Earthbound & Earth Attracted Pt 3&4.

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Whenever you feel the presence of a departed loved one, even though you cannot see the ghost, talk to it pleasantly and convincingly. Talk to the earthbound soul reasonably and forcefully yet sympathetically. Use words like, l love you, I want you to be happy and you can attain happiness if you stop wandering on planet earth. My brother man and sister woman when conveying your feeling to an earthbound soul, it is best all the time to keep your mind alert and positive. If you use the right words, the dead person might realize that he is indeed an earth bound wandering soul, and the moment it realizes it, the binding condition is broken and he is born fully into the next life. Most people derive pleasure commanding their departed loved ones to go after people that might have killed them, the truth is most of them cannot truly  harm anyone and you know why? They don’t have sufficient electromagnetic energy at their command to enable them produce material effects. Such commands, go after those who killed you simply means you are sending them to battle field without any weapons, and you know what that means don’t you? Most earthbound souls are harmless at most through some sympathetic means, they are able to induce one or two of their surviving relatives to fight for them. Aside that, on their own they can do nothing. You understand me so far? Please set your departed loved ones free, do not verbally and mentally induce them to do the impossible.

EARTH ATTRACTED SOULS. My brother man and sister woman, the moment has come to talk about earth attracted souls. Earth attracted souls are dead souls that have been completely born into the next life, they are not hanging around planet earth, they fully reside in the next life and they are quite aware they exist in the next life and not planet earth, but whenever they can make the proper contact, they love to hang around planet earth. Earth attracted souls crave to satisfy their carnal desires through the living. Earth attracted souls will be glad enough to find any opportunity by which they can re-experience their old earthly sensations. They have not forgotten their earthly experiences and they have not changed their tendencies and desires. Of a truth I tell you, earth attracted souls are more numerous than earthbound souls and they often visit and influence the living so that they can continue to partake in the enjoyment of the things of the flesh. They just cannot let go. In order for them to continue enjoying the things of the flesh, they will form a sympathetic vibration exchange with someone on planet earth. Without the sympathetic vibration exchange, they are completely cut off from planet earth and cannot exercise any influence upon it.

My brother man and sister woman, earth attracted souls are interested in the lower levels of society where immorality is alive and kicking, let me put in in another way, in every state in Nigeria we have flashpoints, criminally infested areas, intermittently raided by the police, areas noted for assemblage of criminals, drug addicts, prostitutes, criminal hide outs, areas noted for unrest etc. In the same vein, in our midst exist, people having penchant for smoking, telling lies, stealing, serial fornicators, adulterous people, people always reeling with alcohol, lesbians, homosexuals etc. Amid us are people that are prepared to do anything to acquire or retain power etc. Of a truth I tell you, criminally infested areas and people indulging in all the vices I have outlined are surrounded by powerful negative vibrations. People residing in criminally infested areas and criminally minded people rapidly respond to any slight suggestion from earth attracted souls. Criminally and immorally minded people are accustomed to exercise very little self-control, they are easily swayed by the slightest thought of corrupt gratification. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, in the spirit world, there are lower astral regions occupied by filthy souls of the dead. These lower astral regions are indeed duplications of the slums of planet earth. These lower astral regions are filled with souls of drug addicts, prostitutes, armed robbers, extremely greedy people, sex addicts etc. These are the kind of souls that pine to form contact with filthy human beings on planet earth, so that through them, they can gratify their corrupt desires fully through the flesh. I want to make clearer much of the cleverness of criminals on planet earth are prompted by souls residing in the astral slums. Through the negative vibrations surrounding immoral individuals, drunks etc. Earth attracted souls of the dead will be able to make contact with them and form a powerful bond with them, through which earth attracted souls are able to experience all they are doing on planet earth. Once the powerful bond is created, definitely the earth attracted soul of the dead will certainly gain the upper hand. For instance, if an earth attracted soul create a bond with a young girl having penchant for boys, be rest assured, she will find it difficult to say no to sexual overtures. She might sleep with her father’s friends, boys in the neighborhood etc. A in the end she might become a prostitute. Earth attracted souls make use of the human bodies of filthy and weak people to re-experience their old earthly sensations. Countless people are under the firm grasp of earth attracted souls. My brother man and sister woman most people rely on prayers to get rid of filthy souls of the dead holding them hostage, such people have already gotten their reward. I want you to bear in mind purity and high aspirations are a complete barrier against every inimical and low influence. End moment has come Good night…… End moment has come. Have a glorious morning.

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