Child’s Training PT 1


My brother man and sister woman, it is common knowledge child’s training is no easy task. The problem begins the moment your child starts to walk and of course parents know that if you tell your baby not to do something that is exactly what he or she will do. I am of the opinion positive approach to discipline begins at birth. The bonds of attachment and trust that are formed when parents consistently and compassionately respond to infant’s needs truly become the foundation of discipline. Of a truth, I tell you the list of parenting challenges could cover many pages of a book and any clear thinking parent who takes time to access the difficulties inherent in being an effective parent outlined in that book could easily come to the conclusion that proper training of one’s child is almost impossible. Parents have a very difficult task, to navigate between helping their kids succeed academically and do their best and keeping them healthy and if possible freedom from stress. Parents, it is natural for each and every one of you to want the best for your children but, but I am of the opinion care is required in determining what the best is and how to get it. I wish to call to mind the bad parenting mistakes done by Jacob in his younger years. He was responsible for fostering sibling rivalry between his sons by not treating them equally but differently. Jacob gave his favourite son, Joseph the coat of many colours thereby causing terrible jealousy which eventually led to tragedy. From this biblical story, parents are advised never to favour one child over another. They must take care not to treat their children differently but equally. My brother man and sister woman, now pertaining to child discipline, I presume parents are well of the dangers of traditional discipline and that is instilling fear in children. Most parents have now realized the futility of instilling fear in children. Instilling fear in children serves no purpose and creates feelings of shame and humiliation. The fear discipline method might lead to an increased risk of future antisocial behaviour including crime and drug use. I want to make clearer, harsh, physical discipline teaches children that violence is the only way to solve problems. The fear method, controlling or manipulative discipline compromises the trust between parent and child and harms the attachment bond. Of a truth I tell you, in disciplining children, parents must take care not to violate their sense of self which will in turn damage possibility to love. If your child has no sense of self, he or she can’t make a place in it for someone else. My brother man and sister woman if you are one of those parents who don’t care about the sense of self of your child, then it’s easy to raise your child, every time your child does something wrong, all you need do is to slap the child and your child will get the message but I want to make clearer you are destroying your child in the process of trying to discipline your child.


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