Catharsis – Ancient Science of Healing
If you rummage every nook and cranny of   Nigeria and the world over, you will find the peoples of the world fiercely violating the laws that govern the well being of the human system.  Be informed the religious law of sowing and reaping exist and insidiously affect the human system.   You are what you eat, and excessive imbibition of health-destroying foods will not help build new tissues and repair worn out ones.   Should sickness occur to you think that you have violated the laws of health. Bear in mind, the law of cause and effect rule planet earth. If you don’t live right you must pay the penalty in sickness.
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Destiny and the Philosophy of Life
A man suffers if his head is under water. Spiritually the head of many people is under the water of ignorance. Many people traversing earth life have no inkling about how the unseen planes determine earthly phenomena. In the Holy Bible the master Jesus talked about sowing and reaping if you believe what the master Jesus said, it means you believe in Destiny. Destiny is behind all our earthly travails, nothing can happen outside the divine plan. When earthly travails, which are inevitable pay, visit to the average Nigerian, he looks woebegone, many doubting the existence and love of God. In contrast saints and eggheads with spiritual understanding value unfavorable circumstances which come their way because they know that amid tribulation old virtues and sins are annihilated one become alert and prudent.
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Guru Subai Q & A 2017
GOD there are myriad kinds of love. The love of children, the love of siblings, the love of someone who might have impacted your life positively, the love of husband, the love of wife, the love of nature etc. You have told been, God is love, meaning, love draws the Almighty God closer to us, but you must have an object of love, which is the beloved, in-order for God to come closer to you. I have heard some people say, I believe in the love of God, but I don’t believe in human love. Also, most of us often aver, I don’t like him, I don’t like her. I want you to bear in mind, you cannot love God and exclude fellow human beings.
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The Marriage Book
In Nigeria every end of the week we observe many church weddings and during working days we see many couples yearning to put an end to the unhappy union filing for divorce. They want the court to dissolve the miserable marriage.
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