Heavenly Chaos

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There are many strange things, almost too strange for one to belief but because one is ignorant about them does not mean they are not real. I don’t know about you but for me, I freely admit I am deeply interested in the chaos that took place in the heavens, I pine to know more about what Lucifer, the rebel angel and his associates did and most importantly why they did it.

Of a truth I tell you the problems associated with human existence on planet earth are impossible of understanding without an in-depth knowledge of the chaotic incident that took place in the heavens that eventually led to the annihilation of the rebel leader, Lucifer, his first assistant Satan and other rebellious angels from the kingdom of the heavens down to planet earth and planet earth has never being the same ever since.

However I wish to make clearer one important point here and that is presently we attribute evil manifestation of any kind to Lucifer but in ancient times the Almighty God was always the one held responsible for every good and evil manifestation in the world. In Isaiah 45 verse 7 the Almighty God said, I form light and create darkness, meaning I make peace and create evil.

From the second century B.C onward, however, the Hebrews gradually turned from the ancient belief in Almighty God. The Almighty God is all about goodness and nothing else.

Who is Lucifer? Of a truth I tell you, Lucifer had a very wonderful beginning, he was a very brilliant angel who reigned upon the holy mountain of the Almighty God.

Lucifer was noted for wisdom, intelligence and efficiency. Of a truth I tell you Lucifer, in his original glory outshone all the other angels and was the most beloved. From the day he was created, he was perfect in all his ways until he embraced sin through evil and error.

It is interesting to note, Lucifer was still highly respected by his subordinates even though it was obvious to them he had embraced sin. The idea of rebellion was never suggested by any other spiritual being to Lucifer, the idea of rebellion originated in Lucifer’s mind and the moment Lucifer embraced his rebellious ideas he became a bold and serious advocate of self-declaration and liberty.

Of a truth I tell you, gradually Lucifer become increasingly critical of the entire plan of universal administration. While Lucifer was inwardly becoming critical of the entire plan of universal administration, openly he declared whole hearted loyalty to the Almighty God and other supreme spiritual rulers.

Of a truth I tell you, gradually Lucifer convinced himself that his contemplation of rebellion was actually for the good of the entire system of heavenly administration. For several thousand years, Lucifer had worked together with Satan, who happens to be his first assistant and because of their long years of working relationship, Lucifer first announced his rebellious plan to Satan.

My brother man and sister woman based on what I have told you, it is right and proper to say the early troubles of rebellion took place in the hearts of Lucifer and Satan and eventually the final outbreak gave birth to Lucifer’s declaration of liberty.

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