Times are hard. Times are bad. Grievous times. There is immense poverty in Nigeria and majority are in a constant state of insufficiency. Enormous poverty eventually gives birth to sadness. and persistent sadness is the harbinger of depression. If not well managed, severe depression often leads to suicide. The mind is always agitating over something and somehow derives immense pleasure dwelling on negative things.

“If the mind is allowed to have its way, it will keep dwelling on injurious and useless thoughts and that is not good for the general wellbeing of any human being.”

Guru Deseye Subai

The nature of our thoughts steadily determines the quality of our lives, and injurious or depressing thought forms may lead to severe depression which is the harbinger of suicide.


Severe forms of depression serve as a prelude to obsession and possession by evil spirits. Severe forms of depression tremendously decrease the spiritual vitality surrounding the individual concerned. An evil spirit will take advantage of the golden opportunity and immediately enter into the innermost being of the depressed patient and reside there.

“Slowly, but surely the patient suffering from severe depression will start to lose his mind and he will no longer be in control of himself.’’

Guru Deseye Subai

The demon will become the supreme controller of his thoughts and actions. Eventually, the demon will take the life of the individual. Many people might exclaim, “Oh! I was told he took his own life”, unbeknown to them it was the clever demon residing within him that took his life.

One good thing about our brains is that it changes function in accordance with our thinking patterns, hence, the life you want is just within your reach if you can condition the way your mind works.


By living in an atmosphere of lamentations, regrets, and disappointments you are not advancing one iota towards the kind of life you seek because nothing changes unless you change. You are actually placing the kind of life you seek beyond your reach. This is not good and it should not be happening.

Here are ways you can transform your life with positive thinking:

  1. By changing your pattern of thinking you tend to make the life you seek possible.
  2. Always replace negative and demoralizing thoughts with positive and encouraging thoughts. Use your thoughts to transform your life for the better, rather than using them to commit suicide.
  3. Socialize with good thoughts, cheerful thoughts, inspiring and brave thoughts. Your manner of thinking and self-control are important factors in achieving your goals in life.

To you, I address these lines today because I see you as a brother-man and sister-woman designed to receive instructions. By so doing this, you are directing all the forces within your mind to work in one direction and not in different directions. You cannot transform your life for the better with a mind that moves in different directions.


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