being can see God and live. The Almighty God dwells in a light which no human being can approach, our inability not to approach the Almighty God is not because, he is far away from us, residing in the heavens or maybe the seventh heaven, our inability to approach the Almighty God is inherent within us, and that is the limitations of our material body. Of a truth, I tell you, was it possible for us to be transported instantly into the presence of the Almighty God, be rest assured none of us would know we are in the presence of the living God.


My brother man and sister woman, always bear in mind, the Almighty God is not hiding from us rather it is our inherent material limitations that is hiding the Almighty God from us.  Yes, it is true, we are the children of God, even though we are the children of God, we ought not to think that the Almighty God is like us, inform and physique simply because we have been told, human beings are created in the image of God.

My brother man and sister woman, the existence of the Almighty God cannot be proven in scientific laboratories, neither can it be proven by pure logic, common sense, mathematics, philosophy, etc, neither can the personality of the Almighty God be validated by theology. It is only within you, the existence of God can be proven.

It is only through your human experiences, and most importantly, it is only in your innermost being, will you be able to realize that truly the Almighty God exists. And it is interesting to note, in our midst exist God-knowing human beings, despite what they might be passing through physically, be it financial lack, a failed marriage, joblessness, etc, they still have this inner conviction, God exists, and God will see them through.

My brother man and sister woman, God exists within you, and it is only within you, the reality of God’s existence can be proven. In all your afflictions, the Almighty God is afflicted. In all your victories, the Almighty God is victorious and you know why? His divine spirit is the real part of you.

For in God, you live, move and have your being. Always bear in mind, within each and every one of us dwells the spirit of the living God. What a terrible blunder to dream of God far off in the skies when in reality, he dwells with you.

Most of us, out of ignorance, keep going to different places searching for the living God, search no more my brother man and sister woman, God lives within your own heart. The Almighty and true God is not far away from us. He is part of us, his everlasting spirit, speaks within us. Take my word seriously.

Pertaining to God’s presence in our lives. As you are well aware, human beings are the embodiment of imperfections. On a daily basis, if not per second, per second, we are always asking God to forgive our transgressions. It is so because right now, if we do what is right, the next moment we are doing what is wrong and as we all know, the Almighty God does not like sin but human beings love sin because without sin obviously, we cannot enjoy earthly pleasures.

So the question is, does the Almighty God abandon us whenever we commit sin? Does sin give birth to the fluctuation of God’s presence in our lives? My brother man and sister woman, I want you to bear in mind the Almighty God has freely bestowed himself upon each and every one of us without limit and without favor.

The Almighty God is not a human being. The Almighty God does not withdraw from us because we might have offended him or insulted him. The Almighty God does not withdraw his love from us because of our wrongdoings.

In contrast, a human being will immediately withdraw his love or financial assistance from someone that might have offended him. A girl might stop greeting an uncle simply because the uncle is having a disagreement with her mother. If the girl, however, decides to keep greeting her uncle, then she has the mother to contend with because her mother might not be happy she is still greeting the annoying uncle.

The Almighty God is not a human being; therefore he cannot do such a thing. I have said it once, this is twice. The Almighty God does not withdraw from us because we might have offended him or insulted him.

The Almighty God does not withdraw his love from us because of our wrongdoings. The fluctuation of God’s presence in one’s life is not due to the Almighty God’s changeable nature. The truth is, as human beings we have been endowed with the power of choice, as human beings, we have the power, we have the right to decide to do what is right or to do what is wrong and the Almighty God will not interfere with our decisions.

Of a truth I tell you, it is the choices we make in the exercise of the power of choice, that directly determine the degree and limitations of the Almighty God’s divine influence in our lives. Human beings, therefore, through the exercise of the power of choice, determine the fluctuation of the presence of the Almighty God in their lives. The Almighty God is unchangeable, therefore cannot do such a thing. The Almighty God is not a human being.

Many so-called acts of God are troubling, mind-wrenching. Obviously many so-called acts of God make us doubt God’s love. We often appear helpless, all we can do is a total submission of ourselves to the divine will of the Almighty God.

Imagine, great floods, imagine earthquakes, imagines infernos, imagine plane crash, imagine flight MH 370 disappearing from the radar, imagine the agonizing deaths of the passengers, the pilot, and his assistant, the air hostess, etc, imagine the agony their surviving loved ones are passing through, etc.

Countless people wonder, why a God of love should allow such things to happen. My brother man and sister woman, as we were all growing up under the watchful eyes of our respective parents, sometimes, we all partook in the family discipline. Sometimes our parents might insist, none of us should go out or perhaps none of us should eat until we do this or do that, sometimes we are compelled to take injections, swallow bitter pills, etc as children we may not be happy with these occurrences but we have no option but to obey and share in the family discipline.

