Human Soul Pt 1,2 & 3

desires-pathfinder-blog-post-human-soulsHUMAN SOUL PT 1.

My brother man and sister woman, as you are well aware you are a soul clothed in a perishable human body to enable you function temporarily on planet earth. Your soul, which is the embodiment of divine spark, is truly on a temporal physical life journey. Existing on planet earth offers your soul the chances to grow and after passing through series of earthly experiences, good and bad, your soul is expected to attain enlightenment or salvation.

We are different types of human beings, meaning each person’s soul is different. As each person’s soul is different, we will all become perfect in different ways. Despite passing through different ways, we shall all arrive at our ultimate spiritual destiny which is attainment of salvation.

Pertaining the components of your soul, it is not easy to describe spiritual things in human language, but I will try as much as I can to demystify the components of the human soul. Your soul is one, but it contains three layers that are connected to each other.

The three layers are termed the emotional soul, the mental soul and spiritual soul. Let me shed light on each of them.  Let me straightway commence with the emotional soul. This layer, the emotional aspect of the soul, is indeed the lower aspect of the soul.

This layer contains the subconscious mind and the seat of all your human desires. The emotional soul has enormous influence over the human body, it is common knowledge, if we feel very bad, our emotional imbalance can us sick, in the same vein positive emotions can benefit our health. The truth is the human body is controlled and even formed according to the influence of the emotional soul.

Of a truth I tell you, the emotional soul actually belongs to the astral plane and the astral bodies of bother men and sister women. In summation, I want you to see the emotional soul as the lowest aspect of the soul and it is the seat of all our human desires, love and sex life. I want you to bear in mind the lower soul is very powerful, it gives us the power we need to perform either good or evil deeds.


The second layer of the soul is termed mental soul. From the human point of view, the mental soul can be described as the real you, because it is your conscious self. It is this part of the soul; you are using to peruse this lesson right now.

The mental soul, is your conscious self, it is what you use in your normal day to day waking state. Not only that, it is the source of your intellect and learning. My brother man and sister woman, of a truth I tell you, the mental soul, which is the second layer of your soul and the emotional soul, which is the first layer of your soul are connected together to form the complete human personality of every one of us on planet earth.

The third layer of the soul is termed the spiritual or the higher self. This is the, highest aspect of the soul that is concealed and cannot the accessed by common mortals on planet earth. Human beings cannot access this aspect of the soul because; it is not part of our incarnated personality.

The emotional and mental layers of the soul are parts of our incarnated personalities. We came with both of them into planet earth, because we need them to function properly on planet earth, but the spiritual soul, which is our higher self, never came with us, rather it dwells in the higher spiritual realms. Even though the spiritual soul resides on the higher spiritual realms it still influences our life.

Most of us don’t feel the impact of the spiritual soul because we are not pure immersed in sin. All the holy and powerful biblical personalities that performed wonders fully responded to the higher aspects of their souls.

It is your spiritual soul that guides you throughout your life, it is your spiritual soul that gives you wisdom and inspires you. It is your spiritual soul that gives you understanding and inspires in you repentance.

If your spiritual soul gains the upper hand in your life, you will become totally devoted to the Almighty God, and you don’t need anybody to preach to you.

Once you silence your materialistic and selfish cravings, gradually, your spiritual soul, your higher self will unveil itself to you. You can only access your higher self if only after we have refined ourselves and purified our emotions to a certain high degree.


Presently, majority of us formulate our opinions and take decisions through our emotions and feelings rather than the use of reason which means, most of our decisions depend to a great deal on fear, anger, craving and other unbalanced influences.

Only a handful of us are led by reason but fewer of us are led by wisdom, unselfish love and the selfless desire to serve the living  God. Society would have not being the way it is today, if quite a number of us were influenced by the higher self. The important question asked, what is truly preventing us from receiving the influence of the higher self? It is the evil urge and the main subject for evil urge is your lower self.

If you keep following your selfish cravings and anger, what happens? You defile your emotional soul, which is your lower self.  On the other hand, however your mental soul, which is your conscious self, cannot be affected by your anger or selfish craving but it can be contaminated by pride and arrogance, for this is where your ego resides.

My brother man and sister woman must bear in mind, under normal circumstance your conscious self is supposed to rule over your lower self, therefore it should be free from the influence of the lower self, but if the conscious self, allow itself to be affected by the desires of the flesh, it loses its ruler ship of the lower self and becomes a slave to the lower self.

My brother man and sister woman, this is why we must take care to keep our soul as pure as possible. A small, insignificant sin may lead to a bigger sin and so on. To you I address these lines, strive to minimize the influence of evil urge by abating the amount of anger, jealousy, greed and egoism within you. Strive as much as you can to do goodness because the counteracting principle to evil urge is the good urge that comes from the spirit of God.

If you continue to perform good deeds, this will eventually become second nature. My brother man and sister woman, I beg of you, be eager to perform even a minor goodness, for one minor good deed leads to another minor good deed.

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    Thanks.your lecture is quite enriching

  3. This is quite interesting,
    Honestly I am beginning to gain full positive Awakeness since I have been following your wonderful teachings.
    God bless you Sir.

  4. One of the best lessons I’ve read so far

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