A Better World Agenda Pt 2

Desires-Pathfinder-Better-World-Agenda2A BETTER WORLD AGENDA PT 2

In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, this world might look like a forgotten and abandoned building, but you know something planet earth which is an evolving planet, filled with imperfect souls has a master plan. Humanity is not following a haphazard or uncharted course, there is a plan. Humanity determines the speed of its own evolution and the fulfilling of its own destiny under the plan. Let me put it in another way, we often say all hands must be on deck for such and such a thing to happen. If we don’t work together, we may not arrive at our desired end. For instance in the physical building of a house you must unavoidably involve and carry along the architect, the civil engineer, who work hand in hand with the laborers, then the carpenter, electrician, plumber, tiler, painter etc. If you ignore any of them, your dream house might become nightmarish. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman the success of a better world agenda depends upon the intelligent co-operation of all brother men and sister women of goodwill everywhere on planet earth. Under the divine scheme of things human beings are the ones to determine the slow or rapid development of planet earth. Most people with no vision and a myopic outlook upon earthly occurrences sees nothing good taking place on planet earth, as far as they are concerned everything is steadily becoming worse and more aggravated. From the human point of view, they might be right. Most of them are truly worn out. They are only conscious of suffering produced by economic unrest, exploitation of the masses, they practically see no light in the darkness and they talk widely of our civilization being doomed. Very well, they are entitled to their opinions.


My brother man and sister woman, four major groups of people traverse planet earth. Although there are many other lesser groups of people between the four major divisions of people, I intend to focus on the four major groups of people that occupy planet earth. Of a truth I tell you, this is how planet earth will get better by installment. Very good and fairly good people will be selected out of the four major divisions of people and they will form their own group. Of a truth I tell you, gradually planet earth will become a better place to live in, if it becomes populated by good and fairly good people selected out of the four major divisions of people occupying planet earth. My brother man and sister woman, the moment has come to shed light on the four major divisions of people occupying planet earth and lastly the group of people that will make planet earth better for us. My brother man and sister woman, obviously there is more knowledge in the 21th century but that notwithstanding ignorance reigns supreme. Of a truth I tell you, the ignorant masses are people living in an inflamed condition of life. They are often the embodiment of poverty, hunger, distress, illiteracy and lack of employment. The ignorance masses easily respond to the mental control and suggestions of mortals more advanced than them in society. Most of them liked to be used. They don’t like to make decisions or to be responsible, even for themselves. They always want someone to lead them, they want to be exploited. Of a truth I tell you, once you are clever enough and can direct an emotional appeal to the materialistic desires of the ignorant masses, you can easily galvanize them to do anything for you. They are indeed the playthings, the toys, of the better informed and are helpless in the hands of those who crave to use them for any purpose whatsoever. The ignorant masses are not mentally developed enough to do their own thinking therefore they can be most easily reached by emotional appeal and by promises. I want to make clearer the ignorant masses are the unthinking and unreasonable group of human beings. In the middle class division, you will find mortals that are essentially religious, intelligent, inquisitive, narrow-minded and diligent. Because of the ability of majority of them to peruse, to discuss, to think and to take sides, they appear to be the most powerful element in any nation. The middle class are always fighting for a cause, they love to recognize and choose a leader and most of them are ready to die for a cause. The moment their chosen leader presents an idea to them, they are prepared to make endless sacrifices toward its realization. Of a truth I tell you, the middle class are the determining factor in world affairs, they always form themselves into groups, fighting either for or against this or that.  If they are not protesting physically, they are fighting with words, speeches and write ups. The middle class crave for peace and stable economic conditions and fight for achievement of the aforesaid they must.My brother man and sister woman, in the division of the eggheads, the thinkers of the world, you will find intelligent and erudite brother men and sister women who sense ideas and express them into ideals. These are the people who influence major earthly affairs sometimes for good and sometimes for selfish ends. Of a truth I tell you, thinkers of the world are the people who speak the words, write the articles and books and utilize all the known methods to reach out and educate the general public. Their ideas and utterances penetrate through the upper and middle classes of human beings and finally reach the ears of the slightly advanced mortals in the division of the ignorant masses. The responsibility of the eggheads are gigantic. It is their responsibility to work tirelessly to improve human conditions and the betterment of world affairs. The thinkers of the world can be found in different religious organizations, society, in every government, political party etc. They are very powerful and influential. They possess enormous power to play upon the human mind as a musician plays upon his instrument.     My brother man and sister woman as you are well aware, on planet earth bad people are more numerous than good people. Planet earth would have been a much better place if good people were more numerous than bad people but that is not the case. If bad people are more numerous than good people, you know what that means don’t you? It simply means it will take tons of years for planet earth to become a much better place. Of a truth I tell you majority of people in the divisions of the ignorant masses, the middle class and the thinkers of the world cannot make planet earth better. An entirely new group will be created by few people emanating from the ignorant masses, the middle class and the eggheads or thinkers of the world. This new group of brother men and sister women on a rescue mission will be termed brother men and sister women of goodwill. Of a truth I tell you, the powerful spiritual forces that can be best described as the invisible spiritual government of Planet earth interested in the positive development of planet earth and its occupants are spiritually behind brother men and sister women of goodwill on planet earth.Of a truth I tell you the few great souls, whose nature of work on planet earth might be political, cultural, religious, scientific, philosophical, psychological or perhaps buying and selling of goods have nothing to do with personal aggrandizement. They are the embodiment of harmless, constructive and inclusive qualities. Of a truth I tell you, there inclusive nature is such that for them, there are no such thing as racial distinctions nor any religious differences. These great souls are not affiliated with any political party, they don’t engage in political activity of any kind, they belong to no religion, neither are they against any religion, yet they belong to all the political parties and all the major religions in the world. They always strive to speak no word or indulge in activities that will breed dislike and separation among human beings. They will not say any negative thing which will encourage the fires of hatred, they will organize no campaign neither will they send out any literature which could be interpreted as attacking or defending any organization of a religious, political, social or economic nature. Of a truth I tell you, these great souls truly represent an attitude of mind. In summation, brother men and sister women of goodwill, whom in reality constitute part of the inner group of workers for humanity can be identified through the following activities.

  1. They are always striving to heal the breaches between brother men and sister women, to arouse the sense of brotherhood and oneness.
  2. They do not encourage any publication that could arouse antagonism from any religious organization, any political party or from any government.
  3. They shun racial hatred, religious differences and national ambitions.They do not identify themselves with any political, religious or social propaganda because they know such propaganda instigate hatred and causes separation. That’s why they refrain from active antagonistic propaganda.

My brother man and sister woman, brother men and sister women of goodwill are the ones standing between the exploited and the exploiting, the masses and the leaders, the warlike and pacifist. They are the ones standing between all the aforementioned, not siding anyone, demonstrating no partisan spirit, provoking no political or religious disturbances and breeding no hatred. My brother man and sister woman, brother men and sister women of goodwill in all countries are the ones standing as the interpreters of right human relations, for propagation of the principles of goodwill, for the unification of humanity and harmless speeches and writing. It is great souls like these that provide the vision and mold public opinion. It is souls like these who initiate and carry forward activities which will benefit humanity as a whole.

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