It is imperative you have knowledge of the unseen influences that govern the marriage institution because there is no condition of life exempt from trouble, there are no conditions of life exempt from the harrowing influences of grief and woe but with the knowledge, you will evade many of the problems associated with marriage.

Most of you have now realized marriage is not all about the investigations conducted by you and some of the spies you sent out to gather information which will help you decide whether or not to accept him as your husband or to accept her as your wife. Most parents, particularly the matchmaking parents often aver this is the person you must marry; he is from a good family.

Quite a number of matchmaking parents, having no knowledge of the principles of polarity underlying all relationships between a brother man and a sister woman have plunged their children into misery, into hell on planet earth. It is so because marriage is much more than mere physical union, marriage is much more than your personal conviction concerning a particular person and his family. Your daughter you are persuading or intimidating to marry the brother man of your choice is a seven-fold creature.

Eventually, if she gets married to her imposed husband if her seven bodies don’t interact well with the seven bodies of her imposed husband, the marriage will never work. Your daughter will be very miserable and directly or indirectly she will make her imposed husband very, very miserable. 

Of a truth I tell you, from the earliest ages, the institution of marriage has been cherished as the holiest and best of human institution, in ancient times marriage was seen as the silken thread that binds two willing hearts to joy, not one willing heart, two wiling hearts to joy. In our modern age, however, quite a number of un-willing hearts, unwilling brother men and sister women, because of pride of family, overwhelming and overbearing influence of certain materialistically minded parents, have been forced to marry someone they don’t truly have feelings for.

The proud father or mother opposes their son or daughter in a match not sufficiently advantageous. No wonder only a quarter of the marriages taking place, truly fulfills the purposes for which marriage was designated for.

These set of parent’s belief that with time, their unwilling children they persuaded or bullied or forced into marrying someone they don’t have feelings for, will start to develop feelings and love for their imposed husbands or wives. How wrong are these set of parents? In most cases rather for their children to develop genuine feelings and love for their imposed husbands or wives, they might start developing genuine feelings and love for extra-marital affairs.

Formal marriage, be it court or traditional marriage, whatever, formal marriage has no power to neutralize or diminish the tensions of sexual incompatibility, conflicting goals or destinies between husband and wife. Under normal circumstance, in true marriage, a brother man’s joys are supposed to increase and his sorrows reduced, the marriage institution is supposed to double one’s joy and divide the grieves of earthly existence.

In the same vein, a sister woman’s whole life is a history of affections, her heart is her world, in the light of this, a sister woman enters into matrimony because she wants the delicious happiness of a husband’s love, his protecting care and she wants children to love and children to love her back. Right now many singles are not in a hurry to enter into matrimony because they’ve realized most of their friends that are married are not truly happy.

Right now many marriages are held together by the pressure of parents, close friends, respected family members, and friends. Most couples are bound to each other, not by true love, they are bound to each other, by no other bound, then mutual convenience, and meanwhile, in the beginning, each of them was led into the married state by the sense of a need which only marriage could fulfill.

Right now marriage is being looked upon as an institution where incompatible people, are joined together so that on a daily basis they can make each other miserable. Based on my spiritual understanding of the unseen forces in the marriage institution, I am of the opinion you will never find true happiness, rather you will agonize almost on a daily basis if you are married to an unsuitable partner.

It is, therefore, my intent desire to make clearer the spiritual laws which govern married happiness, in the hope that the knowledge I am disseminating will help you make the right choice. I think you should have an idea of the embodiment of a perfect marriage before I start shedding light into the unseen influences that build or ruin marriages. For me, marriage means two willing people agreed to stay together as husband and wife in order to take care of their innermost and outer needs.

Our innermost needs have an overwhelming influence over our outer needs. Quite a number of wives will agree with me they’ve been trying their outer best, to strengthen the marriage, at home they are doing their best, also they have approached people close to their husbands to help them talk to their husbands but their husbands are not appreciating their efforts, their husbands are not reciprocating their efforts.

It is so because the inner body or bodies of their husbands might be starving. Most people have no knowledge of the spiritual interchange that must have to take place between husband and wife, in order for the marriage to work. For now, I want you to see the spiritual interchange I am talking about, as a husband, taking away the pain of his wife and transforming her pain into joy or a wife taking away the pain of her husband and transforming his pain into joy. 

Of a truth I tell you, for a marriage to work almost perfectly without interventions and word of advice from family members and close friends, there must be mating, full interaction, between the unseen bodies of the couples, if any of the invisible bodies, which has arrived at a functioning state, is left unattended to, be rest assured the marriage will be incomplete, there will be misery, there will be social disorder.

In such a state, slowly, the husband may withdraw from his wife and indulge in an extra-marital affair, the same applies to the wife. She might emotionally withdraw from her husband, refrain from having sex with him and might start embracing lesbianism or an extramarital affair. In a true marriage, the physical and the unseen bodies of husband and wife must be harmoniously complementary in-order for the marriage, to remain in balance, if not, sexual urge between them will wane, they will stay apart from each other and many terrible things will happen. Of a truth I tell you, all your invisible bodies are not functioning equally at the same time, they reach maturity at different stages, in fact at different ages.

Now hear this, if the second invisible body of the husband is functioning, his wife’s second invisible body should also be functioning so that mating can take place between their second invisible bodies, however, if his wife’s second invisible body is not functioning at all, be rest assured there will be problem or problems in the marriage. It’s like using two giant generators at the same time to give adequate power to a big hotel when public light fails.

In an unlikely event, if one of the giant generators collapses, there will be a commotion, there will be a problem in the hotel because there will be no current in many rooms powered by the collapsed generator. In the same vein, if the husband’s second invisible body is functioning and his wife own is not functioning at all, eventually problems must manifest in the marriage. Starvation of one or two of our invisible bodies are often responsible for many failed and irredeemable marriages, there are couples that no longer love themselves even though they are living together, for several months or few years no sexual activity between them, let me put it in another way they have divorced long ago.

My brother man and sister woman the moment has come to talk about the seven bodies possessed by each of us. Of a truth I tell you we have seven planes of existence and planet earth is one of them. Any vaguely enlightened individual will agree with me, aside planet earth there are other planes of existence. At the beginning of the book of Genesis, we are told the Almighty God created the heavens and the earth, also God formed human beings from the dust of the ground. Meaning the outer aspect of us, the fleshly aspect of us was created from earthly materials so that human beings can actively function on planet earth using their material body.

However, aside from the physical body, we have other bodies. It is interesting to note in

Roman 12 verse 4 our elder brother man Paul said:


Also in 11 Corinthians 12: 2 Paul talked about someone caught up to the third Heaven. In the light of what I have said I want to make clearer, we have seven Heavens and the seven bodies of brother men and sister woman are composed of substances drawn from each of the seven Heavens or seven planes of existence.

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