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Most people are vulnerable to spiritual attacks because they are encapsulated by darkness. As human beings we feel much better blaming others for our travails but I want to make clearer if a brother man or sister woman is injured machination of others, let the brother man or sister woman thoroughly examine himself or herself putting aside self-pity and self-defense. The brother man will find in his own heart lies the source of all his woes, the same applies to the sister woman. I believe, I mean really believe no evil can happen to the righteous brother man, who has cut off the source of evil in himself. To be righteousness is one thing, to claim to be serving the living God is one thing and cutting off the source of evil within you is another. If you don’t get rid of the source if evil within you, your innermost being will remain filthy and makes you vulnerable to all kinds of spiritual attack. How do you cut off the source of evil within you? You must learn to live in goodness and abstain from sin in thought, word and deed. Uphill isn’t it? Difficult isn’t  it? Most of us prefer short cut and that is pray and get rid of all negativity but you have your part to play in order to attain immunity from spiritual attacks, if you don’t play your part well, prayer alone will not suffice. You understand me so far. Most crimes, for instance most kidnappings cannot succeed without an insider, somebody very close to you, must be involved. In same vein many spiritual attacks cannot succeed without co-operation from your innermost nature. Always bear that in mind. My brother man and sister woman, know thyself.

15. JOHN 13:8-10.  Peter said to Him, “You shall never wash my feet!” Jesus answered him, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.” Simon Peter said to Him, “Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head!” Jesus said to him, “He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean; and you are clean, but not all of you.”

The master Jesus said if I don’t wash you, you have no part with me, means all purification from evil is done by the Lord. Washing, which of course is spiritual washing, means purification from evils. Washing the feet of Peter means purification of the outer, human aspect of Peter and washing hands and head means purification of the inner aspect of Peter. Of a truth since a brother man has internal and external aspects each must be reformed for a brother man to become reformed.

16. What does ‘blessed are those who mourn’ mean?   Blessed are those who mourn, blessed are those that have come to the end of strife and have found the pain and sorrow to which it leads.  In the search for the kingdom of GOD, it is necessary we understand the nature of that which prevents us from realizing God kingdom, they are as follows, the strife of nature, the competitive laws operative in human affairs and the universal unrest, insecurity and fear which accompany these factors, for without such understanding there can be no sound understanding as to what constitutes the true and false in life and therefore no real spiritual advancement. Of a truth I tell you the strife of the world, the troubles, the conflicts of the world in all its forms, whether it be war, social of political quarreling, sectarian hatred, private disputes or commercial competition as its origin in one common cause namely, individual selfishness. This element of selfishness is the life and soul of competition and of competitive laws; apart from it they have no existence. But in the life of a selfish individual these laws are brought into play and the individual is subject to them. Struggling, fighting without ceasing. Selfishness therefore   is the root cause of competition, the foundation on which all competitive systems rest and the sustaining source of the competitive laws. Of a truth I tell you, the rich and the poor alike suffer for their own selfishness and none escapes.  In summation as human beings we love our desires, for gratification seems sweet to us and its end is pain and emptiness. We love the argumentation of the intellect, for egotism seems most desirable to us, but the fruits thereof are humiliation and sorrow. When the soul has reached the end of gratification and reaped the bitter fruits of egotism, it is ready to receive divine wisdom and to enter into the divine life.

17. ACTS 10:42. QUICK & THE DEAD   The  judge of the quick and the dead. Of a truth I tell you, there are two kinds of people on planet earth and brother men fall either into one category or the other. Our elder brother man Paul, while he was in the house of Cornelius, said the master Jesus had sent him and the other apostles to testify that their master was ordained by the Almighty God to be the judge of the quick and the dead. The quick are human beings that might be nice, loving, compassionate, merciful etc. but the divine spark of God, within them,   is yet to be awakened. The dead, are human beings who claim to know all the answers, they think that, mere words alone, can bring salvation, they think that words, letters are enough to stipulate doctrine and pave the way to God’s realization. These are human beings, who dwell in the vanity of the twilight zone, between, the real and unreal. They are neither here nor there.

18. SEX IN DREAM & MASTURBATION   The astral plane exist, male and female demons of sex. They are termed Incubus, which is a male demon   and  succubi  is the female. Both of them on daily basis invade sleep and sexually harass sleeping brother men and sister women. They are responsible for organism taking place in dreams accompanied by appropriate pictures. Aside the demons of sex, most of us are very lustful, most people imagine how it will look like to have sex with such and such a person. A brother man is making overture to a girl, meanwhile in his imagination, he is already having sex with her, quite a number of sister women are the embodiment of sexual fantasies. If only they realize their sexual thought forms could give birth to artificial elemental beings in the spirit world, which might induce them to indulge in masturbation for many years to come and all their effort to stop masturbating, will amount to nihility. Masturbation, therefore it is a product of imagination and imaginative sexual thought forms will definitely give rise to thought forms that will start to exist independently, on their own and reside in the aura of its creator. The sexual thought forms now residing in the aura of its creator, will keep on urging its creator, to indulge in masturbation. In summation sex in dream is not all about water spirits, it might be the elemental being the person might have created through unpurified thought forms or perhaps incubus and succubi.

19. THE LAW OF KARMA.  The law of karma is the ultimate law of the universe. It is the foundation of all other laws which exist throughout the universe. Karma is the unfailing  redresser of human injustice, a stern adjuster of wrongs and all the failures of nature. The law of karma is a retributive law which rewards and punishes with equal impartiality. In summation karma is that unseen and unknown law which adjust wisely, intelligently and equitably, each effect to its cause tracing the cause back to its producer.

20. HOW TO ATTAIN PEACE   If a brother man would have peace, let me exercise the spirit of peace, if a brother man pine to evade suffering, let him cease to inflict it, if a brother man would do noble things for humanity, let him cease to do ignoble things.

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