1. Homosexuality is one of the arsenals used by the forces of darkness to bring about moral confusion in human affairs. The forces of darkness pine to destroy the natural moral order on planet earth so that they can establish the kingdom of the anti-Christ.
  2. Nations become great when their leaders are just brother men and sister women. They fall and fade when their just brother men and sister women pass away.
  3. We should learn to give to those in need and we must bear no thought of receiving. Whatever we give, never leaves us. Physically it might not be there, but it has not left us. The money is only being transferred from your right-hand pocket to your left-hand pocket. To receive more, we must give out what we have received.
  4. The moral law is there to enable us to distinguish between good and evil. As human beings, whenever we do what is right, when goodness is your true aim, in doing anything, it simply means you are obeying God’s law. To do right is to conform with the law of God, to do wrong, is to infringe that law.
  5. Charity is truly an act that can elevate your soul, but if it is not done properly, judgment will certainly be rendered against you. To open the way for employment and industry are the greatest of all charities. Through the aforementioned avenues, the charity will not be needed, even for the aged, nor for the orphans.
  6. Corruption, which is an art of trying to increase your wealth by cheating others gives birth to demerit karma and the spiritual consequences are unavoidable. I have a word for corrupt individuals, you have become what you are not. You have become, the owner of something that is not yours and you have been deriving pleasure and pain from it. That is why you are constantly experiencing worries, affliction, and agitation. Corrupt individuals have all the material comforts but have sleepless nights because of worries.
  7. If a brother man cheats and deceives another, he is actually cheating and deceiving himself. His sense of guilt and mood of loss inevitably will attract, loss to him in some way, at some time.
  8. It is not possible for anyone of us to attain perfect happiness on planet earth because earthly existence has been appointed to us either as a trial or expiation. Many of us came to planet earth to pass through certain trials which will enable us to attain perfection and many of us are here for expiation purpose, that is to suffer immensely for past wrongs done, etc. so you see, none of us shall be able to attain perfect happiness on planet earth.
  9. It appears most people think that Religion is all about clinging to a certain belief about the scripture and in worshipping a savior in a certain way while ignoring overcoming the outer lower self, but I want to make clearer, true religion cannot be formulated; it is purity of mind, a loving heart, a soul at peace with the world.
  10. What the Almighty God speaks to one denomination, he speaks to all other true religious denominations. where ever a particular religious denomination segregates themselves as the chosen ones, they are not sound people and their doctrines are never sound. It cannot be that some people on planet earth are chosen by God and others are not.
  11. To seek to purchase spiritual blessings with money, or material luxuries with virtue are the way of selfishness and folly. Sympathy, kindness, love cannot be bought and sold; they can only be given and received.
  12. The differences we see in human beings all around us are results of different effects of the causes from a past life. Everyone has different causes and hence different effects. As there are causes, so are the effects. Good causes produce good effects and bad causes produce bad effects. None of us can be free from these effects until the causes stop.
  13. We must learn not to condemn another because he holds a different faith or worship in a different denomination. He who performs faithfully his duty, in his own particular denomination, not interfering with or condemning his neighbor, in the performance of his duty, is bringing the world nearer to perfection and peace.
  14. If a dead soul is happy in the spirit world, his happiness is enhanced if he is remembered by those he left behind. If the dead soul is unhappy in the spirit world, he will be consoled by being remembered by those he left behind on planet earth. A dead soul is more impacted by sincere prayers from the heart, the place where the prayer is offered, is of little importance.
  15. Every time one speaks evil of another religion, he soils and demeans his own. And the brother man who is prone to attack and condemn other religions is the one who suffers most when his own religion is attacked and condemned.
  16. Change of opinion is one thing, change of heart is quite another. To withdraw from one belief and embracing another one is easy but withdrawing from sin is the most difficult.
  17. If a brother man’s karma is such that he cannot be helped, then all our well-meant efforts in that direction will fail, though we shall nevertheless, have gained good karma for ourselves, by making effort to help that brother man.
  18. He who gives up the lesser happiness of selfishness gains the greater happiness of unselfishness.
  19. To bear an insult calmly is a great strength.
  20. The way you think, feel, and act toward others returns at last upon yourself.
  21. If newborn babies were actually brand new souls there should have to be no exhibition of imperfections, mischievous and evil tendencies as they grow up. What we have on planet earth are recycled souls and not brand new souls.
  22. A true brother man does not speak in praise of himself or his own work.
  23. Religious teachings are intended to quicken human evolution. It seeks to develop the moral and intellectual natures of human beings and aid the spiritual nature of human beings to unfold themselves.
  24. Do good unto others for the sake of the Almighty God and not for the sake of reward, nor for gratitude from them.
  25. Poverty is no hindrance to riches, often it is the greatest aid. If you doubt this statement, eyeball the lives of rich people and you will realize that only very few of them began life with wealth, education. Many of them never had influential allies. Poverty was the motivating force that propelled them into affluence.
  26. Don’t do a thing in the way your forefathers did it if it can be done in a better manner. Always be on the lookout for improvements and cultivate the habit of observation.
  27. Opportunity is not a thing which fate provides for you. Opportunity is something you create by yourself.
  28. We must suffer in the present, in order that we may gain bliss in the future.
  29. Fear thoughts, pain thoughts, and grief create the ugliness termed old age. Joyous thoughts love thoughts and ideal thoughts create the beauty termed youth.
  30. There is a common desire to acquire riches with as little effort as possible, which is a kind of theft. To try to obtain the fruits of labor without laboring is to take the fruits of another brother man’s labor; to try to get money without giving its equivalent is to take that which belongs to another and not one’s self.
  31. We must give up something old, in order to gain something new. If you wish to change your life tomorrow, you must forget your life as it was yesterday. You must forget all the hurts, the pain, the sorrow that encapsulated you in the past.
  32. Everything you pine for, every single thing you ever wished for, that is good and beautiful, already lies within you, but it lies within you sleeping. It is your responsibility to awaken the sleeping giant.
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