Guru Deseye Subai

Cancer is an ancient disease that devastated citizens of the old Atlantis. It has been handed over, from genealogical lines. Maybe, you thought, Cancer was a disease for the elderly, think again, because every year, tons of children in Nigeria, and other countries in the world, are diagnosed with this treacherous disease.

Most people, whose knowledge about cancer is based on medical pronouncement, know nothing, about the spiritual energies, that make the transfer, of cancerous germs possible between parents and children and why the parents of some children suffering from cancer, are not suffering from cancer.


We are supposed to imbibe food, replete with life-giving properties, such as minerals and vitamins, in order to keep the blood pure and sustain the nervous system,

It is impossible for cancerous germs, to comfortably remain and grow in a human system, where all the mineral elements, are present in its pristine state.

Constant use of (All kinds of alcoholic drinks, tobacco, coffee, tea, soft drinks, voracious consumption of meat, especially pork, etc) encourage the growth and eventual manifestation of cancer. When the human system becomes poisoned, the poisons stored over the years will accumulate around the weakest organ, of the person.

The stomach, is the breeding ground, for most cancers. That clearly shows, inappropriate eating habits and foods, that have been, altered in some ways, foods that have been stripped, of their essential vitamins and minerals, is a breeding ground for cancer.

Of a truth I tell you, defective foods, irritate the stomach and encourage the manifestation of ulcer. An ulcer is the harbinger of Cancer. If proper attention, is not given to stomach ulcer, it might eventually develop into cancer, without the ulcer patient, ever realizing, what is taking place,

Until the cancerous tumor becomes obvious. Many a time, when cancer starts developing in the stomach, the person might think, it is a case of indigestion. As cancer progresses, the person might start experiencing sharp cutting pains.


If you examine a cancer patient spiritually, you will observe a living spot of energy, a tough central spot containing seeds, a deeply poisoned spot that is slowing or rapidly draining the vitality in the body of the person. For instance, it is very easy to locate the spot, where there is a major eruption of the pipe supplying water in your compound, you will clearly see water and sand gushing out of the eruption spot but such is not the case when it comes to cancer. The deeply poisoned spot will lay a very solid foundation in the body before it will manifest outwardly, and you know what that means, don’t you?

It means it will be very difficult to cure because it has laid a solid foundation internally. Also spiritually, you will see the astral body, of a cancer patient, deeply tainted with cancer. That clearly shows that cancer affected the astral body before it was communicated to the physical body of the patient.

Your astral body is the seat, are emotions, and do you know what that means? It means (Constant brooding, constant engagement in deep thoughts, about something, that makes you sad, angry, filthy thoughts, etc, can encourage the manifestation of cancer).

Living in fear of cancer could equally encourage its manifestation because, what you fear most, you attract unto yourself. Of a truth, I tell you, the wife of a medical doctor with no trace of cancer, started living in fear of it after she witnessed cancer surgery. Much later, she started suffering from cancer. I want you to bear this important point in mind,

Fear is a great pre-disposing factor. Fear facilitates the manifestation of Cancer. Also, the aging process makes you vulnerable to cancer) I know one thing and that is, we shall witness gradual reduction, of cases of cancer if we learn right emotional control.


Aside from the spiritual causes of cancer, the physical manifestation of cancer simply means, (Accumulated poisons over the years has affected the organs of elimination, such as the kidneys, lungs, liver, skin, and bowel. Lastly, the accumulated poisons have clustered, around the weakest organ of the person and that lead to the cancerous tumor)

There are different methods of healing. I am a proponent, of the ancient method of healing cancer. In this arena of healing, one must investigate the following

  1. Karmic record of the patient.
  2. is the person under psychic or spiritual attack?
  3. Is the patient, destined to die through the sickness Etc)

Spiritual rites must be performed to get rid of negative energies and surround the cancer patient with positive energies to facilitate the healing process. Also, the patient will imbibe certain food that helps destroy cancerous tumors within and outside the body.


Medical practitioners are only interested in the physical causes of disease. Perhaps, they believe, I mean really believe, sickness begins and ends, with the physical body. They fail to realize the physical body, is just a container, that automatically responds to the emotional, mental and soul energies. Sicknesses, arising in the invisible bodies, are externalized to the physical body but that does not mean the disorders originated from the physical body.

Medical practitioners might continue to remain in a quandary until they realize health and disease are not determined by material laws alone. They are often the outcome, of spiritual laws acting in nature.


Spirit is a power residing within you. It’s quite separate from your human aspect. The spirit residing within you is the spiritual power that animates the human body and it goes away when the physical body dies.

The spirit in you is the real power, but, its powers, are distributed, through many routes inside of you. The spirit in you, function outwardly in the form of willpower, imagination, and memory.


Physiologically, a lot has been said about a strong-willed or weak-willed individual, but the spiritual aspect of willpower remains misty. On the spiritual planes, the will is a conscious power that manifests on planet earth in the form of good or evil will depending on the individual concerned. A good person is the embodiment of goodwill, and a bad person is the embodiment of evil will.

Evil will, is the cause of many diseases, because,

it creates pollution in the mind. The will, equally manifest, in the form of emotions. Wrong emotional attitudes such as agitation, prolonged irritation, emotional breakdown, bad temper, furious reactions when things don’t go as planned, self-pity, etc. pour avalanche of astral energy in and through the emotional body thereby, creating turmoil, in the emotional body and solar plexus. Such a situation, reduce the vitality of a person and paves way for the manifestation of myriad kind of diseases, (such as nervous disorders, constant headaches, acute indigestion, intestinal troubles, gastric ulcers, bronchial disorders, blood disorders, disorders of the pancreas, stomach gall duct and bladder, susceptibility to constant infections, boils, running sores, etc.)  


Imagination denotes the ability of your mind, to formulate images, to create things. The spirit within you is the power behind active and effective imagination.

All forms of evil will, evil intentions, contaminates the mind, and eventually gives birth to myriad kinds of diseases that will eventually manifest in the physical body.


Memory is the third power of the spirit within you, which manifested in your mind. Memory is the power, used by your spirit to visit those places within the realm of your mind. To remember a thing, denotes astral perception, of that thing.

To recollect a thing denotes focusing the whole of your attention at the place where what you recollected is stored up, in your mind. Of a truth, I tell you, whatever is uppermost in your mind must be communicated, to your physical body.

Whatever affects the mind affects the physical body. In the light of this, I want to make clearer, the recollection of sad and evil events and keeping such memories alive in your mind often gives birth to,


DES-PONDENCY ETC) Such a state of mind, will encourage the manifestation of physical illness.

In summation, perverted use of the will power, imagination and memory, encourage the manifestation of many diseases. The spirit within you has enormous power to influence your physical body. If the sickness, tormenting a patient, is emanating from the spirit residing in the patient, any treatment administered, to the physical body, will amount to nothing.

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