In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, as evolving human beings, as developing human beings, as imperfect human beings, striving to attain perfection on planet earth, we all are a part of the family of God and we must therefore sometimes share in the family discipline.

I freely admit, intermittently certain sad occurrences have been programmed, destined to take place on planet earth, some of them are triggered by the activities of mortals and some are the result of the decisions and final rulings of the all-knowing God and the spiritual beings that govern human affairs.



It is common knowledge ancestral worship thrives in many cultures all across planet earth. Ancestral worship consists of prayers and offerings to the spirits of departed relatives. Proponents of ancestral worship aver mortals need to pray and offer gifts to our ancestors. By doing so, we attract and retain their favor.

Proponents of ancestral worship believe, I mean really believe, ancestors can influence the futures and fortunes of their surviving relatives, in fact, they can equally influence the lives of later generations by blessing or cursing them.

Devotees of ancestral spirits aver, our ancestors were human beings before they died and for that reason, they have a good understanding of human cravings and now that they reside in the spirit world, they can perfectly act as mediators between the physical and astral planes. In summation, ancestral worship is all about:

  1. An experienced and respected person, someone who lived an exemplary life is now dead and resides in the spirit world. Such a person becomes an ancestral spirit.
  2. The ancestral spirit knows a lot and can improve things, but unfortunately, it no longer possesses a physical body, that will enable it to express itself on the material plane.
  3. A human being is encased in a physical body but lacks the knowledge and experience possessed by an ancestral spirit without a physical body.
  4. This is why an ancestral spirit likes to work through a human being to enable it to exert its influence on the material plane.


My brother man and sister woman, not every student in the university will come out a graduate. Some must definitely drop out of the University and might end up being called a dropout. In the same vein, not everyone who dies in the family merits becoming one of the ancestors.

The majority of dead people may be remembered by their loved ones, family members and friends but their deeds might not elevate them into becoming ancestors. The stories of a few people who become ancestors are told and retold. People shall continue to talk about them, therefore, stories about them do not fade away from our memories. It is interesting to note, many cultures that embrace ancestral worship also believe in reincarnation. They believe people die, only to be reborn again to planet earth sooner or later.

I want to make clearer, the majority of people who become ancestors will not remain permanently in the spirit world. They might have not attained all-round purity. What does that mean? It means, most of the ancestor’s people call for assistance, might have returned and might be babies playing on the floor or perhaps grown-ups existing in our midst.

You are wrong if you think an ancestor will remain stationary in the spirit world and continue to serve or protect loved ones left behind on planet earth. An ancestor is not an ascended spiritual master. An ancestor is not a god or a goddess. An ancestor is a mortal who impacted fellow mortals and lived an exemplary life. Therefore most of our ancestors must continue to be reborn in the flesh to continue striving to attain all-round purity and perfection.


I have said it once, this is twice, majority of ancestors have reincarnated, some manifested in families they had dealings within a previous earthly existence and some manifested in a new earthly family to continue with their work and evolution. Therefore most people might be pouring libation or invoking ancestors that are no longer residing in the spirit world permanently, but that notwithstanding, once a soul has been upgraded to the level of ancestry, the wisdom of the soul remains in the spirit world, even though the ancestor might have returned to planet earth in a new material body. Now the important question askes, the so-called powers ascribed to our ancestors, where do they come from? It comes from:




I will talk about the astral shell when shedding light on Ghost.

COLLECTIVE MEMORY & MINDS OF PEOPLE  Collective memory has to do with the collective memories of people. Memories, stored in the minds of the surviving members of a particular community. These memories are equally stored upon the spiritual planes. When the ancestors are called upon, they act by passing through these memories. In the same vein, I want to make clearer, members of a particular family, a particular community create what can be termed as group mind, or like minds working together. What many people in a family or community talk about a dead person who impacted them, lived an exemplary life or made them proud can generate lasting spiritual energies and through these energies, the dead person can influence the living in a certain way.

It is common knowledge for centuries, commemorative statues and monuments have been erected in memory of people who died in a major plane crash. Spiritual energies are often raised when people come together and do such things. When these monuments are erected and people come together and pray etc, potent energies are raised to calm the people who died in the plane crash, etc. Through the emotionally generated energies, the feelings of the living are conveyed to the dead. Such an act is almost synonymous with ancestral worship.


As mortals, it is from God we come and then to God shall we return. Our ancestors are not divine beings, therefore they cannot act as intermediaries between the Almighty God and mortals on planet earth. It is a retrogressive practice. Such practice is offensive to the Almighty God.

