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desires-pathfinder-blog-post-homosexual-lifestyleHOMOSEXUAL LIFE STYLE PT 3:

The forces of darkness are very active on planet earth and they equally have their human proxies working for them. Based on what I know, I have convinced myself, the true temporal power that governs planet earth does not truly exist in the parliaments, senates and congresses. The true temporal power that governs planet earth exists in the dark empire of the secret societies, who are devotees of Lucifer.


My brother man and sister woman, the human body is the embodiment of good and evil. Within you reside positive energy and negative energy. All you need is a physical or spiritual stimulant to awaken either the positive or negative energy within you. Once awakened, the energies within you can compel you to do things, you would have not done under normal circumstances. Now hear this, in a state in Nigeria, a well-known quiet and shy boy returned from school, only to find his father savagely beating his naked mother in the parlour. The boy yelled out, what am I seeing? Within seconds, he ran into the kitchen, got hold of a mortar pistol, came back to the parlour and rammed his father’s head with the mortar pistol. His father died within a few hours. During police interrogation, the quiet and shy boy said, when I saw my mother naked and savagely beaten by my father, I don’t know what came over me. This incident can be termed outward stimulant. What the boy saw awakened the negativity within him and the negative energy transformed him and he did something he would have not done under normal circumstance. Now let’s talks about inward stimulation through the imbibition of drugs such as cocaine, Indian hemp, meth etc. Of a truth I tell you within seconds to minutes of entering the body, the aforementioned drugs cause dramatic changes to the synapses in the brain thereby giving birth to a jolt of intense pleasure and high rate of anti-social behaviour.  It is common knowledge there are many cases in which criminal or antisocial behaviour occur when a person is under the influence of cocaine, Indian hemp etc. These drugs awaken and retain negativity in a person. Now let me talk about a deeper inward stimulation not caused by what someone swallows rather it is caused by the inflow of spiritual energies emanating from the higher spiritual worlds. My brother man and sister woman, powerful indescribable energies often flows from the higher planes upon human beings on planet earth, these powerful energies certainly stimulates all aspects of the human kingdom, and this stimulation will certainly produce results that are good as well as bad. These powerful energies awaken within human beings the strong and irresistible urge to try out this, to try out that. These powerful energies awaken within most of us, a desire for that which is, for us, a new and untried aspect of sexual intercourse. These powerful energies awaken within most of us the strong desire to do the unusual and often abnormal. I want to make clearer, the mind of most people are weak, and weak minds must certainly succumb to their own lower natures and indulge in forbidden acts. My brother man and sister woman, let me give you an instance with road expansion projects embarked upon by governments. Of course, no responsible government will continue to watch an important road that might have been degraded for years without doing something about it. Road expansion and repair project is a good intention, but it is a good intention that often gives birth to long-lasting sorrow. One may start hearing sad stories such as no fewer than 100 houses were demolished and countless persons displaced when the state government embarked on its road expansion project. Two petrol stations, residential buildings and shanties were lost to the demolition. Landlords will start lamenting the demolition of their buildings without adequate compensation etc. You will find some of the residents weeping as the demolition is going etc. So you see, a road expansion project which is a good intention often gives birth to pains and unforeseen problems. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, the powerful energies, newer impulses emanating from the higher worlds and pouring into the spiritual bodies of the planets and then into the energy centres of human beings are purely good energies, motivational energies meant to urge us to do what is right, urge us toward religious understanding and tolerance, toward amalgamation in religion, politics, business etc. But just like the road expansion project which is a good intention, that often gives birth to sorrow and losses, these powerful energies that are meant to motivate human beings towards goodness, often awakens latent evilness in most human beings with weak minds, their sex lives might become over-stimulated, and they might embrace homosexuality etc.


My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, energy is an impersonal thing. For instance, a knife is an impersonal object. You cannot blame a knife for whatever it has been used for. You can only blame the user of the knife. A good person will use a knife to cook and a bad person will use it to stab a fellow human being to death. The knife, which is an impersonal object can be used by both a good and a bad person. The knife cannot tell a bad person with evil intentions, don’t touch me, you are a bad person.  In summation, if you are a good person, when spiritual energies from the higher plane flow into you, you will be motivated toward goodness. On the other hand however, if you are a vile person, a negative person, a lover of all the good things of life, a curious person, yearning to try out anything, if you are very flirtatious, adulterous, a drug addict etc. if these powerful energies flow into your sensitive bodies, they will further awaken and enhance your lower nature, they will produce an extreme capacity to sexual intercourse in many directions. There are many things you might say, almost too strange for one to believe but because one is ignorant about them does not mean they are not real.


My brother man and sister woman, of a truth I tell you, homosexuals regularly claim that they were born that way, and thus they cannot change their desires or stop their activities. Therefore it would be unfair for despisers of homosexuality to judge them for that which they cannot change. Of course, most of us might become a bit tolerant when they believe that gay people and lesbians have no choice in the matter. The important question asked, do you believe a gay person if he tells you, I was born that way or perhaps you think and believe, he wasn’t born that way, rather it was his own choice of life style. My brother man and sister woman you are entitled to your opinion but I want to make clearer from the spiritual point of view, I believe, I mean really believe most souls of individuals that incarnated in lemurian or in Atlantis are back and they live amongst us on planet earth. Of a truth I tell you, sexual excesses and the practice of homosexuality were commonplace in lemurian and Atlantis era. In those days normal processes of sexual intercourse did not satisfy most people, who ended up embracing homosexuality. I want to make clearer, today these ancient souls are the ones demonstrating homosexual tendencies. Souls often return to planet earth with their previous good and bad habits, with their past lifestyles they’ve accumulated since ancient times. My brother man and sister woman, I want you to bear in mind, many homosexuals truly have karmic ties with the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. Yes, I freely admit quite a number of Homosexual were recruited into the gay lifestyle by older homosexuals. Quite a number of people that never grew up in loving homes, people that were lonely, naive and vulnerable, and their self-esteem was very low, desperate to make quick money etc. are easy prey for older homosexuals but at the same time I want to reverberate this point, many homosexuals were born that way. Quite a number of homosexuals as they were growing up, had always felt, they were different from their peers. They often recognized it more consciously towards the end of their primary school education. Of a truth I tell you, a gay, who was born that way, told me, he had a dream that his parents were getting him married to a girl. He woke up yelling. He told me he woke up, all drenched in sweat, but he was happy it was a dream. But then suddenly a thought stuck into his head, what if this actually happens? Because his parents are worried at the age of 47, he is not talking about marriage and financially, he is okay. Then all the fears that he experienced in his dream came rushing back to him. He told me he said to himself he will never allow this to happen and he resolved to let his parents know that he is gay but he started wondering, will my parents understand me? Will they accept the fact that I was never interested in girls? He told me, Guru, I need your advice. Of a truth I tell you, quite a number of brother men born gay are married to sister women they don’t love and will never truly love just to conceal their homosexual nature. In summation, my brother man and sister woman, always bear in mind we reap what we sow. When we sow to the flesh, of the flesh we reap corruption and destruction. Same-sex attractions and desires do not come from the Almighty God, it is deeply karmic by nature and homosexuals born that way truly have a very difficult karmic birth right to contend with. Everything about homosexuality is anti-family, anti-God and anti-social. End moment has come. Have a glorious day.

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  1. Efe Isaac

    You just tickled my curiosity with the mention of Lemuria and Atlantis. Please Guru, I’d love to know about them.

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