Karmic Presence In Sickness Pt 3



My brother man and sister woman, I have been talking about the spiritual forces behind myriad kind of sicknesses not responding to treatment. It appears, medical scientists don’t bother about the spiritual forces behind sickness and meanwhile, they crave for a sickness free world. I regret the impossible, It is not doable. Sickness has a part to play in the evolutionary process of human beings. Psalm 119 will attest to what I have just said. PSALM 119:67, 71 & 75:    BEFORE I WAS AFFLICTED, I WENT ASTRAY BUT NOW I OBEY YOUR WORD. IT WAS GOOD FOR ME TO BE AFFLICTED SO THAT I MIGHT LEARN YOUR DECREES. I KNOW LORD THAT YOUR LAWS ARE RIGHTEOUS, AND THAT IN FAITHFULNESS YOU HAVE AFFLICTED ME. Quite revealing. The spirit world controls planet earth therefore past present and future discoveries by medical scientist is determined by the spirit world and not by Medical scientists themselves. The moment has come to harp on the interference or perhaps complete healing of karmic ally inspired sickness.

Of a truth I tell you, Countless sick people were actually compelled to go out into the world and seek for certain conditions that will lead to payment of their outstanding karmic debts. For instance, a brother man was compelled by his karma to go out and involve himself in a situation that will lead to payment of karmic debt. The brother man with two of his friends, decided to go to a club. They got involved in a near fatal automobile accident which affected his spinal cord.  In the same vein, a brother man was compelled by his karma to go out and seek for certain condition that will lead to payment of his outstanding karmic debt. He indulged in unprotected sex with a strange sister woman that is HIV positive. He got infected and ever since, his life has never being the same. Now people might want to know whether it is possible to set aside the karma’s of the spinal cord broken patient and HIV patients so that they can become well again.

Now, imagine a brother man who is prone to sickness. Today migraine headache tomorrow diarrhea day after tomorrow internal heat etc. Every now and again he is going for routine medical checkups visiting different doctors and imbibing drugs every day. I know one thing and that is karma is behind certain causes certain circumstances towards which a person is favorably disposed. I have convinced myself, karma is behind this brother man’s vulnerability to sickness. Now imagine a situation, where this sickly brother man meets a qualified and experienced medical doctor who gave him drugs and tips on what to do on daily basis etc. And within few weeks, the brother man’s health improved tremendously. It appears the medical doctor has helped him to overcome his karmic ally inspired sickness. So, the next question is can somebody interfere or influence the karma of another person by removing certain causes?  The answer is yes. It is possible for that to happen. The qualified medical doctor actually removed certain karmic causes but does that mean the sick brother man has evaded his karma It is not over yet. The truth is, the medical doctor only changed the direction of the sick brother man’s karma. He did not and cannot remove  it. Chemical drugs and materialistic preventive measures, cannot outwit a mighty spiritual power like karma. Karmic effects emanate from the innermost being of the suffering individual. It is not something sent by perceived or imaginary enemies. Therefore, back to sender prayers will be ineffective in such a situation. Of a truth I tell you, for the time being the medical doctor has removed the painful condition from his patient but he has not liberated his patient from the firm grasp of karma. This is what will happen. The innermost being of the patient, will compel him to seek for another avenue to offset his outstanding karmic debt. If you are smart karma is smarter. The problem he thought he had solved in reality, has given birth to another problem. I want you to bear the following important points in mind:

1. with medical scientific advancement, heart and kidney transplant and perhaps other forms of transplantation is possible. Sick people whose health is spared through medical intervention, will certainly be forced and at times condemned to seek for karmic compensation in another way.

2. Reaping moment is inevitable. Whatever we have sowed, brought upon ourselves in past lives must be taken care of one way or the other. Most sick patients, are seeking to get rid of what they karmically brought upon themselves. Unknown to them as they strenuously strive to get rid of what they brought upon themselves, at the same time they are equally creating other avenues for karmic compensation.

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