Character is an accumulation of deeds which have been piled up, so to speak, by the individual during his life. You are the doer of your own deeds as such, you are the maker of your own character and as the doer of your deeds and the maker of your character, you are the molder and shaper of your Destiny. Character is the embodiment of deeds. Your Character is the resultant effects of your deeds. These results, lie hidden as moral seeds in the dark recesses of your character, awaiting their season of germination, growth, and fruitage.
Many people aver they are not responsible for their actions, which are the effects of their character. They aver Character, good or bad, was given to them at birth. My brother man and sister woman, this is not true. If Character was actually given to us at birth, there would have been no need for the moral law and no need for moral teaching. But Characters are not given ready-made. They are evolved, an accumulation of piled up deeds.

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