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The name given to newborn baby is very important because there is a strong spiritual bond between the soul of the child and the soul of the person for whom they are named. Also the good or bad behavior of a child can be discovered by analyzing the name given to the child. Children must not be named after living relatives because such an act could cause the soul of that relative to become weak, because the name and the soul are very closely linked. It is important that the individual from whom the name of a child is derived has led a God fearing and fortunate life. Of a truth I tell you when a child is named after a departed good individual, spiritually a strong connection between the soul of the child and the departed good individual takes place pronto.  I want to make clearer the spiritual bond I am talking about can have a profound impact on the child.

Curses are very effective and long lasting particularly when it is directly at an evil nature individual that might have wrong you. Now hear this, a brother man raped two sister women, the case collapsed in court because of insufficient evidence. With the assistance of a black magician, one of the sister women placed a powerful curse on the rapist. Certain rituals were performed, a fire was made, the name of the rapist mentioned, the rituals were performed every night for one week and during which the rapist took to his bed, he was growing weaker until on the last day of the ritual, he died. In this rape related matter, the curse must certainly be effective because a strong spiritual bond between the raped sister woman and the rapist has been created, so through that bond a powerful curse can be placed on the rapist. Certain families are affected by curses; certain sick people not responding to all kinds of treatment might be under a powerful curse which they know nothing about and which maybe they don’t even believe in. A curse often affects the mental state of the person and it often gives birth to the feeling of utter helplessness and hopelessness. Of a truth I tell you certain curses can manifest in the form of violent nightmares. Quite a number of nightmarish dreams often depict a powerful spiritual attack.


Angels are not human beings and they can never incarnate on planet earth. Angels as we all know are servants of the living God and they reside on the higher planes to ensure that the process of life continues in good order. What most people don’t know is angels have no freewill, therefore they cannot act of their own accord and they obey orders implicitly.   Now concerning how they operate, when human beings pray, give thanks or cry for help, it is an angel of prayer that will convey our petitions to the Divine and a different angel might be the one to bring the answer.


A guardian angel, our guardian angel, the term guardian angel is very confusing because it leads us to believe that individually, we have a personal spiritual guide, who has a freewill, but that is not the case. For instance, if a police brother man, that is armed, is attached to a dignitary for his protection, certainly without being told, the police brother man will do something if he clearly sees someone, is about to harm the dignitary, he is assigned to protect. The police brother man might yell out, Oga,  please lie down or he might shoot in the air to scare the attacker etc. The Police brother man can do something because he has a will of his own, he can take certain decisions on his own and later he will defend the decisions he took. A guardian angel can do no such thing and you know why a guardian angel has no freewill. Yes it is true; guardian angel is attached to each and every one of us. The guardian angel has been giving the task of protecting us and helping us as we go through the trials of planet earth. Now hear this if, for instance I am destined to be a musician and I refuse to practice, my guardian angel cannot do anything. My guardian angel can offer me a warning of potential danger, let’s assume I am about to drive out and I might get involved in an accident, my guardian angel can warn me and even place an obstacle to prevent me from driving out, but if I still choose to drive out, that is my decision and my guardian angel has to allow my choice. In certain cases, my guardian angel can operate outside of time, in other words my guardian angel can contact the guardian angel of the driver of the car that may collide with my car, and the guardian angel might attempt to prevent the other driver from going out. If the other driver is conscious enough to heed the warning, then the accident is prevented, however if both of us refuse to heed to the warnings of our guardian angels, the accident will occur. Quite often human beings often experience a small inner voice, alerting them of impending danger or urging them not to do this, or not to travel or just go away from here right now and it is only much later many of us will realize it would have been wise to have paid attention to that small inner thought or voice. In summation the guardian angel cannot tell us what to or neither can it prevent us from doing what we want to do. The guardian angel can only give us a hint at what possibilities lay ahead.

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The soul, which the embodiment of divine spark took on a human form in order to be incarnated on planet earth. The soul came to planet earth to learn certain preordained lessons which will eventually enable it accomplish his ultimate spiritual destiny. Of a truth I tell you when the time came, the soul appeared before God who instructed the soul in what the physical life existence was meant to accomplish. On planet earth when a couple was copulating, the invisible soul of their future baby is actually above them and conception occurred, the invisible soul attached itself to the embryonic body in the womb of the sister woman. As the baby is developing in his mother’s womb, so the soul, who is to be incarnated is shown its future life, what lessons it will learn and people it will encounter on planet earth. Of a truth I tell you, the moment the baby is born, this prenatal knowledge is forgotten. The moment the baby is born, immediately the soul of that baby forgets about spiritual origin and the baby becomes only aware of planet earth’s existence. However it is interesting to note occasionally, a prenatal knowledge may be dimly recalled, which is why sometimes when two complete strangers meet, who have been acquainted in the spirit world, they have a feeling of déjàvu, or familiarity or they experience that something special that make them aware that they are soul mates.


The story of Job is quite revealing and at times rather disturbing. We have been made to understand since from the beginning of time, good versus evil war or the devil tempting human beings to become evil, has been ongoing. However, In Job’s story we are made to understand it was the Almighty God who sent out Satan to test Job’s righteousness, infact it was the Almighty God himself who lays out the ground rules that Job himself must not be touched. It appears the story of Job is telling us the Devil or Satan who seeks to led each and every one of us astray is actually an agent of God, who is always testing our inner worthiness. I wish to call to mind in Romans 8 verse 28, we are told that all things work together for good for them that love God. Also in Matthew 5 verse 39 we have been told not to resist evil. Also in Isaiah 45:7, God said, I form light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. Meanwhile when we think of evil, we always think of the Devil or Satan versus the Living God but when you juxtapose all these biblical passages together one might start thinking that the evil figure depicted as the devil or Satan is in fact, God agent who is sent to test the will of brother men and sister women because obviously without evil we cannot know good. Very well then, let the will of God be done. God works in a mysterious way. Now pertaining evil, yes there is great evil all around us. The spiritual world is thriving with witches and demons that are out to cause mischief, lead us astray and physically harm us etc.  As human beings we all are open to evil temptation. It’s like a tiny whisper within us and this tiny whisper arouses the feelings of jealousy, anger, envy, ruthlessness and vindictiveness. It is the same voice that gives rise to feeling of hopelessness, fear, anxiety, worry and depression etc. My brother man and sister woman, must bear in mind good and evil should be perceived as an internal battle between positive and negative thoughts, but I want to make clearer, the presence of evil is an important ingredients in God plan, because the purpose of evil is to present us with a free choice of which pathway we wish to follow. Of a truth I tell you without the presence of evil, we would have alternative but to always be good and pure and thus there would be no virtue in the good that we do.


Of a truth I tell you there are many practical ways to keep away demonic beings from holding us hostage. Most people rely on prayer. Prayer is good, I am not against it but I wish to call to mind what the evil spirit said in the Holy Bible, Jesus I know and Paul I know about, but who are you? Evil spirits know the purity level of each and every one of us. So it is your purity level that will help you to repel and check mate evil spirits. Most people are very prayerful but their daily activities attract evil thoughts and evil spirits, evil eyes to them. They love to brag about many things and such an act will lead to jealous evil thoughts being directed against them. They are not pure in their hearts etc. In summation I urge you never to brag about anything, never boast of any type of success, either personal or to do with your family, do not talk about your children in front of a barren sister woman etc, otherwise you will be leaving both yourself and your nearest and dearest open to bad vibrations.

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