I want to make clearer to those of you indulging in imitative homosexuality and lesbianism, you have gone against cosmic and divine laws of creation. Great spiritual consequences await you for perverting divine order. 


My brother man and sister woman, from the spiritual point of view, homosexuality is viewed as a serious kind of mental perversion, a twisted attitude of mind. Homosexuality is viewed as serious retrogression, swinging backward into an ancient rhythm and the resumption of ancient practices. Indeed homosexuality is a very filthy ancient practice. There is so much to talk about.

In light of this, I intend to talk about the spiritual aspects of homosexuality in the following stages:


  1. Evil powers using homosexuality.
  2. The inflow of energy, newer impulses. SOULS FROM LEMURIA & ATLANTIS.


My brother man and sister woman, one of the most disturbing components of homosexual practice is ritualistic homosexuality. In our midst exist wealthy homosexuals that are prepared to offer gargantuan amount of money to have anal sex with a fellow brother man.

In reality, anal sex is sacrificial ritual sex. In reality, they engage in homosexual activity, as part of a ritual to the devil. These type of ritualistic homosexuals are diabolical and very destructive. They inject a stream of satanic energies into people indulging in anal intercourse with them.

What most people fail to realize is sexual intercourse is not ordinary. When you indulge in sexual activity, the other person’s soul becomes one with yours. When you have sex with another mortal, you are also mating with their soul. So imagine indulging in anal sexual intercourse with someone who has wholeheartedly embraced the devil and he is offering a sacrifice to the devil through homosexuality.

The most unfortunate brother man who indulges in anal sex with a ritualistic homosexual might end up handing over his luck, blessing and perhaps his natural gifts to the ritualistic homosexual. Much later after handing over positive energies to the ritualistic homosexual and inheriting negativity from him, the consenting partner will degenerate and fade away. They are many strange things, almost too strange for one to believe but because one is ignorant about them does not mean they are not real.


My brother man and sister woman, Evil powers exist, they do. They are active and shall remain active until the dissolution of all things. The forces of darkness are always strategizing and it is their intent ancient desire any cost, any, to destroy the natural moral law that governs planet earth. As you are well aware, moral law deals with our relationship to God and to our fellow brother man and sister woman.

The moral law is based on the premise that there is such a thing as right and wrong, and there are some things that you ought to do and some things that you ought not to do. It is the intent desire of forces of darkness to claim victory on planet earth over the Almighty God and in order for them to achieve that, they must have to destroy the natural moral law that governs the human kingdom, that’s why the forces of darkness are targeting every human affairs that is guided by the law of morality.

For instance, by the grace of the law of morality, we know the proper role and duties of the sexes, we know that a brother man must propose and get married to a sister woman. We know that a brother man cannot propose to a fellow brother man and get married to him. Also we know that a brother man is not supposed to indulge in amorous or sexual act with a fellow brother man. 

Therefore, any brother man that proposes and get married to a fellow brother man is certainly going against cosmic and divine laws of creation, plain and simple. The forces of darkness crave to bring moral confusion into human affairs, that’s why they introduced and foisted homosexuality into the human kingdom and the corrupted souls, human beings on planet earth that goes along with this evil agenda of the forces of darkness, in reality, are aiding the forces of darkness to destroy the natural moral order on planet earth.

I presume you are well aware we have people that are lobbying the relevant human authorities for homosexual recognition. Amid us exist spiritually filthy mortals, but they are wealthy and very powerful and their activities have actively supported the rise of homosexuality. These set of mortals have empowered, financed and heavily promoted the homosexual lobby. They want you and I to see sodomy as a natural act and homosexuality as a natural condition. This is not good. This should not be happening.


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