I am interested in Diseases arising from spiritual causes. If the sickness tormenting a patient is emanating from the spirit residing in the patient, any treatment administered to the physical body of the sick patient will amount to nihility, it will amount to nothing. The truth is, it is the spirit of the sick patient that is in dire of treatment and not the physical body.

As a human being, you have a spiritual aspect and a physical aspect. The spiritual aspect of you, just like the human aspect of you, has its own states of consciousness, its own memory, its own perception, its own association with spiritual beings of its kind, etc.

As long as you are still alive, the spirit within you and the human aspect of you are one, and the spirit has enormous power to influence your human body. If you believe, I mean really believe in what is written in Ecclesiastes (EKLI-ZIEAS-TIKS 12:7) it simply means you believe diseases can truly emanate from spiritual causes.

Ecclesiastes 12:7…  Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it…

Quite revealing. Spirit is a power residing within you. It’s quite separate from your human aspect. The spirit residing within you is the spiritual power which enters into your human body and it goes away when your physical body dies. The spirit residing within you, is the foundation of life on planet earth, on the astral, intellectual and spiritual worlds. Obviously, most of us are not conscious of its existence, we are only conscious of material things.  

Now let me straightway go into the aspect of diseases emanating from the spirit within us. No doubt you are familiar with words like will power, imagination, and remembrance. The spirit within you is responsible for what you call, WILL OR WILL POWER.

Of a truth, I tell you, the will is a conscious power that manifests itself as emotions, virtues, and vices of various kinds. People often use the word, WILL, in countless averments.  I will do this or I will do that. I will marry her, nobody can stop me or I will make sure the marriage will not take place. All your pre-planned and unintentional actions originate in the action of your will-power.

Your will power, which in reality is the spirit within you can perform many things. My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, the spirit within you is neither good nor evil, but the spirit within you becomes good or evil according to the purpose for which it is employed. If you motivate the spirit within you to do good, it will do best. If you motivate it to do evil, it will do evil. The spirit within you is at your beck and call.

The spirit within you functions in the form of will, imagination, and remembrance. I want to make clearer the perverted use of the will power, imagination and memory are the cause of many diseases.

Most people fail to realize their evil thoughts or evil imaginations can create and bring an elemental spirit into existence in the spirit world and the elemental being will continue to grow as long they retain the evil thought and eventually the evil elemental being might obsess them and produce visible effects upon their physical bodies.

In summation, my brother man and sister woman, all forms of evil will, evil intentions will contaminate your mind and eventually give birth to myriad kind of diseases that might attack one’s physical body. Also, the recollection of evil events and keeping such memories constantly in one’s mind can give birth to ill-temper, sadness, melancholy, anger, etc.

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