Incompatible Marriages Pt 3 & 4

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desires-pathfinder-blog-post-banner-incompatible-marriages2INCOMPATIBLE MARRIAGES PT 3

My brother man and sister woman, I presume you understand me so far, I am trying to make you understand that you are a  sevenfold  creature you don’t only possess a physical body created from substances from planet earth you possess other bodies created from substances from each of the planes of existence. Now you cannot automatically start making use of the seven bodies you possess, from the lowest body which is your physical body up to your highest body, which is God in you, you must learn to develop each of the bodies. For instance babies don’t start walking and talking immediately after birth, gradually through parental efforts babies are prodded to crawl, they are taught how to stand and work, and talk. Our different bodies reach maturity at different stages, also we must bear in mind individuals vary in their development all of us cannot evolve equally. Out of the seven bodies, the physical body is the most developed, others are developing gradually and lastly, individuals vary in the awakening of their different bodies. I know most of you are waiting to hear the role or roles played by our invisible bodies in marriage. Now hear this if a married sister woman keep saying, my husband is not a loving and caring person. He doesn’t care how I feel; he rarely makes love to me. I am tired of complaining because it is not working. Do you know what that means? It means her husband is lacking in substance derived from the third plane of existence. The third plane is responsible for emotional sympathy. If the third plane substance is very active in this sister woman’s husband be rest assured he would have responded positively to her emotional needs, he will care and comfort her and show her compassion. The sister woman said she is tired of complaining, she is tired of demanding for love, care and compassion from her husband because he is not willing to change. Her husband is not responding and may never respond positively to her emotional demands and you know why? His third body, which is the emotional body, is not active. So for that reason her husband cannot exhibit tender affections toward her, in fact her husband, as a person is incapable of experiencing emotional feelings within him therefore he will not be able to respond to the emotional complaints of his wife. If you have not experienced severe chest pain in your entire life, if another person experiencing severe chest pain is describing to you how painful chest pain is, you might be indifferent because you have never experienced severe chest pain in your entire life. In the same vein if your husband or wife is lacking in substance from the third plane, it simply means your husband or your wife will never be able to care of your emotional needs. If you like complain open-endedly, involve family members or close friends to talk to him or her, your efforts will amount to nihility, your efforts will amount to nothing. In the same vein, my brother man and sister woman, disaster will occur in a marriage if a brother man with three functioning bodies is married to a sister woman with only two functioning bodies. Husband with three functioning bodies’ means, his physical body is active also he is a passionate and very emotional person. Wife with two functioning bodies means her physical body is active and she is a passionate person. This clearly means his wife has no conception of married life beyond passion and physical gratification. That is a problem. Also her husband’s third body will definitely starve and suffer because his wife’s third body is not functioning.  Much later in the marriage, her husband must crave for a sister woman outside to take care of his starving emotional nature. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman if a brother man with functioning four bodies is married to a sister woman with functioning three bodies, his wife might enjoy a happy married because her three functioning bodies will be adequately taken care of by three functioning bodies of her husband, but she cannot take care of her husband’s fourth body because her fourth body is not functioning and that is a problem. Her husband mental aspect will suffer and he might seek for an intellectual sister woman to take care of his starving mental body and from there one thing might led to another.

I want you to bear the following points in mind:

  1. When carrying out earthly activities it means you using your physical body.
  2. When you express sympathetic passion or when you perceive the passion of other, it simply means you are functioning on the second lower plane.
  3. When you are expressing emotions, it means you are functioning on the third plane.
  4. When you are using your reasoning faculties, it means you are functioning on your fourth plane etc. your soul uses your physical body, your passion body, your emotional body and your mental body to enable it function properly on planet earth.

