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desires-pathfinder-life-changing-events-lessonLIFE CHANGING EVENT

A life changing event, is an occurrence which completely transform the life or circumstances Of a person in a substantial way. The occurrence, must certainly have a great emotional, psychological, and physiological effect on the person experiencing it. Life changing events are Un-avoidable, It happens to all of us, it does.Occurrences within our control, events chosen by us are usually exciting and filled with anticipation.

  • Imagine a sister woman getting married next Saturday,
  • imagine moving into your newly completed house this weekend.

On the other hand, life changing events which you didn’t plan for, you weren’t expecting it, rather, you are plunged into it without warning are extremely traumatizing

  • Imagine a sister woman, going to the market with her three year old baby,They got involved in a fatal automobile accident.
  • A brother man died three days after marriage, etc.

I intend to shed light on the spiritual forces, behind life changing events.


My brother man and sister woman, I am about to tell you a true life story, It is a life changing event experienced by a corn seller. My intention is to identify spiritual truths or spiritual forces embedded in the story. For more than three years, a brother man has been selling boiled corn at a particular spot on the highway leading to Bayelsa State, One evening, it was almost time for him to close for the day, but rather for him to start parking he found himself gazing at the stars, contemplating what life is all about, he was thinking about his poor background and the hardship he is passing through Suddenly, he heard the sound of a fast moving car screeching and eventually stopped close to him immediately, he had a foreboding of evil, he became restless and suddenly four mean-looking brother men with guns alighted from the car, the soul of the corn seller told him these were very bad people He contemplated running into the nearby bush and as he was running they yelled at him stop, or we will shoot you to death. The criminals asked him to come close to them, as he was approaching them he felt strong evil vibration emanating from them Immediately, he knew he was in a life and death situation. They asked him, you are from which village? He told them he is a native of the village behind him. One of the criminals opened the boot of the car and brought out three boxes, with stolen goods and told him, Police people are coming after us Keep these boxes in a safe place we shall come back tomorrow to collect them. They told him if we don’t find you at this spot or if you inform the police about us Or hand over these boxes to them  we will come to your village kill you and every member of your family.

The terrified corn seller composed himself and collected the boxes, He assured them he will keep them in a safe place and he will never inform the police about the incident. In the soul of the corn seller he knew he must have to protect his four kids and wife and at the same time, he also knew it is wrong to harbor evil or give sanctuary to criminals. He knew, it was wrong to be in custody of stolen items he prayed to God to have mercy on him and understand the precarious situation in which he found himself. As the corn seller was praying in his innermost being, this biblical verse echoed within him, Vengeance is mine I will repay. He was obviously comforted with the sense of cosmic justice. The corn seller looked for a secluded place and kept the three stolen boxes and he vowed not to tell anyone about the incident, so that he will not get contrary advice that might lead him into more trouble. The next day, someone told him four armed robbers were gunned down by the police at a certain spot on the high way. He rushed down to the spot and he saw the lifeless bodies of the four armed robbers who compelled him to conceal the three stolen boxes, the corn seller was shocked beyond words. Much later he went to the place where he concealed the stolen boxes and decided to open and examine them.

He observed the boxes were filled with jewelries and diamonds worth millions of naira. He closed the boxes and prayed to God, He told the Almighty God; these stolen items are not mine but yours. He prayed to God to help him return the stolen items to the traders who lost them to the four deceased armed robbers. After prayers, the corn seller was wondering how he can locate the rightful owners and at the same time, he was contemplating whether to involve the police in the end, he decided to keep quiet and within his innermost being he knew that the Almighty God will deliver him from the burden of the stolen goods. However, as a human being he started thinking about his financial needs, and his poverty stricken family and the millions of naira he can generate from selling the stolen jewelries and diamonds. He said to himself after-all the four armed robbers are dead and he saw their lifeless bodies. Therefore, no one will come after him and his family. Amazingly as it may sound, the corn seller resisted the temptation to sell the stolen items. How many of us can do such a thing? he continued selling his boiled corn and he continued to pray to God to help him locate the rightful owners of the stolen items.

According to your faith, it will be done unto you.

