The word impulse denotes pre-disposition to act uncontrollably, acting without thinking about the consequences of your actions, the inability to control your emotions and behavior. For instance, kleptomania is an uncontrollable, repetitive impulse to steal. The serial thief knows that the behavior is wrong and senseless, but he cannot resist the impulse to steal.

Of a truth, I tell you, the cause of kleptomania remains unknown to proponents of neuroscience. They only know that impulsive behavior is closely related to Neuro-transmitters, especially Dopamine. Now what about the impulse to commit suicide? That is choosing violent methods to abruptly terminate one’s life etc.

Of a truth I tell you, impulses are often behind certain tragedies and accidental deaths. Now, the first instance, at about 8 pm, Mr. Douglas returned from work, he told his wife he wants to take his shower, and go to bed. However, on the verge of falling asleep, the impulse to eat fried yam and fish compelled him to get up from bed. He dressed and went out to buy fried yam and fish. As he was returning home, a trailer crushed him to death. The second instance, it was raining heavily, and a brother man without umbrella had the impulse to seek shelter under a very large tree, instead of the house close to him. And, within minutes, thunder struck him to death. 


My brother man and sister woman, what is consciousness? Consciousness is a state of awareness. It denotes awareness of what is taking place within you and your environment. Now let’s examine the second instance I gave. It was raining heavily, and a brother man without umbrella decided to run into a place to shield himself from the torrential rain. He had two options, a house, and a large tree. Obviously, the best option is the veranda of the house and not the large tree. As you are well aware, no normal human being would deliberately place himself where thunder will strike him to death.

If the ordinary day to day consciousness of the brother man was functioning perfectly, he would seek refuge under the roofed platform of the house, and not under the large tree. Of a truth I tell you, the ordinary consciousness of the brother man was overshadowed by his deeper consciousness. His deeper consciousness which manifested in the form of impulse compelled him to seek refuge under a large tree, in order for thunder to strike him to death, few minutes later.

Most people who know nothing about the deeper consciousness might say, the brother man was struck to death by the god of thunder, invoked by his enemies. Wrong hypothesis.

I want you to bear in mind, we are different types of human beings with different destinies. The birth of human beings is based on different causes, and likewise,

Human beings die for very different reasons. 

It is not always, enemies are at work. Aside from the ordinary day to day consciousness, you make use of, within you lies a deeper consciousness. At the prodding, At the instigation of the deeper consciousness, countless bad things happen to people. The deeper consciousness has done the following:

  1. It has compelled countless people, to go to, different places and seek out, different kinds of accidents, for the compensating effects, of karmic causes, acquired in past lives.
  2. In order, to find compensating effects, for certain karmic causes, within a person, the deeper consciousness, can compel a person, to go a certain place, where he or she might succumb, to an infection or life -threatening sickness

Our elder brother man Paul was right. Whatever a brother man soweth, that shall he also reap. It is true again and again; human beings will continue to experience karma. It is at work every moment in the lives of brother men and sister women. You cannot pray it away, whether you believe it or not, does not affect the issue. The forces of darkness are not always responsible for tragedies befalling human beings. The deeper consciousness within human beings, the karmic causes within human beings, instigate fatal occurrences so that human beings involved in these tragedies will find compensating effects for the karmic causes they have accumulated.


After death, the physical brain goes away, A different kind of consciousness takes charge. The soul becomes more refined and reviews everything it has done on planet earth. After death, the soul is free from the delusions of the brain, and a different kind of consciousness takes charge. In this new state of consciousness after death, for the many bad things done while alive on planet earth, the soul will decide to make compensation for every wrong committed, whenever the opportunity occurs. I want you to bear this important point in mind,  

We come back to planet earth, in order to strive to attain the apex of perfection, a human soul is destined to attain. Therefore, souls that weren’t perfect in previous life or lives, always return, with strong intent desire, to right the wrongs of the past.  

However, when we return once more to planet earth, our consciousness changes again. We don’t recollect what took place in the spirit world, before manifesting on planet earth. We don’t recollect our resolutions to make compensation. Even though we cannot recollect what took place in the spirit world, the deeper consciousness within us will intermittently, compel us to make compensation. The deeper consciousness, assuming the form of impulse, will compel people to act in a certain way, drive people to go to certain places where they will encounter suffering, infection and even, sudden death, etc.

A human soul is destined to pass through earthly sufferings in order to attain all purity and perfection. The ordinary consciousness of human beings often yell out

“Oh my God the suffering, is too much.” The ordinary consciousness of human beings only sees the outer troubles, but the deeper consciousness of every human being,   which can look back and recall all that took place before physical birth, truly knows what the sufferings,  hardships, accidental deaths and misfortunes are meant to accomplish.

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