My brother man and sister woman, you now see that many a time’s marriages are destroyed by elements that are insidious, elements that are hard to detect, invisible forces beyond human control. I presume to a great extent, you now know what to suspect when maybe for instance, you hear a husband saying things like, although I know my wife is educated okay, but I am sorry to this, she is quiet low, she finds it difficult to agree with me on many issues, if I tell her it should be like this, she will say no, I am getting fed up of this marriage, because of this. This brother man is telling you he is active on the mental plane and he needs a wife that can complement his mental nature. I just want you to bear in mind quite a number of marriage discrepancies arise not from witches and wizards in the husband or wife’s family, or perhaps ancestral spirits, or water spirits, they might be arising from starvation of one or two of the seven bodies possessed by each of us.

Unmated body can compel someone’s wife to sleep with her driver or houseboy and when people hear it they will yell out, ha, why did she condescend so low? Unmated body can induce or compel you to do anything. In the end you will say I don’t what came over me. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman incompatible problems in marriage could arise from incompatible soul-mates.

Of a truth I tell you, we have six types of soul-mates, they are termed karmic soul-mates, primary soul-mates, task companionship, companion soul-mates, false twins and twin flames. Out of the six types of soul-mates, the highest of them all and the most difficult to come in contact with is twin flame. When you come in contact with your twin flame, which is your true other half, no material condition can prevent you from becoming one with the person despite what people might say to discourage you, in your innermost being, you know that this is the right person for you. Of a truth I tell you if you are lucky to meet your twin flame in this life, the urge to become one, the urge to stay together as husband and wife till death do you part will be extremely strong. In the same vein, karmic soul-mates is the lowest, the most common and the most turbulent. In a karmic- soul-mates marriage you are so attracted to each other, both of you find it uphill to let go of each other  even though the marriage is chaotic and full of strife.  Karmic-soul mate’s marriage is a marriage of paying off karmic debts. This is indeed sowing and reaping marriage, such is the way of karma. In the end karmic-soul mate’s marriages often collapses, after they are through with the issues that brought them together. Our elder brother man Paul was right after-all, when he said, God is not mocked; we must eventually reap whatever is sowed by us. In the same a brother man could be so nice to his girlfriend, in her innermost being, she feels so good to be around him and she might be wishing let him propose because she thinks he is marriage material. Of a truth I tell you if the brother man is a primary soul-mate, he is not marriage material. He may never propose. Primary soul-mate should be seen as a close family friend. Also certain sister women are married to task-companion soul-mate. Of a truth I tell you, positive karma brought both of them together to accomplish certain task and the moment the task is accomplished they might feel emptiness in the relationship. A sister woman in task-companion marriage once told me, Guru, my husband is a nice person, I have never regretted meeting him. We have two kids, he provides for all of us, I love him but for a while now I feel emptiness in the marriage, the feeling refuse to go away, I just feel we should dissolve marriage and just be friends, Guru, can you tell me why, I keep having this feeling? My brother man and sister woman such is the way of task companion soul-mates marriage. Of a truth I tell aside twin flame soul-mate which is the highest, companion soul-mate is another good marriage material. Companion soul-mate relationship is very comfortable, supportive, respectful, and affectionate. Husband and wife, both of them are extremely compatible with similar likes and dislikes. In the marriage, there might be nothing like obsession or physical abuse and they are always together in good times and bad times. In the same vein my brother man and sister woman, there is false twin soul mate. Such a person might appear to be your original missing half because you will feel so happy, you will feel so fulfilled with the person because he or she might possess all the attributes your innermost being admires much later in marriage, you will realize that individual is not your true soul mate, that person is a false twin. My brother man and sister, if you epitomize all that I have said concerning the six types of soul-mates, you now see the reason why divorce must take place in certain marriages maybe due to obvious incompatibility or perhaps they are through with the spiritual reasons that brought them together in a turbulent marriage and they need to dissolve the marriage and move on with their lives.

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  1. Velvet john

    Elder brother man how then can one know his or her real soul mate or to see the complete seven body person..

    • Guru Subai 2

      You’re welcome, for better understanding and clarity to know thyself, please call either of these Numbers 08100045571,08033019216 my secretary will further direct you.

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