Earth And Water Spirit 1&2

desires-pathfinder-blog-post-earth-and-water-spiritEARTH & WATER SPIRITS PT 1:

My brother man and sister woman must realize we are not alone. Of course you are familiar with the four elements of nature they are termed Earth, air, fire and water. I intend to focus only on the spiritual beings residing in the elements of Earth and Water. It is true the Almighty God created planet earth but our creator need myriads of spiritual beings to execute his will. In the light of what I have just said I want to make clearer the Almighty God has countless spiritual beings ranging from the lowest to the highest to execute his will and Gnome and Undine, belonging to the elements of Earth and Water respectively have a part to play in the divine scheme of things. Of a truth I tell you, the inner aspects of all the physical manifestations you behold, be it fire, water, earth, air, trees, flowers etc. Are occupied by massive company of spiritual beings, that are helping and partaking in the great plan of spiritual evolution.

Let me straightway commence with Gnomes the spirits residing in the element of Earth. A gnome usually look like a dwarf, they are quite small, in-order for a gnome to carry out a specific assignment it has power to change its appearance at will. A gnome can enlarge or reduce its size. A gnome usually wear long beard and with cap on its head, its leg often covered with long tight leg coverings and with a band around the waist. A gnome is often dressed in materials it created from semi-physical material obtained from the inner aspect of the Earth. Amazing as it may sound a gnome eat food composed from the element of Earth and it can equally marry like human beings and live a kind of family life. My brother man and sister woman, the gnomes live and move within the element of Earth. They are the main engine, the hidden power behind trees, bushes, grasses etc. Let me put it in another way the gnomes reside inside the Earth, they live inside of the trees, the bushes, grasses etc. Of a truth I tell you, the Gnomes are not merely residing inside of trees and grasses, they are mainly concerned with the development of natural stones and minerals and the formation and creation of jewels such as topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Aquamarine, Morganite, Lapis lazuli, Opal, Quartz, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Gum Arabic, Red zicon, Purple Amethyst etc. They are equally behind the formation of beautiful flowers such as lily sensation, my sunshine, orchids, lucky bamboo, grusani barrets, etc. what about birthday flowers such as bright blooms, colorfest, crazy love, forever yours, love of my life, etc. look at the flowers, inhale their perfume and you might exclaim how beautiful, but do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes, do you ever wonder about the spiritual process that led to the formation of the beautiful flowers? The small Gnomes, the little fairies are always at work in your Garden. They are always working behind the scenes to ensure the formation and physical manifestation of the beautiful flowers you behold.  My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind everything you see all around you, including things that appear inconsequential, be it earth worm, millipede, butterfly, water melon, even stones etc. Are all manifestations of life having within them a spiritual counterpart. How wrong were you, if you’ve thinking human beings are the only spiritual manifestation on planet earth and all other moving or creeping or standing creatures like trees etc. are nothing but empty skeletons. No doubt, water spirits are celebrities. They are well known, well talked about. I am of the opinion most of the things you’ve heard about them are not true, some are half- truth and some are correct. For instance I know that demonic spirits reside in the water, after all, water existed before every other creation of the Almighty God. It was from the water planet earth was formed, the whole earth was founded upon the waters but demonic spirits residing in the water does not transform them into water spirits, Water spirits are different, they are subhuman beings, meaning, they are partly spirit and partly human.

Like everything in life, water has a spiritual and physical aspect and water spirits are created from the spiritual aspect of water. Water spirits have flesh blood and bone but they don’t have a soul like mortals. Also water spirits do not suffer from sickness as humans. Eventually they will die and be reabsorbed into the element of water. They live close to four hundred years or there about. A water spirit must eventually die and be reabsorbed into the element of water, in contrast, demonic spirits don’t die and they weren’t created from the element of water.


