Esoteric Aspect Of Christianity

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desires-pathfinder-esoteric-aspect-of-christianityESOTERIC ASPECT OF CHRISTIANITY

My brother man and sister woman, obviously, it has actually been made a matter of boast that Christianity has no secrets, that whatever it has to say, it says to all. I want to make clearer, Christianity and other great Religions of the world possess concealed teachings, which is reserved for the few. It is so, because all brother men and sister women are not at the same level of evolution, we are not equal both in intelligence and character development, therefore our individual ability to understand and act varies at every stage.


It is therefore preposterous and absurd to give to all, the same religious teaching. I wish to call to mind, in the Holy Bible we are instructed “Give not that which is holy to the dog, neither cast ye your pearls before swine. Of a truth I tell you, the word “dogs” refers to the profane, the vulgar, those that are without. In the light of what I have said , I want to make clearer, the Holy Bible is the embodiment of two levels, the surface contains general religious matter, suitable for the ordinary readers, the commoners, those that are without, the uninitiated and the hidden aspect of the Holy Bible is reserved for the few, for those with special knowledge, no wonder when the disciples of the master Jesus asked him why he spoke aplenty in parables, he told them,  ‘Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God, but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables’.

The parabolic utterances of the master Jesus were clearly dual in nature, a simple story with something more complex underneath.  My brother man and sister woman, all the major religions in the world seek to quicken human evolution, religions seek to evolve the moral and intellectual natures of mortals, to help us unravel our spiritual nature. Religion is meant to reach and control our intelligence and purify and inspire our emotions but I want you to bear in mind, there are teachings dealing with the inner aspects of life and if such knowledge becomes public knowledge, be rest assured it might and would be misused. Don’t forget most people around us pine to obtain power which would raise them above the general level and place ordinary humanity at their mercy. I wish to call to mind witches and wizards all around us, they are a menace to society, they possess certain powers which they use to place countless Nigerians at their mercy.

In summation, the Holy Bible is awash with hidden spiritual truths and mysteries reserved for the few. Certain spiritual truths needs to be withheld from the masses, who morally are as yet unfitted to receive such knowledge. Any moment from now, I intend to start unveiling certain hidden biblical truths to admirers of Desires Pathfinder all over the world.

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  1. Aurisha Georgewill

    Wow, Wonderful. I Love This Guru Subai

  2. emmanuel

    Nice one

  3. Mattithyah

    Truth of all.

  4. ” I intend to start unveiling certain hidden biblical truths to admirers of Desires Pathfinder all over the world.”

    This part just made me smile,
    And this particular teaching reminds me when I used to share your teachings on my Facebook, I was spited and criticized by close friends, I only had 1 person out of 50 persons who understood esoteric teaching

    • Guru Subai 2

      Thanks my brother man, for being an avid follower and for your interest in spiritual things. Remain blessed.

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