Earth Bound & Earth Attracted Pt 1&2.

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desires-pathfinder-blog-post-banner2EARTH-BOUND & EARTH-ATTRACTED PT 1

My brother man and sister woman, in the past when my spiritual perception was quite low, I thought the dead has no business with the living. I thought it was all over the moment this pronouncement is made may his or her gentle soul rest in peace. I thought death was a journey of no return. Retrospectively, I was wrong. Now, I know better. Now I know countless dead people have not ascended into the next life. They are still wandering about planet earth. They are earth-bound souls. Now I know that countless dead people are no more with the living because they have truly ascended into the next life, but many of them, still behave like bad girls who sneak out of the hostel into town, just to go and have some fun with their boyfriends for few hours and rush back to the hostel again. Many dead people have truly, successfully ascended into the next life but they cannot forget the good times they had while alive on planet earth, they cannot forget the beautiful sister women they were so into, they cannot forget their earthly investments, money, enviable earthly achievements etc. And because of their inability to forget the good times they had while alive on planet earth, they keep making strenuous effort to come back to planet earth so that they can continue from where they stopped. Now imagine this, a rapper, age 25, is making waves in the industry. Everybody is talking about him. Imagine his musical video, he is dancing hysterically, with beautiful half nude ladies, imagine the glittering and blurred lights, okay. Imagine the musical awards coming his way. In a twinkling of an eye he erected a magnificent house, acquired fleet of cars, avalanche of girlfriends etc. At the age 31, on his way to the studio, he died in a fatal automobile accident. Few weeks later he is buried and the usual pronouncement is made, may his gentle soul rest in peace. I don’t think such a glamorous brother man who died suddenly will rest in peace. Oh, I almost forgot, you remember Tupac Shakur, a young popular rapper, he was shot six times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. You think the soul of such a person will truly rest in peace? Enough preambles, lesson proper. I intend shedding light on earthbound souls and Earth attracted souls.

Let me straightway commence with Earth-bound souls. My brother man and sister woman, why are many dead souls earth-bound? Why are they still around planet earth? When in reality they should be in the spirit world, making effort to adjust to their new-life. Of a truth I tell you, obsessive attachment to material things, intense thinking of something, and persistent application of desire to some objects gives birth to mental fixation upon something upon something on planet earth. It is important I reel out some of the commonest forms of earth binding conditions. Grief  and distress, calling upon the dead person to come back or go after the person or persons that killed you, or who will take care of the kids you left behind etc. are strong enough mental factors to bind the soul of the dead person to planet earth. Many people become so attached to their home or place of business, or money or their lucrative business or an attractive sister woman or brother man or landed properties etc. This attachment of theirs will dominate their character, their soul and the moment such people die and pass to the next life, they are unable to adjust themselves to the fact that they have lost their physical possession or possessions. Also if the dying person is obsessed with the desire for instance to tell something of great importance to his first, and he died without telling his son, such a dead person might become earth bound until he conveys the important message to his first son.


It is interesting to note on planet earth, there is a very serious mental condition termed paranoia. Of a truth I tell you, paranoia is a mental deviation which is defined by systematic delusion. This idea usually arises from some idea becoming so dominant that it cannot be replaced by reality. Persuasion from people has no effect is dislodging the fixed idea.  A person with, paranoid personality disorder will nearly always believe that other people’s motives are suspect or even wicked. Individuals with this disorder, assume that, other people will exploit, harm, or deceive them, even if no evidence exists to support this expectation. While it is fairly normal for everyone to have some degree of paranoia about certain situations in their lives, people with paranoid personality disorder take this to an extreme. Individuals with Paranoid Personality Disorder, are generally difficult to get along with. They are combative and suspicious. Their excessive suspiciousness and hostility may be expressed in open argument. They are the embodiment of hostile, stubborn, and sarcastic expressions. Earth bound souls are dead people suffering from a paranoia in which they attach immense importance to something they have left behind on planet earth and they are powerless to do away with this attachment. My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, attachments of whatever character, that become powerfully emotionalized as to become fixed and obsessive in nature are inimical to one’s growth in this life or in the next life. Emotionalized attachments in connection with something of planet earth bind the soul of a dead person to planet earth, until a mental readjustment is made. If the mental adjustment is not done, the soul will certainly continue to dwell in environment to which they were so attached, while alive on planet earth.  My brother man and sister woman, as human beings we should desire to remain on planet earth as long as we are useful here but sadly on planet earth, we often develop qualities, attachments which are far more difficult to nurture after we die and move into the next life. Yes while we are still alive, we can devote our energies to achieve certain things but striving not to develop powerful emotionalized attachment to earthly things because it is a great error to cling too tenaciously to thoughts of earth life. It is a great error to continue attachment to earthly things. After physical death, you must break away with past attachments to earthly things so that you can fully ascend into the next life. I freely admit I have received emails, text messages from admirers of Desires Pathfinder that have felt the chilling, overwhelming, nerve breaking presence of a departed one, that might be earthbound. Now hear this, a group of family members were returning to town, after attending traditional wedding in their village. Unfortunately they got involved in a fatal motor accident, the driver and madam died on the spot. Meanwhile the later sister woman’s husband and daughter were anxiously waiting for her arrival. Suddenly, her daughter was overwhelmed by strange cold feeling. She heard strange noises in the rooms etc. Instantly she knew that her mother is dead. Not long afterwards someone came to convey the sad news to them. For days, intermittently she kept on experiencing the phenomena. Obviously her late mother’s soul was deeply troubled and confused and she became earthbound soul.  My brother man and sister woman, you have a pivotal part to play to help your departed loved one who might be earthbound to properly ascend into the next life.

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  1. Aurisha Georgewill

    Thanks Guru Subai. Except The Part Of The Dead Mingling With The Living.

  2. Chibuikem

    Thanks guru, why do profound spiritual enlightenment like this always concurs with the teachings of our ancestors?Am very proud of my heritage.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong Guru but is there a thin line between a person’s inexplicable emotional attachment to an earthly affair or property which eventually results in him/her remaining earth-bound and a person’s cause for reincarnation in order to correct an imperfection that dwells in his/her soul?

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