Karmic Presence In Sickness Pt 2


Do you want to know why people have such differing events and circumstances to deal with in their lives? Do you want to know why some people are always sick, and why some people enjoy good health and rarely go to the hospital? If your answer is yes, all you need to do is to learn and understand the inner workings of the great law of karma, popularly termed, sowing and reaping. Of a truth I tell you, the law of karma is potently and irrepressibly present in countless sicknesses not responding to treatment. Permit me to outline some important points to broaden your understanding pertaining the presence of sowing and reaping in sickness.

1. Transgressions of previous lives often express themselves in the form of sickness. They can manifest in the form of various kinds of nervous disorders and mental illness. In most sicknesses not responding to treatment, we are dealing with experiences and deeds of past lives.

2. Karmic presence in sickness often denote expiation. If the sick patient remains unresponsive and dies, it simply means karmic debt payment is completed.

3. In a previous life, an individual might have done many bad things under the influence of his passion. Such a person will awaken within him the tendency to experience some obstacles in his body in his next incarnation. Overcoming this obstacle denotes compensation for certain actions in his past life.

4. Purification progress, elevation to higher state of perfection etc. are truly karmic motives of sickness.

The law of karma always ensures that the hunter must end up becoming the hunted, in the light of what I have said I want you to bear in mind, our moral and intellectual life in past lives, often determines our state of health in the next life. The etheric body of a very sick patient not responding to treatment is truly an archive containing transgressions committed by the sick patient, in a previous life or lives. Most sick people not responding to treatment are battling with karmic causes emanating from earlier lives.


Scolding and infliction of pains by flogging are corrective measures adopted by parents in dealing with their recalcitrant children. Infliction of pain plays a pivotal part in child’s training, of a truth I tell you, in the spirit world infliction of pain is permitted that’s why globally, countless people are in pains. Excruciating pains and unrelenting pains in a particular sickness is a crystal clear indication of the presence of karma in that sickness. The pains we suffer is meant to purify us, and equally deter us from not repeating the same mistake.


A lot has been said about Lucifer. We have being told Lucifer was one of the big boys in heaven. His wisdom far exceeded that of other angelic beings. Much later he began to consider his own position of prominence. He wanted to become like the most high God. That’s was why he was banished from heaven, Is that all? No that is not all of a truth I tell you, as human beings we must unavoidably pass through the evolutionary process. It is a gradual and painful process of attainment of all round purity. It is only through the evolutionary process, a human being can rise higher and be able to truly discern between truth and falsehood, right and wrong, good and evil etc. Lucifer is actively involved in the evolutionary process so that he can destroy it. To a great extent Lucifer has being able to achieve his ambition through the astral bodies of human beings. Lucifer has successfully established his presence in the astral bodies of human beings, and do you know what that means? It means human beings will view the world around them through the eyes of Lucifer. Observing planet earth through the eyes of Lucifer means, human beings will sink deeper and deeper into materialism. Human beings will focus more on prosperity, Glamour enjoyment, political power, influence, sex, destructive ambitions, etc. Human beings will no longer bother about their divine origin. Lucifer has entered into the astral bodies of human beings and firmly established his presence there. Lucifer is a potent spiritual force tempting us from within and outside. At a certain point of planet earth’s evolution, Lucifer and his legions of rebel angels inserted something in the astral bodies of human beings, and ever since human beings have never being the same. From ancient times up till now Lucifer act more from within the astral bodies of human beings. The astral bodies of human beings is truly the workshop of Lucifer, of a truth I tell you, it is the astral body which unites the inner aspects of every human being with the outside world. Lucifer crave to effectively function through the passions and emotions of the astral bodies of human beings. The forces of darkness are interested in the astral body because they know that it is the seat of emotions, passions, desires and cravings.

Whenever we desire something, whenever we crave to make it big in life at all cost, whenever we are missing somebody we love etc. in reality at that point in time, we are making use of the astral body. The astral body is truly a happening place and the forces of darkness loves to hang around happening places. By inserting and establishing their evil presence in the astral body it simply means

1.The presence of Lucifer, in the astral body will produce a negative change in the individuality. Human beings will become more and more interested in the things of this world and nothing else.

2.Lucifer’s presence, in the astral body will induce a human being to always act and judge more from his emotions, passions and desires. My brother man and sister woman, whatever affects the astral body must be communicated to the physical body. I presume you are beginning to understand what Lucifer wants to achieve through perturbation of the astral bodies of human beings. He wants to inflict us with sickness and destroy us completely. He wants us to cling to destructive materialistic habits.

Of a truth I tell you, the astral body is the foundation of the outstanding cause of sickness. Potent factors in producing myriad kind of diseases are agitation in the astral body, any violent activity under the stress of temper, intense worry or prolonged irritation, wrong emotional activities etc. The astral body is like a transformer. It is composed of streams of energy and it is a receiver of energies. The vibrations and energies surrounding the astral body perfectly controls the activities of the physical body.


Now, let me outline the movement of potent astral energies that can give birth to disorders in the pancreas gall duct, bladder, and the stomach etc. Agitation, intense worry or prolonged anger will galvanize and pour torrents of astral energy from the astral body into the solar plexus which is a complex network of nerves. When the solar plexus center is thrown into a condition of intense disturbance, vital organs in that region are in trouble. Of a truth I tell you, strong attraction to material things would have being minimal if Lucifer was not present in the astral bodies of human beings. Attraction to the glittering things of this world, came through the influence of Lucifer, and brother men and sister women succumbed to it and by yielding to it, we create karma which can manifest in myriad form of sickness.

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