Death Pt 1, 2 & 3

desires-pathfinder-blog-post-deadDEATH: PT 1:

My brother man and sister woman, the important question asked, do you fear death? Are you afraid of the inevitable end of every mortal on the planet? Fear has no power to extend your life or neither prevent the angel of demise from performing his duty when the hour of death comes. We all die sometime we cannot avoid it. The only thing we can absolutely be sure of is we are going to die. For me death is the great initiator. It is death which will elevate your soul either into the higher or lower life in the great beyond. Your present way of life will determine whether your soul will reside in the higher, intermediate or lower planes in the spirit world. Of a truth I tell you, if you have strived to truly love fellow mortals and other lesser creatures of God there can be no death for you. To you I address these lines, if you deal with fellow mortals respectfully, if you did not exploit or patronize fellow human beings, and if you genuinely grief and rejoice with fellow mortals, be rest assured you will attain heavenly bliss after physical death. I know that countless people live in fear of death, there are anxieties in their minds about what they might find or what awaits them in the great beyond.  They’ve heard a lot about hell fire, purgatory, accountability and judgement. Many of us are convinced we are not good enough to make heaven because we are the embodiment of imperfections. My brother man and sister woman, as a human being like you, I know that grieving is a natural part of the human process of coming in terms with death. If death takes away your loved one, it simply means, physically you shall no longer see the person again. It means, you shall no longer be able to hold the person, no longer be able to converse with the person or neither do things together in the way both of you did before. Of a truth I tell you, even though you believe in the continuation of life in the great beyond, or the assurances were given to us by the prophets of God that there is life after death, for a pretty long time, that belief of yours cannot take away the pain of knowing that you shall no longer see your loved one who has died, except in your dreams or imagination. My brother man and sister woman, in the Holy Bible we have been told, to everything there is a season, a time to be born and a time to die. What does that mean? It means there are two aspects of life; the outer one, which we are all occupying right now and the inner or spiritual one, which we shall move into after physical death. My brother man and sister woman, dying peacefully at home simply means the soul and the spirit  temporarily residing in a human body has calmly withdrawn and passed out through the head and what you see lying in bed is a dead empty physical body. Of a truth I tell you, the angels in charge of transition affairs are always present, waiting to receive a soul discarding the human body. For instance if the death is about to take place in the person’s home, the angels of death will cluster in the home of the person about to depart from planet earth. The angels of death will be around the person until the cord which connects the astral body to the human body snaps.  Whatever may be the manner of passing, whether by a ghastly road accident, plane crash, dying peacefully at home etc.  The angel of death is always present to get hold of the soul and usher it properly into the spirit world. People often say he died in a ghastly automobile accident as he was returning from the village, or suddenly he slumped and died in his office, his body blown into piece, or perhaps injured beyond description etc. from the spiritual point of view there is nothing like accidental or sudden death Accidental or sudden death only exist in the human kingdom. Sometimes death may appear sudden to us because you might have seen the person who died just three hours ago and he was hale and healthy but I want to make clearer, to the Lords of Karma the death of any person whether by road accident or at home is not accidental and you know why? The Lords of Karma knows beforehand when the death of any mortal on planet earth is drawing near and they prepare accordingly and await the hour of death. Transition from planet earth into the great beyond is similar to physical delivery of a newborn baby. The soul now fully returning into the spirit world is like newborn baby. Gradually a newly dead soul will get rid of all earthly garbage and after getting rid of all of everything associated with planet earth, the soul goes forward into one of the higher areas of the astral plane, based on the soul’s level of purity. The purer a soul is, the higher the soul goes. Of a truth I tell you, most souls find it difficult to believe that they are dead and you know why? The astral plane environment is synonymous with planet earth, which they had just quitted because they will find themselves surrounded by gardens, trees, mountains, rivers etc.


The important question asked is; what becomes of the soul after death? It becomes a spirit one hundred percent now that it has gotten rid of the physical body. After physical death, a soul becomes a spirit and returns into the world of spirits which it had quitted for a short time. Of a truth I tell you, the world of spirit is the eternal life, everlasting life people talk about. I want you to bear in mind, it is the life of the spirit that is everlasting. Therefore when the human body dies, the soul re-enters the eternal life, plain and simple.

