Forgiveness Of Sin & Hostages Of Karma

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Forgiveness of sin. I believe in the forgiveness of sin but I know that forgiveness of sin, does not mean the forgiven sinner, will escape from the consequences of his sin. For instance, a drunkard whose sins are forgiven on his repentance, is still seen to suffer from shaken nerves, impaired indigestion and the lack of confidence, shown, towards him, by his fellow brother men an sister women. Among the utterances of the master Jesus, the words frequently occur, thy sins are forgiven, but it is interesting to note, this phrase, thy are forgiven, constantly accompanies the demonstration of his healing powers. I wish to call to mind, the master Jesus at one time, in Matthew 12 verse 36 told us  every idle word must be accounted for in the day of judgment and at another, he said be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven thee. So you see the phrase, the forgiveness of sin is not actually having a clash with the unbreakable sequence of cause and effect. For me forgiveness of sin refers to the relationship between the repentant sinner and the Almighty God but that does not mean the repentant individual will escape from the mundane consequences of his sin. For me all such forgiveness of sin may be termed declaratory and the assurance brings a relief to the mind of the sinner. In summation I believe certain sins are forgivable, certain sins must be atoned for, plain and simple.



Karma is all about merit and demerit. Life is all about sowing and reaping. For instance, when you sincerely make someone happy or give peace to them, you attract to yourself the atoms of merit karma and because of your merit karma, quite a number of things will go according to your wishes. Even though right now, you are a very bad person, the atoms of merit karma you have accumulated might ensure that quite a number of things will go according to your wishes and most people might be so surprised how a very bad person like you prosper in most of your human endeavors.

Based on what I have said, I want to make clearer a merit karma brother man is a person who, in a passing thought will desire something and having decided on it, will have his wishes fulfilled, for years to come without any efforts on his part.

He acquires positive results in his pursuits, easily at the end of the day. A merit karma individual desire something, will make an effort to acquire it and his wish will be fulfilled. He might work very hard towards fulfilling his desire and eventually get what he wants.

In the same vein when you cause unhappiness to others, you attract atoms of demerit karma and when things go against your wishes, it is because of your demerit karma. Right now you might be a good person but because of the atoms of demerit karma you have accumulated, you might keep experiencing sadness and failure and people around you might keep wandering why a good person like you keep experiencing sadness and failures?.

The so called good person is suffering as a result of demerit karma but right now he is acquiring new merit karma by leading a moral and ethical life. Of a truth i tell you, a demerit karma individual will desire something, he works very hard for it and still do not get what he want. He works the hardest and yet he is not rewarded for his labor. In summation, every human being is trapped in a labyrinth of merit karma, demerit karma, demerit karma and merit karma.

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    True And Revealing My Brotherman Guru Subai.

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