Earthbound criminal souls and their influence on addiction and inner struggles

Earthbound Criminal Souls and Their Influence on Addiction and Inner Struggles.

According to this theory, criminals who perish violently are believed to be trapped in an earthbound state, unable to move on from their malevolence. Rather than undergoing transformation or redemption, these souls allegedly seek out compatible individuals to inhabit and continue their immoral lifestyles through proxy.

Once these criminal souls find a host, they are said to motivate and push them towards engaging in the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and other sensory experiences. Their primary objective appears to be the perpetuation of destructive behaviors in their newfound hosts. The journey towards addiction is often described as starting with seemingly harmless moderate consumption, where the soul influences the individual to believe that nothing adverse will occur.

Once these wicked souls gain access to a host’s body, they allegedly wield their influence to break down the individual’s willpower. This control can manifest as an inner voice, separate from the person’s own thoughts, nagging and compelling them towards committing forbidden acts.


Q: Can earthbound criminal souls possess individuals? A: While possession is a rare occurrence, earthbound criminal souls can influence individuals’ thoughts, emotions, and actions. It’s important to seek professional assistance in such cases.

Q: Are earthbound criminal souls inherently evil? A: Earthbound criminal souls are not inherently evil but are driven by unresolved emotions and attachments. Their influence can be disruptive, but with understanding and healing, they can find peace and move on.

Q: How can one protect themselves from the influence of earthbound criminal souls? A: Cultivating spiritual practices, such as grounding exercises, regular energy clearing, and setting strong personal boundaries, can help shield individuals from negative influences.

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