Defeating Supernatural Energies 1.

desires-pathfinder-blog-post-defeating-supernatural-energy1DEFEATING SUPERNATURAL ENERGIES 1.

My brother man and sister woman, there is so much to talk about when the topic has to do with supernatural energies but permit me to commence with an instance. Ordinarily, every home appears vulnerable to thieves and burglars, and you know what it means when your home is burgled, you will never feel safe again in your home. The financial losses you will sustain are bad enough, what about the trauma and unease in its aftermath? In order to ward off burglars, you must burglar-proof your home, especially your backyard which is a gold mine for many burglars, because they know the backyard is usually secluded, offering plenty of time and solitude for a thief to work on entering the home. My brother man and sister woman, merely saying nobody can burgle my home is not enough, you must invest some money, take some stringent steps to ward off burglars. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, ordinarily majority of brother men and sister women are vulnerable to supernatural energies, different types of dark energies, entities and spirits, whether they believe it or not does not affect the issue. You might have heard some people strutting and saying they are immune from supernatural attacks as long as they don’t believe in them, as long as they don’t pay attention to them. I want to make clearer this is not true. I want to make clearer, problems can and do happen as a result of manipulation of supernatural energies, negative energies and psychic attacks. Although not every problem in a person’s life might be the resultant effects of a spiritual attack but spiritual attacks do happen and infact they happen more often today than ever before. My brother man and sister woman, I have received tons of emails from students and admirers of Desires Pathfinder urging me to elaborate on different types of psychic and spiritual attacks, I will grant their request in today’s lesson.

My brother man and sister woman, psychic attacks can be best described as deliberate and intentional manipulation and direction of supernatural forces, different types of dark energies, entities and spirits to create long lasting negative disturbances in the spiritual and physical bodies of human beings, in their homes, in their marriage, in their business pursuits, expectations etc. The manipulated spiritual energies will insidiously gain access into the body, into the life, of the intended target through his invisible spiritual bodies. Of a truth I tell you, these negative supernatural energies will certainly create harmful effects within the inner bodies of the individual receiving them. These negative energies are sent intentionally to manipulate, or perhaps control, harm and damage or severely punish the individual at the receiving end.  Let me give you an instance with a brilliant boy doing well at school. Out of jealousy, a negative person could perform diabolical rituals and direct negative supernatural energies to move into the spiritual and physical bodies of the brilliant boy. Eventually the parents of the brilliant boy might notice a complete personality change. His parents might start yelling out, my brilliant son has changed completely. He no longer pays attention to his school assignment or neither does he peruse his books. He is always going out and coming back late, he is so stubborn and disrespectful etc, he was never like this before. Unknown to his parents their previously brilliant son is now exhibiting the physical attributes and behavior of the negative spirit occupying his body. In the same vein, an honest and good driver, loved by his boss suddenly started sleeping while driving. It happened several times. His boss had no option but to hire him. What went wrong? Office jealousy. Another driver in the company was so jealous of the love, attention and gifts the other driver was receiving from his boss. In the same vein, a strong long lasting body odor can be inflicted on a person or perhaps a married can be inflicted a strong uncontrollable sexual urge and she might find herself sleeping with her gate man or gardener. All the aforesaid and much more can happen through the manipulation of a negative entity residing in the innermost being of a person and gradually carry out a complete personality change. My brother man and sister woman, a psychic attack is simply negative energy, this negative energy might be called a spirit, an entity, a destructive thought form projected from one person to another person etc. Psychic energy is all about negative spells, voodooism, invocation of evil spirits and other types of black magic. The negative energy is projected deliberately to inflict harm upon a person and at times with his family. The projected destructive energy can pass through the emotional, physical, spiritual or mental states of the victim. Of a truth I tell you psychic or spiritual attacks are not always easy to spot. For some psychic attack victims, the attacks are so subtle of have been going on for so long, that the person is not aware of the attack. My brother man and sister woman, of a truth I tell you, there are many different symptoms that might be crystal clear or vague indication of psychic attacks in one’s life. Therefore, it is imperative I reel out some of the symptoms of psychic attacks.A loss of self-confidence. A feeling of being drained of your energy. Feeling tired and depleted of energy constantly and for no reason.

Questioning or doubting your direction in life.

  1. Seeing shadows around you from the corner of your eye, even when you are alone.
  2. Major changes in behavior for no reason.
  3. Strange or recurring accidents.
  4. Lack of concentration and feelings of laziness, when it comes to completing daily tasks.
  5. Dreaming very frightening nightmares. Dreams of being attacked or vampirized.
  6. Icy cold feeling on part or all of your body.
  7. Major changes in clarity of thinking.
  8. Unexplained source of fear or oppression
  9. Astral repercussion, for instance bruises on the body after sleeping.
  10. Sudden or irrational difficulties with finances or relationships.
  11. Sudden illness that elude diagnosis, sudden illnesses that cannot be explained.
  12. Having pains, in the same place, at the same time, on a regular basis.

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