Of a truth I tell you, water spirits are clothed in sparkling substance looking like water and glittering with all the colors of the sea. Water spirits are very powerful because they are the embodiment of one element, while a human being is the embodiment of four elements. Water spirits are not meant to be worshipped but quite a number of our spiritually ignorant ancestors worshipped them and had dealings with them, therefore these sub-human beings crave for continuity and tenure elongation in the families they are involved with and these has led to myriad kind of problems. It is rather disturbing to note some unenlightened teachers have told the masses you can contact or become possessed by water spirit if you indulge in sexual intercourse or eat food cooked by people having link with water spirits. That’s not true. Water spirit is not Ebola. Are they saying we should quarantine people having links with water spirits? Be rest assured we might end up quarantining 85 percent of Nigerians. Take my word seriously. People who claim to be shedding light on the mysteries of life should be prudent what they tell the masses. Quite a number of marriage proposals have been suspended and quite a number of marriages have broken down because of the brother man has been told his wife to be or wife has water spirit, or her husband to be or husband has water spirit. As human beings, we derive pleasure blaming others for our troubles and failures. Most of us fail to realize, it is the nature of our individual trials that determines the kind of persons we fall in love with or end up with. It is therefore not right for us to always look for someone to carry the cane. Always bear in mind there is no effect without a cause. If people are told to abstain from food prepared by a sister woman having links with water spirit or abstain from sexual intercourse with such a sister woman in order to prevent pollution by water spirit, these spiritually unenlightened teachers, should have equally told us to abstain from anything water. They should have told us to stop bathing and drinking water, because wherever there is water, water spirits must be present and as you are well aware human beings need water for everything. We can survive without food for more than two weeks but we cannot survive without water for the same period. Also I presume it is common knowledge the human body is 70 percent water, therefore the importance of water cannot be over emphasized.  My brother man and sister woman, water spirits are always present where ever there is water because they were created to function in the element of water, the same applies to other spirit beings residing in the other elements of nature for instance where ever there is fire, salamander, the elemental spirit of fire must be present, whenever you ignite a match, salamander spirit must be present to make production of fire possible. Of a truth I tell you, the work of water spirits are taking care of plants growing under the water and all water related affairs.

My brother man and sister woman, you might have heard of water spirits inspired problems. Problems such as broken homes and marriages, difficulty in getting married, financial difficulties, sexual abuse in dreams, people seeing themselves swimming in dreams or bathing by the river, delay and difficulties in getting pregnant etc. It is extremely easy for water spirits to cause all the aforementioned and much more and you know why?  Water spirits are deeply connected with the water element and the emotional nature of human beings that’s why. Of a truth I tell you water spirits fiercely dislike the harsh vibrations created by human beings and whenever your emotions are violent, expect violent reactions and immense confusion from the water spirit associated with you. In Nigeria quite a number of people are animal lovers. They have poppies and big dogs and these domestic animals are prepared to follow them and serve them as long as they show them love and care. Showing love and care to your domestic animal does not mean, you are worshipping it. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, the four elements of nature exist within us. We are the embodiment of the element of fire, air, earth and water that’s why we feel warn or we feel cold. When you feel very cold, you crave for a warm atmosphere and when we feel hot, we crave for a cold environment etc. The element of water therefore reside within your innermost being. Your emotional life and water spirit dwell on the same astral plane, therefore when you upset the water spirit attached to you, be prepared for their jokes, the moment you give way to your passion in dealing with water spirit, you are likely to attract violence in return. Quite a number of people under the firm grasp of water spirit cannot boldly come out and say the water spirit in their life is gone despite years of going to different places for solution. Most people cry unto the Almighty God to destroy the water spirit kingdom. I regret the impossible, the Almighty God will not do such a thing and you know why? The fairy kingdom which might appear destructive and evil to you is definitely serving a purpose in the divine scheme of things, that’s why. Of a truth I tell you, newly born babies are souls, who recently departed from the spirit world in order for them to temporarily function on planet earth. These little babies are not yet fully immersed in worldly affairs, therefore spiritually, they clearly the fairly kingdom, they clearly see nature spirits, be it water spirits etc. Also, in deep meditation, it is possible to go into the depth of the ocean bed and within the water settlement, you will find tons and tons, thousands and thousands and thousands of water spirits. Also if you go to the seashore, to all places where there is abundance of water and vegetation growing in water, if your spirit eye is opened, you will see tons and tons of water spirits, carrying out the assignments given to them by nature. Now the important question asked, can water spirit be made to let go of a person they are attached to? With right emotional control, purity of heart and a child- like nature, water spirits could be persuaded to mind their own business. I want to make clearer, a war like nature, belligerency and violent emotional posture, can never help you overcome a water spirit attached to you. If you adopt a gung-ho approach in dealing with water spirits, eventually you will realize if you are determined to do away with them, they are more than determined to be with you always, so if you don’t want that, do not adopt a gung-ho posture. End moment has come. Have a glorious day.

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  1. Efe Isaac

    Ive always said it! My friends always called me psycho when I told them we (humans) possibly because we lost our dominion at the garden of Eden got some heavy limitations on our abilities and as such the Almighty God created beings and put them in charge of certain aspects of his creation………water, the atmosphere, beneath the earth where human reside and possibly the trees for them to constantly execute whatever program God has programmed these aspects of creation to do.
    I have a question, why is it that man is in a constant and deliberate mission to physically pollute or harm these elements of nature? What consequences await us? I know about the global warming and all but I always have this guy feeling that whatever the news and ads say is merely scratching the surface

    – Please how do I amass the required meditation needed to visit water settlements on the ocean’s bed?

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