I suggest you go through the divine mediator of the religion you belong to. The master Jesus is the divine mediator of Christians and the holy prophet Muhammed is the divine mediator of Moslems. It is right and proper to pray for the dead, wish them well, whenever we ruminate about them but it is not right and proper for us to depend upon them for the attainment of our heart desires. Ancestral worship is an act of replacing the divine mediators with slightly elevated human souls. It is not good. This should not be happening. 


My brother man and sister woman, all we hear is, I saw a ghost or perhaps, his ghost or her ghost appeared to me, but people rarely describe the kind of ghost they saw. I want to make clearer, there are different types of ghosts. They are termed:



Let me straightway commence with astral shells. We all die sometime, we cannot avoid it. The only thing we are absolutely sure of is, we are going to die. The soul makes use of different bodies to enable it to function properly as a human being on planet earth and in the process of dying, the soul must get rid of these bodies before it can ascend into the higher planes.

In the process of dying, the soul must get rid of the physical body, which will eventually be buried on planet earth. The next important body is termed ghost body. The ghost body is a replica of the physical body.

If someone you know dies and his ghost appears to you, certainly you will know that it was his ghost that appeared to you. The Ghost body is the body we use to function on the astral plane and the soul is equally encased in the astral body. Under normal circumstances, after getting rid of the physical body, the soul must equally get rid of the astral body so that it can ascend into the higher planes.

When the soul abandons the astral body, the astral body becomes like a car without an engine. It becomes known as the astral shell or astral corpse. Under normal circumstances, an abandoned astral corpse must eventually disintegrate on the astral plane, because the soul that was making use it, has departed from it. This is where most of the ghost problems perturbing the living originate from. For instance, Mr. Henry is dead, his physical body has been buried.

In the spirit world, the soul of Mr. Henry has equally departed from his astral body and ascended into the higher plane. His astral body becomes an astral corpse, but the activities of human beings on planet earth, can give nourishment to the astral corpse of Late Henry and his reawakened astral body might appear to one or two persons and those people will yell out, we saw the ghost of Late Henry. In reality, what they saw, was the abandoned but reawakened astral body of Late Henry, and not the late henry himself.

Of a truth, I tell you, the abandoned astral corpse of the dead person can obtain nourishment from the emotional outburst, emotional energies emanating from loved ones left behind on planet earth. As they are lamenting, calling the name of the dead person, reviewing the good times they spent together, etc, such act will call up the image of their departed loved one in their minds and what happens? Emotional energy emanating from them will flow into the empty astral corpse of the dead person and revive it. Although emotional energies emanating from departed loved ones might not trap the soul of the departed, but it can cause serious emotional discomfort that moved one.

The soul may now see the pathetic state of loved ones left behind on planet earth. Also, many a time, if an effort is made spiritually, to contact a recently dead person to find out what killed him or her such people might end up contacting the abandoned astral corpse of the dead person rather than the soul of the person. 

Of a truth, I tell you, the psychic energy emanating from loved ones left behind, that went to a spiritual home to find out, might revive the astral corpse of the dead person. However, a powerful spiritualist might try to shove aside the astral corpse and make direct contact with the soul of the deceased, but that is not always the case.

ASTRAL SHELLS OF ANCESTORS At the beginning of this great lesson I promised to talk about the astral shells of ancestors much later. I want to fulfill my promise. If a brother man who died was prominent in the minds of many people, maybe he was an extremely kind and generous person, a philanthropist, who might have helped, elevated many youths in his community and beyond, etc, no doubt countless people will recount his life story strongly.

The emotional energies emanating from all the people he might have helped, touched their lives positively may revive the astral corpse of the dead prominent brother man. This is how the astral corpse of prominent dead people who will become ancestors are interwoven into the energy vortex arising from this compound or community. There are many strange things, almost too strange for one to believe but because one is ignorant about them does not mean they are not real.

SPIRIT OF THE DEAD My brother man and sister woman, some ghostly apparitions are actually souls of the dead and not abandoned astral shells of the dead. Of a truth, I tell you, the transition process of certain people who died tragically, perhaps in a shootout, or under the influence of drugs are often quite slow. In fact, some of them might resist the transition process. In some rare cases, the spirit of the dead yearns for human assistance.

LIVING GHOST   In the same vein a human being, who is still alive could equally manifest as a ghost. Certain situations can lead to such an apparition.

RECORDINGS   Of a truth I tell you, recordings are the most common types of ghost people behold. In these type of ghostly apparition, there is nothing like the soul or spirit of the dead person might be trapped, there is nothing like earthbound wandering soul.

The Ghost is just an empty automaton, which appears when the conditions are right. A certain number of people in a house could provide energy that will encourage the apparition of recordings. Recordings may appear briefly or slightly. They may appear in a lucid or blurry manner.