Genesis 5: 2

Genesis 5: 2

The bible is a well of truth, but its teaching are too deep for many to understand. Genesis 5 verse 2, interest me. GENESIS 5:2… MALE AND FEMALE CREATED HE THEM; AND BLESSED THEM, AND CALLED THEIR NAME ADAM, IN THE DAY WHEN THEY WERE CREATED. Male and female, created he them. What does it denote? It means, the original new born child of God is Androgynous. Let me put it in another way, the new born child of God, is the combination of male and female characteristics. This is not a matter of a brother man is standing this way, and a Sister woman is standing the other way, No! the newborn child of God is one, but the embodiment of male and female. This truth is unveiled in the symbolic story, of eve being contrived from Adam’s rib.

GENESIS 2:23… AND ADAM SAID, THIS IS NOW BONE OF MY BONES, AND FLESH OF MY FLESH: SHE SHALL BE CALLED WOMAN, BECAUSE SHE WAS TAKEN OUT OF MAN. Eve was taken out of a brother man. The question is, why did God contrive eve from Adam’s rib? He could easily have contrived Eve from the dust of the ground after all, he created Adam this way. So you see, eve been created out of eve depicts, the new-born child of God is one but the embodiment of male and female. Eventually, separation actually took place.

It is depicted in genesis. As I expect you to know by now to those that are without these things are done in parable.

GENESIS 3:7…  AND THE EYES OF THEM BOTH WERE OPENED, AND THEY KNEW THAT THEY WERE NAKED; Did you hear? And the eyes of them both were opened and they knew they were naked. What does that mean? They became aware of themselves, as individuals living separately from each other living apart from god and possessing the freewill to choose between good or evil, godliness or selfishness. GENESIS 3:22…AND THE LORD GOD SAID, BEHOLD THE MAN IS BECOME AS ONE OF US, TO KNOW GOOD AND EVIL:

At a certain stage of growth, a child must leave the house and go to school, to acquire knowledge. In the same vein, at this point of development, the twin souls must separate and depart from the Garden of Eden. The male part will go its own way, and the female part will go her own way. The separation is necessary in order that each may gain immense experience.

They must cloth themselves in a perishable human body, they must possess their individual minds, which must be trained and developed through the travails of planet earth. Indeed, this is the fall of man. This is where we fell from grace. We have never being the same ever since. We have never recovered. A brother man goes this way, and his soul mate, goes the other way. The brother man is gaining experience, this way and his soulmate is equally learning her lessons, somewhere else.

Both of them, must take separate paths and undergo many incarnations on planet earth. This is how we fell into the bondage of the material plane. Now that we are on our own, exercising the gift of freewill, doing what we like, how we like it without the almighty God breathing down on our neck. What next? Our activities will set in motion the spiritual law of Sowing and reaping. As you sow, so shall you reap. In the end, what happens? Through the experiences, of joy and pain, as part of the learning and reaping process, we are meant to pass through the following stages.

  1. Development of individual consciousness.
  2. An awareness, of the needs, of fellow mortals.
  3. An understanding, of universal association.
  4. The separated soul mates, becoming one again.
  5. Lastly, selfless love, which will eventually lead us from human consciousness into the Christ consciousness.

Uphill task, you might say? Yes it is. It is only attainment of Christ consciousness that will put an end to our striving for perfection. Without the attainment of Christ consciousness, we can never become one with God.

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