Guru Deseye Subai

My brother man and sister woman, as human beings, as long as we are still breathing we shall keep striving to achieve all our heart’s desires. We pine to have money, we all pine to get married to the right person so that divorce will not be our potion, we all pine to have children, etc. Of a truth I tell you, my brother man and sister woman, there was a brother man who set to climb Mount Everest so that he can make a name for himself but just before he got to the top of the mountain he died and many people exclaimed, Oh God, how sad, he almost made it to the top of Mount Everest.

From the spiritual point of view, it is not sad at all, because he did well by climbing Mount Everest to a certain level, it is inconsequential whether or not he made it to the top of the mountain. My brother man and sister woman, this narrative is telling you, you cannot fulfill all your heart’s desire. None of us will leave planet earth with even half of our desires fulfilled.

I wish to call to mind belligerent Moses never reached the promised land, he died on the way. I told you a brother man attempted to climb Mount Everest but died when he was about to make it to the top of the Mountain. I want you to bear in mind, climbing is the goal and the top of the Mountain is only a direction, not the destination.

Always bear in mind, we are here on planet earth to learn certain often painful lessons and the love arena is one of the best places for one’s soul to acquire immense knowledge, growth, and purification. Of a truth I tell you in your innermost being, there is a part of you that loves to grow, loves a challenge, loves adventure, etc and there is also a part within each and every one of us that is afraid of risks, that avoids challenges, that resist growth, but you know something life is a challenge and if you are ready to acknowledge that and see life as a challenge, the challenge itself becomes fun as the challenge of football or any other good game.

My brother man and sister woman, quite a number of unseen forces are active in the love and marriage lives of countless people and they don’t even know it. For instance, what we call Destiny, fate is active in marriage meaning certain people are destined not to find true love and despite all their human effort they will never find true love.

My brother man and sister woman, the story Joseph, the son of David interest me because it has to do with Destiny and Choice. I want to make clearer, Destiny has a plan for each and every one of us or let me put it in another way, God has a plan for each and every one of us and we all are players in that plan, and whether we like it or not, whether we are conscious of it or not, definitely, we are going to contribute to the fulfillment of that plan.

In a mysterious way, we all serve to fulfill the divine plan of God, we all serve to fulfill the plan of Destiny for an individual. What most people fail to realize is that life itself is like a drama written by the Almighty God, written by Destiny. The number of actors to partake in the drama has already been decided. Now the question is what role will human beings choose to play in that drama?

One person might decide to play the hero, another person might play the villain, or the protagonist or the victim, etc. Most people fail to realize planet earth is truly a stage and all brother men and sister women are merely players. My brother man and sister woman, I presume you are well aware we are in a world of free will and free choice or as people put it, freedom of association.

You have the right to vote for a particular candidate you admire and you equally have the right to join forces with other people to ensure that the candidate doesn’t win the election. You can openly support that candidate by campaigning for him, also you can openly support that candidate, but secretly you are working against him.

In the same vein my brother man and sister woman; there is what we call Fate, Destiny, which is like a clear direction, a goal or a sealed and concluded Destination. Destiny means, what’s going to be, is going to be. The story of Joseph, the son of Jacob is truly talking about Destiny and the freedom of choice. Now hear this, young and ignorant Joseph had a dream.

He dreamt that his father and his brother men would one day bow down to him. That dream is Destiny. However when Joseph told his brother men, they didn’t like it one bit, they began to feel threatened. They decided to kill Joseph but in the end, they didn’t, acting on a sudden change of heart they didn’t kill Joseph rather they sold him as a slave into Egypt instead.

So you see mysteriously, Destiny used Joseph’s brother men to project him into greatness. They taught their evil plans will put an end to Joseph’s dream of future greatness but unknown to them; they were used to make it happen. So you see whether, whether you openly support a thing or work against it, what’s going to be, is going to be, what has been destined to happen, will happen.

Whether you like it or not, it will happen, whether you work against it or not, it will happen, plain and simple. Certain destined occurrences cannot be altered. I want to make clearer Destiny is very active in the love and marriage institution. Some brother men and sister women are destined to be happy or not to be happy in their love and marriage life.

My brother man and sister woman pertaining soul mates, I want you to bear in mind pertaining to marriage, not everybody that comes into your life is marriage material and you know why? We have six types of soul-mates; they are termed karmic soul-mates, primary soul-mates, task companionship, companion soul-mates, false twins and twin flames.

The last one termed twin flame is the highest of them all and the most difficult to come in contact with.  This is your true missing half and no material condition can prevent you from becoming one with the person despite what people might say to discourage you, in your innermost being, you know that this is the right person for you. Of a truth, I tell you if you are lucky to meet your twin flame in this life, the urge to become one, the urge to stay together as husband and wife till death do you part will be extremely strong.

In the same vein, karmic soul-mates is the lowest, the most common and the most turbulent. In a karmic- soul-mate marriage, you are so attracted to each other, both of you find it uphill to let go of each other even though the marriage is chaotic and full of strife.  Karmic-soul mate’s marriage is a marriage of paying off karmic debts. This is indeed sowing and reaping marriage, such as the way of karma. In the end karmic-soul mate’s marriages often collapses, after they are through with the issues that brought them together.

In the same a brother man could be so nice to his girlfriend, in her innermost being, she feels so good to be around him and she might be wishing, let him propose because she thinks he is marriage material. Of a truth, I tell you, if the brother man is a primary soul-mate, he is not marriage material. He may never propose.

Primary soul-mate should be seen as a close family friend. Also, certain sister women are married to task-companion soul-mate. Of a truth, I tell you, positive karma brought both of them together to accomplish a certain task and the moment the task is accomplished they might feel an emptiness in the relationship.

Of a truth, I tell aside twin flame soul-mate which is the highest, companion soul-mate is another good marriage material. Companion soul-mate relationship is very comfortable, supportive, respectful, and affectionate. Husband and wife, both of them are extremely compatible with similar likes and dislikes. In the marriage, there might be nothing like obsession or physical abuse and they are always together in good times and bad times.

In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, there is a false twin soul mate. Such a person might appear to be your original missing half because you will feel so happy, you will feel so fulfilled with the person because he or she might possess all the attributes your innermost being admires much later in marriage, you will realize that an individual is not your true soul mate, that person is a false twin.

My brother man and sister, if you epitomize all that I have said concerning the six types of soul-mates, you now see the reason why divorce must take place in certain marriages may be due to obvious incompatibility or perhaps they are through with the spiritual reasons that brought them together in a turbulent marriage and they need to dissolve the marriage and move on with their lives.

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