Three months later, some traders pulled over to ease themselves, in the bush. After that they bought corn from him and as they were eating the corn the traders began to recount how few months ago they were attacked by four armed robbers, who collected their goods and murdered two traders. The corn seller asked them to describe what had been stolen from them, the traders mentioned three boxes filled with jewelries, the corn seller, started thanking God for helping him to locate the rightful owners of the stolen boxes. Immediately, he took them to a secluded area and told them about his encounter with the armed robbers who stole their jewelries. He told them the armed robbers are dead but he was afraid to hand over the boxes to the police because they might not believe his story and he has no money for police case. He told them ever since he has been praying to God to help him locate the rightful owners and today God has brought them together. He took the traders to the place where he kept the stolen boxes. The traders were astonished to find out that everything was intact. They were filled with tears of joy and they told the corn seller if all brother men were like you the world would have been a better place to live in. The elated traders decided among themselves To give one of the boxes to the corn seller and they collected the two remaining boxes. The corn seller was so happy he thanked them profusely for making him rich.  He said he was very happy that the Almighty God used him to right the wrong that had been done to them. In the end, the corn seller sold the jewelries, and realized substantial amount of money which transformed his life.


The corn seller was destined to encounter the traumatic event which eventually elevated and improved his financial status.Karma is not all about punishment It equally provides opportunities, in which we are expected to do what is right. The law of karma, which is responsible for the poverty of the corn seller presented an opportunity for him to right a right. Most people would have messed up such an opportunity. That same night they would have opened the boxes and the moment they realize it was filled with expensive jewelries worth millions of naira, they will scram. The next day, they will sell all the jewelries raise money and relocate. Immediately they will look for a spiritualist to do something to prevent the armed robbers from looking for them, they will not bother about the armed robber’s threat of killing them. It is interesting to note, the next day the corn seller saw the dead bodies of the armed robbers, who handed over the three boxes to him the previous night. Most people would have rejoiced and gladly dispose all the jewelries because the armed robbers are dead therefore they cannot come after them again. But the corn seller did no such thing. Rather he preferred to pray to God. The corn seller told the Almighty God, these stolen items are not mine but yours. Please help me to return them to the rightful owners. How many of us can do such a thing?

In summation, my brother man and sister woman, Please don’t misuse any opportunity given to you to right a wrong. What is not yours is not yours. Until the owner gives it to you. Whenever your karma presents you with an opportunity to right a wrong, in any form forget about the immediate benefits and do the right thing. Such an act can help you attain liberation from karma and attract blessings into your life. End moment has come.

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  1. harrisoul

    Thanks alot for this enlightment,as i always tell myself that i will not take or harbour that which does not belong to me,so that,that which is mine will come to me and no nobody should also take that which belongs to me.

    • Guru Subai 2

      You’re welcome am glad u’ve learnt new things, remain blessed my brother man Harrison.

  2. Mattithyah Victor

    Very educative.

  3. Emmanuel

    Very interesting article, I have learnt from it.

    • Guru Subai 2

      You’re welcome my brother man Emmanuel, Stay blessed.

  4. Sometimes I feel I’m a little bit tilted to the extreme in my thoughts when I make my comments……. If I am, please forgive me.
    Life changing situations. The above story is touching but it touched just… say, a little part of life.
    I experienced a life changing situation last year November. Before everything started, I heard a voice say to me; something is about to happen that would change my life forever……………….this was just before I embarked on a very largescale investment. To my surprise, I lost it all….all the money put in, cars, land and every saving I had. I’ve been struggling to pay back every loan I took and this has put me in a very very sorry financial state.
    Now it’s 7 months after “the voice” and after this life changing situation which has left me depressed, heart broken and in doubt of everything I thought I knew about The Almighty and life in general but deep inside of me I ask…………. What if that possible positive life changing situation I hoped and prayed for is deeply inbeded in my present precarious situation?…… Now I ask, how do I get the good (if there’s any) out of this bad life changing situation?

    • Guru Subai 2

      Welcome my brother man Efe, for clearer enlightenment, and to know thyself, call either of these numbers 08100045571, 08033019216, my secretary will further direct you. Stay blessed.

  5. aurisha Georgewill


  6. Aurisha Georgewill

    Great lovely article, guru subai

  7. Gabriel Ekpa

    I like the story, is a life change

  8. Gabriel Ekpa

    I like the story, is a life change

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