Earth Protecting Spirits Part 1 & 2

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desires-pathfinder-earth-protecting-spiritsEARTH PROTECTING SPIRITS PT 1

Disaster is a sudden, calamitous event bringing great damage or loss, and destruction, devastation to life and property. Disaster is a serious disruption of the functioning of society causing widespread human, material or environmental loses.  Of a truth I tell you, not so long ago, in Nigeria, hundreds of thousands of people made homeless by the country’s worst flooding. Quite a number of people killed, and tens of thousands of hectares of farmland were submerged.

My brother man and sister woman, whenever many so-called natural disasters occur in Nigeria or any part of the world, quite a number of us might attribute the devastating event to God’s punishment on a wicked world, although I know there exist the law of transformation, from the human point of view, this law might be seen as the law of destruction, because whenever the law of transformation is implemented on planet earth, instantly it gives birth to agony, losses, and a great many deaths, but I want to make clearer, from the spiritual point of view, what we call destruction is only a transformation, the aim of which is, the renewing and improvement of living beings. Intermittently, it is necessary that many earthly things should be destroyed in order for them reborn and regenerated.

We must not forget, planet earth is a very filthy planet, that’s why intermittently the law of transformation is needed to put things right, to make human beings sit up and strive to do what is right, in more advanced worlds, the law of transformation is no longer needed.

If I keep talking about the spiritual law of transformation, the law of destruction, and ignore the human factor, which often triggers most of the earthly calamities witnessed by us, it simply means, I am exonerating human beings and solely blaming nature for all kinds of earthly calamities.

My brother man and sister woman, planet earth, is a living organism, programmed to bring forth individualized spiritual and physical evolution, planet earth is a living organism, programmed to produce all that is necessary to take adequate care of mortals, minerals, plants animals etc. Planet earth is a small temple of the living God and we, human beings are expected to act upon planet earth as her representative and human ambassador.  If you eyeball every part of Nigeria and other parts of the world, you will observe we are literally killing planet earth’s soul and life support system. It appears, most of us fail to realize that every single thing we do every day has an impact on the planet, good impact or bad impact.


desires-pathfinder-earth-protecting-spiritsEARTH PROTECTING SPIRITS PT 2.

For instance the Ebola virus emanated from violation of the law of nature, the virus is the outcome of ill-advised exploitation. Now in Nigeria we are all talking about Ebola, washing your hands, quarantine etc. All these are preventive measures to prevent the spread of the highly infectious virus in Nigeria.

Preventive measures are good but there is absolutely no substitute for doing what is right. Of a truth I tell you, if we strive to live in harmony with nature and most importantly individually we contribute our quota to fight pollution, we don’t need to live in fear of Ebola. Polluted environment attracts, retains and encourage the growth of deadly diseases, miasmas, viruses etc.

I can assure you, if there is less pollution or no pollution at all, the Ebola virus will never become a Nigerian problem.  There is so much pollution going on, for instance agricultural and hunting activities have far reaching effects on the environment and human health, their activities often change the lithospheric, atmospheric pathways of the hydro-logic cycle, which will no doubt will have negative impact on the air, soil and water substances mostly used by us.

What about oil spillage, leakage of oil into a body of water, like a river or stream? The surface of the water becomes coated with very thick layers of crude oil, preventing oxygen from getting to the fish or other marine life in the water. This no doubt leads to the decimation of marine life and consequent death of the organisms.

Now what about water pollution? contribution to water pollution include substances drawn from the air, deposits from soil erosion, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, run off from septic tanks,  chemical wastes, some toxic from industries and sewage and other urban wastes from cities, towns etc. My brother man and sister woman, from what is going on, all around us it is crystal clear we are literally destroying planet earth’s soil and life support system.

I almost forgot, in the book of Genesis we are told, God said, let us make man so that he can rule over the fish of the sea, birds of the sky, over every creeping thing on planet earth. The Almighty God telling us to take charge does not mean we should endanger every living organism.

I am of the opinion, we have gone too far. We are destroying the water, land, air through industrial greed and a warlike mentality.  Planet earth has become a garbage dump, from atomic waste and toxic chemicals, to ordinary rubbish and obviously the land, air and water ways simply can’t take it anymore. My brother man and sister woman permit me to introduce the natural forces of planet earth, they are known as earth protecting spirits.

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