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Lucifer, the rebel angel was the leader of a revolution designated to end the reign of the Almighty God. If the revolution had succeeded, Lucifer and his accomplice would have become the spiritual leaders of planet earth and all the invisible worlds. Sometimes, I wonder why Lucifer and his accomplices weren’t given turkey kind of reception to recent coup plotters.

It is common knowledge on the 15th of July 2016, a coup d’état was attempted in Turkey against the federal government. The attempt was carried out by a faction within the Turkish armed forces and within a few hours and a few weeks, the Turkish government responded to the failed coup plot. The mass arrest followed, with at least 40,000 detained, including at least 10,000 soldiers, More than two thousand judges and nearly 13,000 police officers were suspended and dozens of soldiers and air force personals detained. 

On the contrary, Lucifer and his accomplices weren’t arrested after their failed coup plot, rather, they remained free for several years, and Archangel Michael stayed aloof, he stayed away. Archangel Michael could not take any drastic action. Although during that period of Lucifer’s revolution, Archangel Michael had not yet been bestowed with all power in the heavens and on planet earth.

 My brother man and sister woman, I want to make clearer, Lucifer’s rebellion ignited war in the heavens, although the war was not a physical battle as the wars going on in some countries in the world today the war that took place in the heavens was extremely terrible and far more deadly than wars taking place on planet earth.


Lucifer, the son of the morning, reigned for more than five hundred thousand years and during those years, he was doing a lot of thinking pertaining the Almighty God, administration of planet earth and other invisible worlds. Of a truth, I tell you, no one ever suggested rebellious thoughts to Lucifer, it all originated in the mind of Lucifer and much later he conveyed his worries and rebellious thoughts to Satan and after a long, while he was able to corrupt the mind of Satan and he accepted to work with him. For tons of years, Lucifer was deeply troubled by two major issues.

The reality of God’s existence.

Evolving soul sent to planet earth.

Lucifer was extremely skeptical about the existence of a universal father, one and only God who govern planet earth and other invisible worlds. Lucifer believed, I mean really believed, the Almighty God was a myth. He does not exist rather the Almighty God was an invention by higher spiritual beings to enable them to gain a high level of control of the universes in the name of the Almighty God.

Also, Lucifer believed, the Almighty God that physical gravity and space energy was already in existence in the universe and the Almighty God never really created any of those things. Of a truth I tell you, Lucifer was equally furious about the aspect of souls temporarily clothing themselves in human bodies so that they can function on planet earth, go through certain trials which will enable them to attain everlasting life after physical death.

As far as Lucifer was concerned, this age-long spiritual program for preparing imperfect souls to become one with God in paradise was a waste of time and energy. My brother man and sister woman, it was the aforementioned, two major issues that prompted Lucifer and his accomplices to launch their orgy of darkness and death and ever since planet earth has never been the same again.  


My brother man and sister woman, it is true, it is all true, the greatest gift God gave to each and every one of us is free will. You are at liberty to do what you want to do and the Almighty God will not interfere with your plans. If the rebel angel Lucifer and his accomplices were confronted when their rebellious plans were in its infancy, we would have not been where we are today.

It is interesting to note, the Turkish government went after the coup plotters within hours and on a daily basis, they are still going after them. On the contrary, Archangel Michael and other highly graded angels of God never interfered with the rebel forces of Lucifer.

 Of a truth, I tell you, for almost two hundred thousand years Lucifer and his accomplices were allowed to continue with their revolution. The Holy Angels of God rather preferred to remain loyal to the Almighty God whom Lucifer and Satan never bothered about. I want to make clearer, the attitude of non-interference by the Holy and mighty Angels of the Almighty God gave more incentive to Lucifer and his accomplices.

Lucifer set up his own legislative assembly and organized his own tribunals under the supervision of Satan, who is one of his most trusted allies. My brother man and sister woman, Lucifer was fully permitted to establish and thoroughly organize his rebel government without any interference.

During the revolution era, no one could detain or destroy the rebel angel Lucifer and his accomplices, they were allowed to roam around the invisible world, and they tried as much as they can to spread their doctrines of discontent and self-assertion. I want you to bear this important point in mind, during the lengthy period of Lucifer’s revolution, Archangel Michael was not a sovereign ruler as he is right now.   


Whatever you intend doing in life, certainly you must come across like minds. Of a truth, I tell you, a platoon of angels were blinded by the personality of Lucifer and they wholeheartedly accepted to work with him and help to enthrone him as the new spiritual leader of planet earth and the invisible worlds. A verse in revelation interests me. I hope it will interest you. I will show you…

REVELATION 12:4.  And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth:

Quite revealing. I have said it once, this is twice, a platoon of angels were blinded by the personality of Lucifer. They simply could not understand that it was possible for such a charming personality like Lucifer to go wrong. Of a truth, I tell you, a large number of the lower orders of the celestial beings wholeheartedly accepted to work with Lucifer. Our elder brother man John said, his tail drew the third part, of the stars of heaven and did cast them to earth.

My brother man and sister woman, about one-third of planetary angelic beings, planetary princes, were deceived and they wholeheartedly took part in Lucifer’s revolt. However it is interesting to note not one angel belonging to the supreme order of the seraphim was lost, but a considerable amount of angels belonging to a third or superior order of angels were deceived and trapped by the dazzling personality of Lucifer. I want you to bear in mind, the greatest supporters of Lucifer were angelic beings belonging to the lower order.


Of a truth I tell you, in the infancy days of Lucifer’s rebellion, Archangel Michael offered amnesty to all the misguided rebellious angels that would show genuine proof of sincere repentance but Lucifer and other leaders of the revolution did not accept this merciful offer buttons of angels belonging to the order embraced the amnesty and were rehabilitated. 


My brother man and sister woman, I freely admit, retrospectively, I am one of those wondering why Lucifer and his allies weren’t arrested and annihilated by the ancient of days so as to prevent the escalation of the crisis. I wonder why Lucifer and his allies are permitted to work mischief for centuries. Indeed God works in a mysterious way and I know one thing and that is, divine mercy exists and is operational in the heavens.

I can assure you divine justice can act instantly when it is not restrained by divine mercy. It is interesting to note on planet earth, most parents are often slow to condemn their errant children. Also, the master Jesus’s story of the prodigal son illustrates how long a loving father can long wait for the repentance of an erring child. Of a truth, I tell you, divine mercy creates between a long gap, a saving interval, between sowing and reaping.

If what one is sowing is good, this interval provides for the testing and upbuilding of character. However, if what one is sowing is evil, then divine mercy gives birth to merciful delay. The merciful delay provides time for repentance and refinement. My brother man and sister woman the law of divine mercy is very operational in the heavens and the law of divine mercy require that every wrongdoer is given more than enough time to change from his evil ways.


My brother man and sister woman, I am of the opinion what Lucifer’s rebellion took away from us is: 

The divine privilege of participating in the creation of our own destinies 

Lucifer’s rebellion has made it extremely difficult for immature evolving mortals to distinguish between truth and falsehood.    

In summation my brother man and sister woman, while it is true, good cannot come out of evil to anyone who contemplates and performs evil. It is equally true that all things, including evil, work together for the manifestation of goodness. While it is true the forces of darkness are very active on planet earth and are still free to carry out their nefarious designs, I want to make clearer they don’t possess the power to majestically enter into your mind and subjugate you to do their bidding.

It is only weak and filthy souls that attract and retain forces of darkness around them. Most people we think are controlled by evil spirits, in reality, are merely dominated by their own inherent and degraded tendencies. In Reality, they are hostages of their own natural propensities. 






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