Mourning Our Departed And Salvation

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desires-pathfinder-mourning-the-dead-salvationMOURNING OUR DEPARTED.

We all die sometime. We cannot evade it. The only thing we can absolutely be sure of is, we are going to die. Most of us are not truly helping our departed loved ones adjust properly in the great beyond. Of a truth i tell you, we mentally torment our departed loved ones when they see us grieving for them. Our grief stricken thoughts ram them with full intensity, thereby causing them agonies of distress.

Our departed loved ones, many a times strive unsuccessfully to shove aside potent grieving thought forms emanating from loved ones left behind on planet earth. It is our individual responsibility to help our departed loved ones, to make their life easier and better in the great beyond.

My brother man and sister woman, instead of constantly, mentally mourning their physical departure, we should think of them as being happy on the astral plane. Such positive mental messages will certainly reach them and assist them in the great beyond.

I want you to bear in mind, because of the bond we have previously created with a departed person, while the person was alive on planet earth, our constant sorrowful thoughts pertaining their departure etc. are able to reach them. Your strong mental grieve, indescribably torment your departed loved one to the extent that, it prevents the dead person from performing their new assignment in the great beyond and the most painful aspect is, the dead person might become earth bound, held close to planet earth. This is not good.

A dead person is supposed to be assisted to ascend higher and not to descend and hover around a filthy world like planet earth. Always bear in mind, when for no apparent reason, the thought of a departed loved one pass over flashes, into your mind, know that the dead person is around and needs your assistance. All you need do is to derelict self pity and your selfish interest for a moment and send positive mental, buoyant wishes for joyous living for your departed loved one.

In summation, always bear in mind, thought are things, thoughts have wings, and it is thought we use to function in the spirit world. Therefore, whenever we think of a departed one that has ascended into the astral plane, in reality you are sending them potent mental messages. The dead are with us, they are not far away from us and they need our help to success in the spirit world. I wish you success imaginable in your effort to do what is right for your departed loved ones.


desires-pathfinder-mourning-the-dead-salvationWHAT IS SALVATION?

All religions acts upon the heart and the thought of brother men and sister women with the intent of directing it into purer and higher channels. I want to make clearer success in this direction whether partial or complete, is called salvation—that is, deliverance from one kind of thought, one condition of mind, by the substitution of another thought, another condition. Salvation is all about purification of the heart, the thinking of right thoughts, and the doing of good deeds. For as a brother man thinketh in his heart, so is he. So salvation is all about being saved from oneself, from one’s own folly and suffering—by creating within new habits of thoughts, by becoming a new thinker, a new brother man.

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