A Better World Agenda Pt 1

Desires-Pathfinder-Better-World-Agenda1A BETTER WORLD AGENDA PT 1

My brother man and sister woman obviously society is falling apart. From what is happening around the world today, crime and criminal activities appear to be permanent features of our modern society. I think it is inconsequential to start resonating trending criminal activities taking place in Nigeria and other parts of the world. We know them. Of a truth I tell you, with the collapse of core virtues, morals, breakdown of family values, the prevalent harsh economic situation, with the increasing categories of criminal deeds that are really baffling, senseless, often shocking and vicious, many of us might start wondering if the Almighty God is watching, if he cares, or if he even exists at all. Many wonders can God exist when there is so much evil on planet earth today. The important question askes, can so much evil in the world really be a part of God’s plan? There are no easy answers to the problem of evil in the world. Many bewildered people think with un-abating sad occurrences taking place in the world on daily basis, they assume the end of the world is at hand, I don’t think so.

I wish to inform them the Piscean age is gradually diminishing and paving way for the Aquarian age. We are now entering the Aquarian age. Of a truth I tell you, the Aquarian age is becoming increasingly dominant every ten years period. In the Aquarian age which is gradually coming closer, mankind shall witness greater development of intuition and soul power. We shall witness the stimulation of the Christ spirit on planet earth. I freely admit I am excited about the advancing Aquarian age because I know, in the Aquarian age, wisdom will blossom, and emphasis will be placed on self-development, self-transformation, self-realization, and self-actualization. My brother man and sister woman, you may say it is a long way ahead, hmm, you cannot be sure. I want you to bear one important point in mind, despite all the earthly upheavals and brouhaha, this filthy and unpredictable planet is governed by spiritual laws.

Isaiah 66:1. Thus saith the Lord, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool:

Quite revealing the Almighty God’s control over planet earth is so complete that it is just as if, it were a footrest to him. My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, mankind is passing through the reaping process, individually, nationally and internationally we are passing through the reaping process. Most of the problems we are encountering are triggered by a majority of filthy mortals in Nigeria and all around the world. You must not forget in ancient times, the wickedness of brother men was so great on planet earth the Almighty God regretted creating human beings. Right now, have human beings improved? I don’t think so rather it appears we are getting worse.

The major problems confronting planet earth are many and varied. The often incompatible and sometimes contentious doctrines of some of the World’s major religions. The universal decline of true religion and the rise of replacement doctrines. A falling away from Religion and an increased tendency towards Atheism that is, an increase in the number of people who no longer believe in God. Also, we are witnessing a decrease in the numbers of people who would consider themselves religious in any sense of the word. Religious feuds have reduced the world to turmoil and complete disunion and feebleness. A world of racial and ethnic disharmony. Massive disparities in wealth and availability or access to the basic resources needed to sustain human life.  General problems relating to tyranny, oppression, social injustice and inequality. Selfishness, nepotism, and corruption etc. Obviously, we live in an era of extremes, extreme riches, extreme poverty, extreme ignorance, extreme discontent, extreme satisfaction of personal ambitions, extreme selfishness etc. My brother man and sister woman, maybe, just maybe, what is saving our planet from complete annihilation is the rainbow covenant between the Almighty God and Noah in which he promised not to destroy planet earth is such a way again.

The important question asked, will planet earth ever get better? Out of these extreme conditions, how shall order be restored? How can the economic situation be stabilized? How can terrorism, kidnapping, ritual killings, homosexuality, and lesbianism etc. Come to an end? How can national differences be healed and racial acrimony be ended? How can wars be ended and peace brought about on planet earth? How can many religious groups pursue their work of leading brother men and sister women back to God, in their own individual ways and yet at the same time all of them live in harmony and present a united front to the world? How can true prosperity be established, which shall be the resultant effect of unity, peace and plenty? How can planet earth be brought to a condition where there is a just and right sufficiency for all? My brother man and sister woman how wrong are you, if you think simply because a mighty duplex has been abandoned for a long time, the owner has no plans for it. Much later, the owner of the abandoned mighty duplex will implement his plans on the building to the admiration of all.

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