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There are verifiable testimonies from people who benefited or heard of my healings


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Who I am

I am a Christian Mystic and an Oriental Adept. I am a proponent of ancient methods of healing to solve human issues

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It is my oriental methods of healing and solving problems that has given credibility to my name and Desires Pathfinder.

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How it started

More than 14 years ago, I went to India. I studied under the spiritual guidance of Raz Yazdani in Baroda, Guru Bhilal Tank and Guru Dev in Vadora and other Adepts

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I have videos on Youtube to help you understand your God-given powers over life and nature

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Through the depth of insight expressed in Guru’s several publications which include, Catharsis: The Ancient Science of Wellbeing, Destiny & The Philosophy of Life, The Marriage Book, and the widely celebrated volume – Activating Your Personal Magnetism, many individuals have found the path towards apprehending the spiritual, mental and social lives of their desires.

I am here to help you navigate through life

It is okay to feel you are not at the right spot, either spiritually, physically or mentally but knowing there is somebody you can talk to and do better makes life a lot better. I am here if you want to talk


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