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Religious disputations with their arising animosities are the most useless thing in the world. Of a truth I tell you there is no more fertile ground of hatred and conflict than religious differences. When one religious organization keeps proclaiming they are the sole possessor of absolute truth, then all other religions are in the clutches of error or perhaps the devil. I am of the opinion none of the religion in existence has the whole truth, therefore they exist to complement each other. The complete spiritual truth can only be found when all major true religion complements each other. I want to make clearer true brother hood in religion can only be established on planet earth when religions group become mutually complementary and that which is false in each of them has been flushed out.


Of course I believe in prayer, but I rarely embrace the prayer methods of countless people. Of a truth I tell you majority of us are intensely selfish and pray only for themselves, asking to be given their daily bread instead of working for it and begging not to be led into temptation, but in the end most of them end up developing a more ferocious selfishness and egotism than they are already endowed by nature. It’s rather sad to note in seeking for pleasures here and rewards hereafter, most of us have destroyed in their hearts, the temple of righteousness and have wandered away from the kingdom of Heaven. Now concerning prayer, I want to make clearer, my prayer method is action instead of talking, I don’t indulge in prayers replete with many words and repetitions. I prefer an internal command prayer method than petition method of prayer.


Death is a continuation of life with the difference that a brother man or a sister woman cannot then be reformed. If you are evil on planet earth, you will remain in evil in the spirit world. When a person dies, his life remains such as it has been on planet earth. It is only on planet earth you can strive to reform yourself and get rid of evilness so that after physical death, you become a spirit again and ascend into one of the higher heavens and live among high grade spirits



Pertaining Destiny, the Almighty God is just and the Almighty God is impartial. In the light of this I want to make clearer the destiny of a brother man depends on his merits. In the same vein quite a number of afflictions which befall us are truly meant to purify us, make us better and those of us who brave through them might procure for ourselves a reward in times to come.



The Almighty God tempts no one rather we are tempted by our inherent imperfections. Also Biblical stories dealing with God tempting brother men to know what is in their hearts must not be taken in its literal sense. From the spiritual point of view those stories are telling us that the Almighty God made the virtues of certain people known to us so that we can emulate their good example.


There are no misgivings about it, the soul of every mortal is in need, however the expression of that need varies with individuals but there is not one soul that does not feel it in some degree. The truth is the outer things of life can never satisfy, yet majority of us, imperfect in knowledge and mislead by appearances, seeks to satisfy this hunger by striving for material possession, believing that these will satisfy their need and bring them peace. But the truth is every soul consciously or unconsciously hungers for righteousness and every soul seeks to gratify that hunger in its own particular way. I want to make clearer; those who seek consciously are blessed and shall shortly find that final and permanent satisfaction of soul which righteousness alone can give. On the other hand however those who seek unconsciously, although for a time, they may bathe in a sea of pleasure, in the end their souls will pine its lost heritage and they will start retracing their steps. In summation the ultimate destiny of every mortal is to understand, control and harmoniously adjust the invisible forces of their respective souls.



Most people are vulnerable to spiritual attacks because they are encapsulated by darkness. As human beings we feel much better blaming others for our travails but I want to make clearer if a brother man or sister woman is injured machination of others, let the brother man or sister woman thoroughly examine himself or herself putting aside self-pity and self-defense. The brother man will find in his own heart lies the source of all his woes, the same applies to the sister woman. I believe, I mean really believe no evil can happen to the righteous brother man, who has cut off the source of evil in himself. To be righteousness is one thing, to claim to be serving the living God is one thing and cutting off the source of evil within you is another. If you don’t get rid of the source if evil within you, your innermost being will remain filthy and makes you vulnerable to all kinds of spiritual attack. How do you cut off the source of evil within you? You must learn to live in goodness and abstain from sin in thought, word and deed. Uphill isn’t it? Difficult isn’t it? Most of us prefer short cut and that is pray and get rid of all negativity but you have your part to play in order to attain immunity from spiritual attacks, if you don’t play your part well, prayer alone will not suffice. You understand me so far. Most crimes, for instance most kidnappings cannot succeed without an insider, somebody very close to you, must be involved. In same vein many spiritual attacks cannot succeed without co-operation from your innermost nature. Always bear that in mind. My brother man and sister woman, know thyself.

JOHN 13:8-10. Peter said to Him, “You shall never wash my feet!” Jesus answered him, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.” Simon Peter said to Him, “Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head!” Jesus said to him, “He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean; and you are clean, but not all of you.”

The master Jesus said if I don’t wash you, you have no part with me, means all purification from evil is done by the Lord. Washing, which of course is spiritual washing, means purification from evils. Washing the feet of Peter means purification of the outer, human aspect of Peter and washing hands and head means purification of the inner aspect of Peter. Of a truth since a brother man has internal and external aspects each must be reformed for a brother man to become reformed.

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