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It appears everything in life is dual in nature. Good and evil, male and female, love and hate, life and death etc. The universal principle of duality has been in existence even before the creation of planet earth. Our world is not the everlasting world. It can never be amazing as it may sound, our filthy planet has a part to play in the divine scheme of things. It really does, a child that is growing up cannot remain at home all the time, the child must go to school to acquire education without education the child becomes an illiterate. Illiteracy is not a good option. In the same vein, if a soul continues to remain in the spirit world without coming to planet earth, the soul will never acquire experiences and work out his own salvation in the spirit world there is nothing like trials to pass through and temptations to resist. In contrast, on planet earth, there are lots and lots of trials and temptations to deal with. Therefore, a soul must temporarily cloth itself in a human body and subject itself to earthly trials in order to acquire experience, development and work out its own salvation with fear and trembling. However, before manifesting on planet earth the soul must split into two parts male and female. Countless people are searching for their soulmates, Searching for your soulmate does not mean for instance, after creating David, God created a female called Clara for him Such a thing never happened, Searching for your soulmate simply means, you are searching for the remaining part of your soul. A male is searching for the female aspect of his soul, and a female is searching for the male aspect of her soul.


Sexual intercourse does not exist in the spirit world. Therefore the first category of souls that occupied planet earth knew nothing about it. They never knew indulging in sexual excesses will devastate their physical bodies. The first category of souls that occupied planet earth, was truly the best. They were more interested in overcoming the wild beast of the forest and preparing a place to live. They had no time to indulge in sexual excesses. They were more interested in doing the heavy work and clearing the path for the weaker souls that would occupy planet earth after their departure. Much later, planet earth became populated by countless weak souls hysterically interested in the glittering things of this world. That was how the morals of the masses became very corrupt.  These filthy souls indulged in every imaginable sexual act. As far as they were concerned, their sexual organs were created for the sole purpose of satisfying their irrepressible sexual desires.

Sexual excesses is rife in our present era. Sexual excesses, simply mean the physical strength of most people will diminish rapidly. There will be rapid manifestation of old age, and attraction of myriad kinds of diseases because of constant draining of the vital fluids in the human body. Also, the physical bodies of most children will manifest weaknesses and disorders inherited from parents.Most people fail to realize during sexual intercourse, heat power and life are generated. Also, there is an exchange of magnetic force which is absorbed by the nerves and blood of both parties indulging in sex. This exchange often gives birth to sexually transmitted diseases. Is that all? No, that is not all, at times, people aver, I have been encountering series of failures since I met him or since I met her. They might be right because, during sexual intercourse, all kinds of spiritual exchange takes place. I want to make clearer, sexual excesses is a blasphemy against the divine. Quite a number of people indulge in twosome and even, threesome. Many indulge in sexual acts through the anus, such acts lead to degradation and disintegration. The right and proper use of sexual intercourse is for the production of physical bodies for souls craving for incarnation. This is the major reason why the sexual organs are there.


I have convinced myself the master Jesus never supported overt prayers. He did not encourage people praying privately to yell out. The master Jesus never gave a pass mark to the Pharisees who cherished public prayers. That was why he prohibited his followers from praying like the Pharisees who loved to be noticed. Prayers that attracts the attention of fellow human beings, often produce disastrous results. You will obtain beneficial results, when you pray in a private place and pronounce your prayers mentally and address it to the almighty God. Now pertaining selfish prayers, the greatest crime that was ever committed upon mankind was committed on that day when materialistic pastors, invented selfish prayers. Selfish prayers are common today, majority of people are only interested in praying for prosperity and sending defeat and death to their enemies. I urge you to pray for the will of God to be done in your life. Pray for the good of others, stop invoking calamities such as fall and die. Don’t forget God’s promises, vengeance is mine, I will repay.