Of a truth I tell you, the process of separation of the soul from the human body is not painful. Also, the sensations experienced at the moment of death are often a source of enjoyment for the soul, who recognizes them as saying bye bye to earthly existence. The soul of the dead only departs with the remembrance of life on planet earth and the earnest desire to go to a better world. Of a truth I tell you, this remembrance is full of sweetness or bitterness according to the use the soul has made of the earthly life it has quitted. If the soul of the dead has attained a high degree of purification while alive on planet earth, the soul will more clearly perceive the futility of all that it has left behind upon the earth. It is not easy to sit and watch a loved one lying in a hospital bed and battling with intense pain. Positive concentration is extremely difficult or almost impossible for such a sick person that is why their loved ones that are not sick can be of help to them but unfortunately, most people can’t think straight and are the embodiment of negativity when someone they love is very sick. Of a truth I tell you, if someone you love and care for is sick, positive thoughts emanating from you will go a long way to calm down the person and possibly accelerate the healing process. Worry thought forms will only aggravate the situation and that is what most people fail to realize. My brother man and sister woman, of a truth I tell you, thought operates in the inner plane and what does that mean? It means all thought is energy. Therefore when someone directs a thought toward you, that person is sending an energy to you. When someone strongly thinks about you, even without saying a word, the thought form of that person can affect your energy, mood and strength. For instance, if you think to yourself that, such a person that did this to me will never be successful, will never be healthy, will never find true love, or never amount to anything good in life, what are you doing? You are actually sending out a harmful projection. Of a truth I tell you, quite a number of fallen or arrested kidnappers met their waterloo through the harmful thought projections from people they kidnapped and released after obtaining ransom from them. In the same vein, you reduce your energy level, when you constantly dwell on negative thoughts, when you constantly think things like I hate you, you are ugly etc. you may be harming your energy level.

I am telling you all these so that you will understand that thought is not ordinary, thought is a potent energy that operates in the unseen plane. In the light of what I have said I want you to bear in mind one of the best things you can offer at distressing times for instance when your loved one is sick is simply to think positively about the sick person who is in pain. Use affirmations, positive statements will definitely change your thoughts and your feelings about what is happening to your loved one who is sick. Positive affirmations always work from the inner plane to give strength to your loved one who is sick. Always bear in mind that you strengthen the other person when you think things like this; I love you, you are beautiful or you are strong. Now pertaining people dying slowly, they are very anxious about how their families will cope when they have gone into the great beyond. these inevitably draw near the angels of death and the consciousness of the dying person will change, his astral body rises above his physical body, the cord snaps and the dead person might be welcomed into the great beyond by those whom they recognize and love.


If you are around the sick person and it becomes obvious he or she is dying, if you can, hold the hands of the person and speak to the dying person in the innermost being of your heart. Tell the dying person, please go in peace, I want you to be happy. Don’t worry about those you are leaving behind, they will be fine.  I want you to be happy and free from pain and fear in the great beyond.  Most people pray to God to grant their departed loved ones eternal rest, in addition to that, I encourage them to speak to their loved ones now residing in the great beyond. They should mentally create a strong image of the dead person in their imagination and speak to them as if they were physically present with them. Of a truth I tell you, if you are not overwhelmed by emotions and grieve, your departed loved one will hear you.

My brother man and sister woman, the power of imagination is so big but understood by little. The truth is, imagination is the doorway into the spirit world and if a bereaved person can only but open the door of their imagination, they will certainly feel the gentle presence of their departed loved one. They might feel their gentle touch on their hand or maybe face. Of a truth I tell you a bereaved person with potent imagination might be able to feel the gentle presence of a recently departed loved one, it may be like a beautiful breeze. Somehow he might shove it aside and say it is my imagination. Now pertaining recovery from illness, if one’s karma does not permit recovery, all manner of treatment will about to nihility.  Also, it may not be the divine will for a sick patient to be healed and lastly the innermost soul of a sick patient knows the day and hour when it has to abandon the physical body and when the day and hour arrives nobody can alter it. From the spiritual point of view, you are advised not to grieve for the dead because they have been ushered into the everlasting life replete with indescribable beauty and happiness. You should be thankful for the love and life which you have enjoyed with your departed loved one.

I want to let you into a secret, your memory plays a pivotal part in increasing the happiness of your departed loved ones residing in the great beyond. When you remember your departed loved ones, when you think of them joyfully, when you think of them happily, and the good times you had with them etc. your feelings are instantly conveyed to them. Always bear in mind, your departed loved ones reside right within your soul, they are with you always.

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