We will all die sometime, we cannot avoid it. The only thing we can absolutely be sure of is we are going to die. Imagine, 60 people died suddenly in an earthquake or plane crash, of course, as human beings we feel pity for them and loved ones they left behind. I want to make clearer, people that died suddenly are not suffering. It is the loved ones left behind that are truly suffering, they are the one agonizing. They are the ones encapsulated by overwhelming horror and dismay. They continue to imagine what their departed loved ones might have gone, through or what they might still be passing through after dying suddenly etc. From the spiritual point of view sudden death means, being lifted suddenly and without pains from planet earth, into a higher and happier life. If most of us can have a glimpse of the hidden side of life. You will agree with me, it is the living and not the dead that deserves pity. The happiest moment of the soul is when it goes back into the spirit world after discarding the physical body.


We are afraid of death because death means, breaking off family ties and leaving loved ones behind in the hands of unpredictable, selfish and greedy relatives. Therefore, death is regarded as a very sad event. The real process of death is as natural as the process of delivery. As the head of a baby is born first and afterward its body, that is how the head of the soul first appears and rises above the physical head, then slowly followed by the shoulders, body, limbs, and feet. Loved ones left behind by a dead person always interferes with the transition process, they scream open-ended and they keep appealing to the dead person to come back. That is how they inflict great mental depression and sadness on the dead and prevent the soul of the dead from ascending into the spirit world. However, if loved ones don’t slow down the transition process the dead person will ascend into a better place, where he is relieved of all physical pains and discomforts. He will be received and comforted by souls of the dead he knew on planet earth.


We cut the umbilical cord in order to set a newly born infant free from impediments. In the same vein cremation of the physical body completely destroys the magnetic cord that binds the soul to the physical body. It is a great kindness to use cremation to severe the magnetic cord that binds the soul to the human body and set it free.


During the period of pregnancy as the baby is growing in her mother’s womb, the pregnant sister woman must experience a lot of inevitable changes in a greater, or lesser degree. The soul of the baby must influence the disposition and desires of its mother. Outwardly, she might behave like someone obsessed by a demon of animal passion. Her sexual desires will be insatiable. She might become a source of sorrow and disappointment to her husband family members and friends. The pregnant mother herself may not understand it. And usually, she does not care to know the reason. If you observe a pregnant mother in clairvoyance, you will notice that she is completely surrounded by the aura of the unborn baby. The aura of a baby usually overshadows the aura of its mother. If the nature of the baby is weak mild changes will take place in the mother’s behavior. However, if the baby’s nature is stronger than that of its mother, the baby will certainly dominate her in every way. She will no longer have the same likes and dislike. She will eat funny things and do weird things etc.


When certain bad things happen to a baby, we feel much better blaming the parents and exonerating the baby. Most babies wearing the mask of innocence may not be as innocent as we think. After all, they are not brand new souls, many believe impurities and diseases can be transmitted through the blood of the father or the mother to their baby. Consequently, the innocent child will be made to suffer for the sins of its parents. I beg to differ without the permission of the karma of the child such a thing can never happen. Karma has a hand in any life-changing event. Of a truth I tell you in certain cases, it is the intense and unacceptable desires of the reincarnating soul. The soul unborn baby that infected its tiny body with impurities and poisoned its own blood. Such self-inflicted poisoning could cause malfunction of some of the internal organs of the child. Such a child might enter into this world with a physical deformity, defective brain or impure blood etc.


If you ask people what is heredity? They will aver heredity is the transfer of character from parents to their children. It is generally believed the children cells acquire the genetic information of their parents. From the spiritual point of view, this is not true. Neither the father nor the mother of a child can give to it the whole or part of its character, the truth is, the reincarnating soul of the child, is of a similar character to one or both parents. This is a matter of like minds come together, or birds of a feather flock together.

Pertaining physical resemblance that is, for instance, the son resembling his mother and daughter resembling her father etc. If the reincarnating soul of the child is not as strong as the father or the mother, the physical body of such a child may resemble that of his father or mother. However, if the soul of the child is stronger than both parents, the child will not resemble any of them in appearance.

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